The wind howls outside of my home, rattling the windows. The storm was causing me to be devastated on what should have been a fun Sunday. I press my fingers to my ears, glancing at the clock. The digital screen reads ' 1:59 p.m. ' An hour and a minute until my parents arrive at home with my younger siblings on this dreary Sunday afternoon, and I have nothing to do. What should I do? I think to myself as I wander around my deserted home. When I reach the slippery kitchen floor, I grab the counter to steady myself and accidently pull a switch. The floor topples out from underneath me and I land in a heap in what seems to be a dirt cellar. The floor above me flaps shut and I realize that I am in this room, alone. I grope along the walls and pull a cold metal string, which flips on a dusty light that casts an eerie glow. I dust my gray-blue jeans and ivory sweater off, and start searching for an exit. As I explore the room, I find a rusted switch on the wall, not at all vintage, along with a place to enter the current year and a past year. Curious, I press in the year "2012" and the year that I have always been curious about living in, "1579". The words flash into the screen "Type in current place and future destination." I write "Los Angeles, CA" and "London, England". Then I press the flashing green button that reads "go". The walls creak and shudder, and all of the sudden the room begins to spin. I fall to the floor, blinded by the bright flamboyant light.

As the room slows and crashes to the ground, I open my eyes, feeling haggard. I look around, and step outside to a grassy field with cows. I look at my clothes self-consciously, to see that I was wearing Elizabethan era clothing, and the man in the distance looks to be wearing the same. I think about what I learned in English class, about using context to figure out something when reading, and I find myself doing the same thing now. I would take a guess that I have just landed in a new era, back in the past, probably 1579. I sighed and smoothed the pretty red dress that fit snugly over my body and spreads over the ground in a pervasive manner. I glanced at my wrist, and was relieved to see my watch still there, reading the time ' 2:10 '. I had fifty minutes to get myself back four hundred and thirty-three years into the future.

The man I had seen earlier in the distance now was within speaking range, so, in my best Elizabethan Age accent, I called, "Brave soul, I fear cunning and mad knaves, and thy help would be deserving."

The boy stares at me for a second, then deciding to go with his best instinct (to help me, of course), he asks, "What do thee fancy?"

I respond, "I am new to this testy land, and I fancy going back home. I have seen vengeful and vile things here, and there is no suffrage here. I am fearful."

The boy stares at me again, then in a condescending tone, announces in a booming voice, "I shall help thou return to thy home!" His voice reverberates in a drone around the field and mountains.

I stare at him, and then nod quickly. He helps me over the rocks in the fields, and leads me back to the site of the crash. I think to myself again, Boys. Always think they are the hero and that us girls aren't as good as them. I sigh again, and the boy asks, "Is thou alright, miss?"
I just nod in return again. The boy asks me, "Is thou tired? I can carry thou if thee fancies."

I groan mentally again, but put on a smile and nod. He lifts me up in his strong arms, and I relax. We reach the sight of the machine, and he sets me gently on my feet. "Thank you, kind sir," I say and curtsy.

He nods, bows, and says, "It was no trouble to help such a quaint young lady, miss. Have a nice day." He bows again, and then turns away.

"Wait!" I call. The boy turns back. "What is you-thy name?"

He whispers, "Harry."

I smile, thinking of my favorite books. "Mine is Laya. Thank you again, Harry."

He grins back at me, and for a second, I imagine him back in the twenty-first century with me. I realize that could never happen, and that he could do something amazing here in sixteenth century England. "Good bye!" I shout.

"Good bye," he says, then glancing back at me once more, turns away again. I rush into the machine that moves through the ages, and change the numbers back to 2012. I glance at my watch, seeing the time ' 2:55 '. The machine takes off spinning. Little did I know that Harry was watching me leave, a sad smile on his face.

The room performs its crash landing maneuver once more before I climb back out of it, panting, and slam the secret cupboard shut. I race to my room and grab a book, just as the keys turn in the lock at the front door. My mom calls, "Hi Laya!" I grin and call hello back.

That night, I thought about my adventure, especially the part when I met Harry. I smile again. That was really nice, but it was good to be back to the status quo.