Chapter 9

Seven asked, "Have you ever dealt with a woman in labor before?" Joanna gave Seven a death glare which would scare even the most fearsome gods on Terra.

Joanna gritted her teeth and replied, "I have not. What do you think us girls are, lovers for every guy on Terra? I am not like you and your Aidanna, partners in love. I have a life and a job in my family."

Seven shook his head and replied, "Sure, whatever. I guess we should help her before she dies from blood loss."

Joanna replied, "I knew some brain cells in there. Let's work together and then I can go and deliver the blood to my father so we don't have a massive amount of dead people on Terra."

Seven sighed and asked, "Why do you still live with your father, He is a monster who should be put down."

Joanna asked, "Does that make him any less human then you and the "king"? He still has feelings and emotions like everyone else. Not everyone has the luck of the Knights, Devon."

Seven glared daggers at her with his eyes and replied, "I was raised as a Falcon and I am a Falcon even if society says otherwise."

Joanna smirked and said, "It doesn't matter in the end because life messes with us. We are involving in this great prophecy. I didn't ask to be in this scenario and by stuck with the bitter pleasure of your company."

Seven said, "You aren't exactly a bed of roses and a kind hearted girl. You started off with insulting me, went to being nice and went back to insulting me."

Emily attempted to speak but she had barely gotten a word in when Joanna replied to Devon, "I did it because you irk me. You are an annoying pest who I hate to deal with."

Seven slammed his foot on the ground and said, "I am the annoying pest! You are the annoying pest, you just had to tag along and get involved in my affairs."

Joanna slid her sneaker across the floor, making a loud shrieking sound and replied, "You asked me to help you with the creature and I did. You asked me to come to the castle with you, it was all you Devon."

Seven replied, "You could have said no, I could have done this on my own. I didn't need your help."

Joanna wiped a tear away from her eye and said, "But you asked for it and I find it incredibly rude to say no to a colleague. I may not like you but that doesn't mean I want you to do everything by yourself. That is not a way to live."

Seven asked, "How would you know this?"

Joanna replied, "I got so involved in helping my dad, I lost my social life in the process. It was a painful experience, my only friends are a drunken archer and a bar bard. You have to help yourself and let Alix help you. The world is cruel and sick but it cannot be faced alone."

Seven shook his head and said, "I agree with you, Joanna. I am not living a life. I had no childhood and I am nearly an adult and have no social life. The lives of the mature are lonely. I guess we learned that the hard way.

Joanna shook her head and said, "I guess it takes a life to know what is happening. I feel like we are forgetting something."

Seven thought for a second and replied, "Your mother is in labor."

Emily muttered due to shortage of breath, "I was hoping something would remember soon."

Joanna said, "Well this may prove to be tricky. You are in a cell and we are outside of the cell. How exactly can we help you?"

Emily shrugged and said, "I know that Terra has the key when he comes down but I don't know anything else about an exit."

Joanna sighed and said, "This is going to be trickier than I expected. We don't have a way to help in your time of great need. I guess I can try to calm you down so you don't panic."

Seven whistled Joanna over to a side corridor. Seven said, "Joanna, come over here. You might want to see this."

Joanna walked over to where Seven was standing. She glanced up and saw the keys on top of a raised wall along a cliff. Joanna muttered, "Just when I thought something was easy, it gets ten times harder than before."

Seven said, "I can keep your mother calm but you will have to go and get the key to open the cell to help her. There are illusion proof powers and that means that whole area is a super illusion. Only a person who can see through illusions can make it through. The Piercing Illusion appeared before the duo and smiled. Seven went over to the cell to calm Joanna's mother.

The Piercing Illusion said "I will be instructing you through this tricky maze. I will always be right; no matter how insane what I request sounds." Joanna entered the corridor and saw that it was a garden. The garden held beautiful roses which shown their red beauty.

Joanna said, "These roses look beautiful. I just want to pick one up and keep it."

The Piercing Illusion said "Stop. Those roses are cursed, if any one is to touch them, that person shall be trapped in this garden forever. You should walk past the roses and go straight. Joanna went straight and came across a wall which turned right and a wall in her way.

Joanna was about to turn the corner and said, "I believe that this is the right way to be traveling."

The Piercing Illusion once again stopped her and said, "Go straight and through the wall."

Joanna said, "What do you mean by go through the wall? That sounds impossible. The wall is as solid as a rock."

The Piercing Illusion asked, "Do you trust me?"

Joanna nodded her head and said, "I trust you. I put more faith in you then I do in Devon Falcon."

The Piercing Illusion said, "That is a bad thing too. You should always put more faith in your true love than a creature which cursed you. You are both more special than you will ever know."

Joanna thought, "First the bard and now the creature that cursed me. Why does everyone believe that Devon and I are destined to be together? Is this truly in my cards, love with him?"

The Piercing Illusion answered, "That is the question which time will answer. There is no right or wrong answer for this question. Love is truly blind and so are the people who fall into it."

Joanna went straight through the wall and she was by the keys and she grabbed them.

The Piercing Illusion asked, "Your mother won't need you for another thirty minutes. She is on a low stage of giving birth and is experiencing very little pain. She will be fine as will you as long you exit the way you entered the maze."

Joanna asked, "How come you know so much about so many things?"

The Piercing Illusion replied, "I am a special breed of animals that can give powers. Our given name is the time creature since we can exist in any time. We are sent here to stop a great darkness."

Joanna asked, "What do you mean when you say we?"

The Piercing Illusion replied, "I am not the only one of my kind. Each Time creature is a specific last species of a dead animal. There is a time creature with Adam Knight at this minute and he doesn't even know it."

Joanna asked, "How do you know that we were the four chosen ones?"

The Piercing Illusion replied, "You have a unique energy signature which is compressed of your parent's. I knew which parent to scratch because making DNA is like child's people to me." Joanna looked into the creature's eyes and saw pain.

Joanna asked, "How long have you been doing this job for?"

The creature replied, "I have been doing it since the day I was born. I am 15,000 years old and I am still not done. I just want to rest and retire but I cannot. It is not in the cards of my destiny. I will die once all the darkness of the world is snuffed out and there is nothing left but light. Light can become darkness though so my job will never end, I will work to the day I die."

Joanna asked, "How did you know that Devon is in love with me?"

The creature smiled and said, "Love is the ultimate illusion. It can only be seen by people who mastered the art of illusions. True love is no illusion and so I know that you too will fall in love but it will take time. I bid thee a farewell." The Piercing Illusion vanished in a glow of light. Joanna tracked back to Seven, more confused about her feelings for him than ever before.

Seven said, "She is sleeping and I helped to ease the pain on her through my illusions. Did you get the keys?"

Joanna replied, "Yes, I got the keys to free my mother. How much longer till she gives birth?"

Seven replied, "She should be up in a minute or two." Emily started to stir in her sleep and rolled over and her eyes fluttered open. She cried in pain as the labor was quickly approaching. It was only a matter of minutes before a new child will be blessed into the world. He would be a rare child indeed with a story of his own.

Joanna asked, "How can we calm her down?" Seven used his illusions and she stopped screaming even if it would only last for a few minutes. The best type of silence was there, the silence as a mother is giving birth to her first child.

Seven said, "The child should be born any minute. Do you have a name to call him?"

Joanna shook her head and said, "I don't have a name. Why would I have to name my half-brother?"

Seven reluctantly replied, "Your mother isn't going to live after this birth. Her pulse is faint and she was under feed. She will die and there is nothing we can do to stop it." The minutes slowly crept by. A small male child came out of the mother's private powers and Seven cut the umbilical cord with a knife. Emily Rose's body then did something extraordinary and it healed itself. It filled in the holes and fixed where the baby had come out from. Color returned to Emily's eyes.

Emily Rose said, "I didn't want to give birth alone. I have to thank you guys for being here. What are your names by the way?"

Seven replied, "Devon "Seven" Falcon is the name."

Joanna said, "My name is Joanna Rose."

Emily paused and said, "You wouldn't happen to be mine and Danny's child."

Joanna shook her head and said, "I am the one and only." There was an awkward pause between the three of them. It lasted long enough for each of them to realize that something was wrong.

Emily asked, "Do you have a name for this child?"

Joanna shook her head yes and said, "I do. I suggest Matthew Thorn; it is his father's name."

Emily smiled and said, "Matthew "Twiggy" Thorn I think I will call him or Twiggy."

Seven smiled and said, "That will be an interesting name." A flash of black appeared as dark Matter appeared.

Dark Matter said, "I have to give you a present." The torches were blown out and when Seven and Joanna opened their eyes, Emily was gone and only the child remained.

Joanna said, "He does of course know that this means war."