A few hours earlier. . .

Alix sighed as she noticed that her brother had left, that meant she only had a full half hour before Matthias Thorn AKA The Golden Warrior and Emily Rose came to drop off the little pest. She was still mad at him for nearly killing her with a tree, a month a few days ago. He wasn't even a month and he could knock down a full tree, he was going to be one of the kids who were very powerful and dangerous at the same time. She took a quick nap and the duo had already arrived. They left without saying a word to Alix, on a happier note, the little demon was sleeping when he arrived. He stirred and noticed Alix.

Alix smiled and asked, "Do you remember me? Are you better and not planning to kill me little Matt?" Little Matt looked at her like she was crazy and she sighed. This was going to be a long lonely night since she had no clue what Little Matt liked to do. She hoped that it wasn't tying up his baby sitter's. The hours passed by in a blue and a knock came on the door. Alix looked up and went over to answer it.

She asked, "Who is it?" It was too dark to see the face of the man or woman who was behind the door.

The voice answered, "Valthane. Seven wanted me to drop off a key for your house; I hope I didn't wake up you or Little Matt. I just wanted to deliver the key and leave in peace. Can you open the door?"

Alix froze as her mind processed what he just said. He had said her and Little Matt and called her brother Seven. She had not mentioned any of these things to the blacksmith when she submitted the order and not her brother, she never mentioned that she would be babysitting tonight hat he called it their house, the house of just Seven and Alix, but they lived on the first floor and rented out the second floor to the drunken archer, Nemith. The true tip-off was that Valthane couldn't make keys to save his life, Alix finally replied, "I am sorry but could you leave the key outside the door, my brother forgot to give me the key to the inner lock."

Valthane said, "I could just use it to open the door and leave it on your table, what would happen if someone happened to pick it up?"

Alix had not thought he would have a comeback but replied, "I am sorry but I wasn't thinking logically. I guess you can come in, the door is open." She watched as Valthane, the black smith walked out and she immediately noticed that his eyes were an impossible black color, almost a demonic black. She also noticed he was wearing a black cloak to hide his face from her; his whole body was covered with a shade of black. He looked a lot like Dark Matter in this state.

Valthane attempted to hand her the key but Little Matt who had fallen asleep on the couch and fallen onto the floor woke up and he stepped on Valthane's foot as he got up. Little Matt gave her a look which read he is a bad man. Valthane said, "I am okay, here is the key to the house."

Alix replied, "I actually just found a spare key in the couch before I went to open the door, I am so sorry for disturbing you." Valthane finally snapped out on Alix.

Valthane said, "Well, the heroine who has a "gift" over technology, the one who has the trait of extreme kindness. Kindness doesn't get you anywhere in life, kid. Manipulation is how you keep power in this world; you use the people around you. You have to use them well and make them believe they make a difference when they are nothing. Kindness doesn't buy people, neither does love. You make a difference with manipulation, taking people and using them like tools. This prophecy isn't going to stop me; I am the most powerful demon whoever existed. They said my power matched the Devil's and I just overturned his power yesterday.

Alix asked, "Am I supposed to be impressed? There is nothing more powerful than love and truths, lies are just there to support the truth. You can't comprehend how the Terra people are as one; they have more power than you. It isn't me you should be afraid of; I am just a little girl. The people of Terra have already taken hatred to you and there is nothing you can do to change their minds." He grabbed Alix neck and started to choke her. He was going to kill her.

Valthane said, "I don't care what people think of me, fear rules the people not the truth. You let fear win and then I win, too bad you won't be around for my victory."

A fast force moved and pushed Valthane and Alix against the wall. It was a blond-haired thirteen years who had a surprising resemblance to Little Matt.

He said, "You will not be doing that. I like to say that you won't live to do that." He grabbed his hand and yanked it off of Alix's neck and made plants grow out of the floor which suffocated Valthane and he promptly died.

Alix asked, "Who are you?"

The teen replied, "Jamie Thorn, the name is Jamie Thorn. I have to get going and it was nice to save you." Alix watched as he left and sighed. Little Matt looked at her confused with the expression which was on her face. It was love, a love that was so far developed from the moment she saw. It was love at first sight.


Jamie Thorn sighed and said, "Now I have to go to the castle to help the man who saved my life, Adam Knight."


Meanwhile at the People's Ball….

Adam smiled as he danced with Jacqueline. He had finally told her the truth, that he was the next in line to be the prince of Terra. Everyone seemed to be happy, His father Zach Terran Matthews was dancing with Juliet Falcon. Adam had decided to keep the name of Knight, who held a truth of his family and Derek agreed with him. Jasper and Thomas had decided to change their name to Matthews since they had felt it was more suited. Jasper had decided to not show up to the people's ball originally but apparently the creature had a mortal daughter since he could adapt his form, he was human a long time ago, his mortal daughter was stunning and Jasper was dancing with her. Emily and Matthias were enjoying their dance, Matthias's brother Danny had gotten the attention of another Falcon female while Chase was dancing with a girl named Sami Falcon. He also seemed to be enjoying himself as he had already left with her to be a little more wolf-like. Alassander, the disillusioned man was dancing with Aidanna the rapist, Derek was dancing with Rose Falcon. Even Adam's grandma Liv was having some fun times with the wizard Earl Grey. The perfect moment seemed to shatter in a brief second, the drunken archer appeared, and he was thrown against the wall by a new teen and was killed in the flash of Adam's eyes. It took a full minute before he realized what had happened and that the kid had saved his life and his urge to kill.

The kid vanished with a trace and the ball continued with not a single stir, even that single stir was done with and it seemed that Terra was calm once again.


The Piercing Illusion had followed the kid and looked into his eyes, the creature said, "I presume you are now a Matthew Thorn from an alternate future. It is kind of funny how time travel works. Now there is a version of you that Alix loves and one she hates."

Jamie Thorn looked at him and asked, "How did you know I am not just a random hero who was doing a good deed? How do you know that I just don't like to enjoy dances and not have them ruined by psychopaths?"

The creature replied, "It was in your eyes, negative Twiggy. The universe loophole is now to make a negative because two cannot exist on the same plane. You aren't the first man who has this happen to him. You won't be the last young Matthew." He vanished with that final word he spoke.



Dark Matter stared at the vast plain of green which he laid before. It was a new planet, Earth better known as Terra firma. He would plan his revenge here and the negative he once controlled was here but so was the vampire-werewolf. The hybrid was exiled for committing his evil deeds. He had created a clone of his much older son, the things that people did not to resort to insanity pleased him. There was so much to do and so little time to do it. All things were falling into place; he would have revenge on the people who ruined his plans.


Seven lay down in his bed next to Joanna and smiled. He was in his own perfect moment in which nothing could go wrong. He was at peace with her and he smiled. Things never turn out as you expect them to.