Terra, the beautiful vibrant planet which had everything, it had lush green forests filled with strange and unusual creatures. Creatures that each had a unique gift that the planet's inhabitants could use to their advantage. At the time, Terra Knight, the current king of Terra was hunting in the woods with his best friend Zach Falcon. They were hunting a rare animal found only in the lush Terra forest. A creature that made illusions with its mind and if you were bitten by this rare creature, your next born child would have illusions powers. This creature was only found in a forest called Illusion Woods.

Terra was an interesting king. He stood human in appearance at over six feet three inches tall, had black hair which was matted down. He had a highly muscular build and a broad face. For this specific hunting occasion he was wearing his green armor with spikes and was riding a black and brown horse. Every inhabitant on Terra had a unique ability that made them different from everyone else. Terra's unique ability was to manipulate the land and use it to his advantage. He can move a patch of grass with a stroke of his hand.

Zach Falcon was an odd companion for the kid. He seemed to have no specific ability; He was also not the strongest fighter. It seemed that they were an odd pair indeed. Zach had brown hair carefully smoothed out to give a very swirl like feel. He was not muscular in the least bit and had a child-like face. For this specific hunting occasion, he wore a gray trench coat and black boots. Zach Falcon was different form Terra though because of his family heritage. Each member of his family had a specific animal spirit. His specific animal spirit was that of a wolf.

Terra glanced at his friend and saw that he was lagging behind since he was traveling on a donkey. He stopped his horse and waited for Zach. Terra never left a friend behind, he was not that type of guy. Zach smiled when he noticed Terra was waiting for him and not advancing to find the wild creature. Zach knew that when Terra wanted something, he got it no matter what was in his way. He had seen his friend break an arm of a competitor to ask his future wife on a date. Terra was a very determined and it was his ultimate flaw.

Terra asked "Zach, how come you didn't take one of my horses to keep up? I am sure that the guard wouldn't have minded you borrowing one. You did after all have the king's permission. "

Zach answered "You know how well horses and I get along." Terra grimaced at the memory of what happened the last time Zach was near a horse. The animal had been scared for its life and had kicked Zach in the head and knocked him out for a week. Wolves and other animals didn't mix, so Zach didn't mix well with any animal besides his donkey.

Terra nodded his head and said "Yeah, never mind on that idea. I hope Adam isn't missing his father."

Zach smirked and said "How could your child be bored when you lined him up with a ton of gifts from the last place you fought a war with?"

Terra sighed and said "He is so much like me when I was younger. Curious and is always looking for adventure."

Zach retorted back "You are a god on Terra. You name the planet after yourself and you expect your child not to be seeking adventure. Sometimes your worrying makes no sense."

Terra shot back "This is coming from the man who married my ex-lover."

Zach said "Terra, you didn't just seriously go there. You were lovers with every woman on this damn planet. You had to convince your wife that you only loved her and not one of your many lovers. Don't play that card with me. I am your best friend and I know you better than any other person knows you, even your own nanny. We have been friends long before our fathers even knew it."

Terra glanced at his friend and said "That is cold even for you Zach. I thought you would understand my pain."

Zach grimaced at Terra and said "You do know I was just joking with you. I guess your mind is so clouded that you can't a joke from the truth."

Terra blushed and said "I knew it was a joke Zach. I was just teasing you. I knew that the whole time."

Zach replied with much sarcasm in his tone "Of course you knew. You know everything." Terra did not catch Zach's sarcasm at all.

Terra grinned and said "Why, thank you Zach." Zach then proceeded to snicker. "You were being sarcastic with me. I should have known based on the tone you used."

Zach, who was had just stopped snickering said "I can't help if they didn't give you sarcasm lessons by your tutors."

Terra said "I am starting to see why taking you on this trip were a bad idea. You can't take anything seriously. We are never going to find this creature and if we do, we will be too busy to kill it."

Zach sighed and said "We have been searching for two hours straight and we haven't found even a trace of this thing. I think we should head home before our wives get worried."

Terra declared "I am not leaving until I found this creature. I have killed at least one of every creature on this planet. It will not ruin my perfect hunting streak. We will stay here for a week if it takes that long to find this creature. I am not giving up and I am not giving it. This is war and we shall not surrender." Terra's determination had gotten the better of him and there was no turning back. Once he had an idea in his head, he never gave in.

Zach muttered under his breath "Here he goes again. Every time I hear that war speech I know that I will not be reaching home anytime soon."

Terra gestured his arm towards Zach and said "Come on Zach, we have no time to lose. We will catch this beast before my birthday."

Zach grimaced and realized that it would take a whole forty days until Terra turned in the towel. He sighed and followed Terra who had now left his horse to search the woods for the beast.

Terra had advanced several feet ahead of Zach in a matter of three minutes. Terra heard a rustling in the bush and drew out a green arrow. He prepared the arrow ready to kill whatever was in that bush. His son then stepped out of the bush.

Terra glanced at his five-year old son with his brown hair, blue eyes and little build. Terra asked "Adam, what are you doing here?"

Adam replied "I wanted to go hunting with my papa." Terra sighed and glanced back and noticed that Zach was nowhere in sight. He hated to tell his son that he was too young to hunt since his father started him on his fourth birthday. The fact that he shot his father with an arrow in his right foot was somewhat ironic. His father had made sure he had not hunted again until he was thirteen. He also knew that if he rejected Adam that he would throw a fit and pout until he got his way. He had gotten his father's determination.

Terra said "Adam, we have discussed this already. You can't hunt until you are older. I don't want anything to hurt you and make me get in trouble with your mother."

Adam whined and said "But papa, mom said you went on your first hunt when you were four, a year younger than me. I want to shoot something with an arrow."

Terra turned his head back towards his son and said "Did your mother tell you what happened on my first hunt?"

Adam shook his head and said "No, she said that it was a funny story that papa had to tell me. What did you do on your first hunt?" Terra silently prayed that Zach would finally arrive from lagging behind so he wasn't alone to confront his son or tell him the embarrassing story of his first hunt. Sadly, Zach did not arrive after Terra made that silent prayer.

Terra sighed and said "Well Adam, on my first hunt I shot my papa in the foot with an arrow. He went to a hospital for a week. I didn't hunt again until I was thirteen years old."

Adam said "So you didn't kill anything on your first hunt? It is a funny story but I don't see how it reflects your reason to not allow letting me hunt. I am not as clumsy as you were."

Terra said "I know but that was not the point. Adam, what would happen if there was a beast nearby and I didn't see you. I could hurt you and I wouldn't even mean to do it."

Adam pouted "I am not like you papa, I will be extra careful and not get into your way. I promise a demi-god's honor."

Terra replied "Adam, if you are going to stay with me you are going to need some protection for yourself. It is a good thing that a wizard tutor was necessary in my time, even if he was only seventeen, three years my senior." Terra summoned up a small suit of red armor with spikes.

Adam said "That is some cool armor! It is my favorite color and it looks to be about my size now. Papa what happens when I outgrow this armor?"

Terra smiled and said "This is enchanted armor. It grows with you as you get taller and older. It will also be indestructible to any attacks of anyone. It is important that you wear this every time you fight in duels and wars and hunts. Do you think you can handle the price of the armor Adam?"

Adam nodded and said "I can handle the price of the armor. Who is the wizard who made it for me?"

Terra said "It is my old wizard tutor. His name is Earl Gray. He made my armor and he also made your own."

Adam asked "Papa, what are we looking for?"

Terra turned towards his son and said "We are looking for a rare beast. It is a master of deception and could make illusions. It has an official title by our people.

Adam asked "What do they call it?"

Terra said "Its name is Piercing Illusion." Zach had finally caught up with his best friend.

Zach said "It took me long enough to catch up with you. You move way too fast for a man in sixty pound armor."

Adam said "Hi, Uncle Zach."

Zach glanced at his best friend and said "When did Adam arrive?"

Terra said "I just found him a few minutes ago in a bush." A shadow was slowly moved towards the trio. The creature leaped from a tree and landed behind Adam. It was the Piercing Illusion. It was a red and brown creature, about the size of a squirrel. It lunged to attack Adam but Terra pushed his son out of the way and took a scratch to his face by the beast. The Piercing Illusion lunged to finish off Terra but Zach pushed his best friend out of the way and took a blow. The creature vanished.

Adam said "Papa, are you okay?"

Terra nodded at his son and said "I am fine but I am sure about your Uncle Zach." He approached his best friend and carried him to the castle on his horse while Adam rode Zach's donkey. They arrived at the infirmary of the castle and left Zach to heal for the night. Terra now had a scar running from his right eye to his nose from the Piercing Illusion. This was not the last time the people had seen the Piercing Illusion.