First Story: A Yellow Carnation

Warnings: Slash, Dark themes.

Three K'nairi wished to court one human but due to their Dom's actions on another human, they now have two humans to woe. Will they ever get what they want?

Egeloe growled as the D'mar soldiers approached him, there eyes gleaming in lust. Everything about the way they were acting let him know how much trouble in he was in. The other soldiers jeering them on in the background didn't help either. Unless a miracle happened in the next few minutes, Egeloe doubted he was getting out of there in one piece.

Egeloe was Namya, the opposite side to the D'mar. He was also someone know as a 'Caw'. Someone who had been considered K'nairi but had betrayed the winged beings by fighting on the Namya side. As such, he was usually safe the few times he got captured. The K'nairi troops stationed here usually protected him, mostly because the K'nairi did not stand for what most of the D'mar did to there hostages. A lot of K'nairi protected Namya troops from the games the D'mar played, regardless of whether they were former K'nairi or not. The Caw got special treatment though.

This time, the K'nairi troops had yet to show up. Egeloe doubted they even knew he was there. He was only one solider after all. He stayed low as they dived at him, lashing out fiercely as they tried to pin him down.

The men yelled in surprise falling backwards, not having expected him to fight back like that. Getting back on their feet, they dived forward attacking him like they would if they were in battle. Undeterred, Egeloe blocked the attacks and fought back. His mind focusing on surviving just that one more day. Or at least until someone arrived to help him. Yelling loudly in a war cry, he knocked the two out, turning to attack the others who were rushing to their companions aid.

The fight became a blur after that. Punches were blocked, kicks thrown. The sound of grunt and yells filled the room. Flesh against bone. Blood spattering the floor. Egeloe could only see red in anger at the fact such low level fighters thought they had the right to 'play' with him. A few managed to pin him down, another climbing on top of him and punching him in the head.

Somehow, he managed to break the hold and get free. He knocked most of them to the ground, turning to face another challenger. Only for someone to attack him from above. Diving down, he dropped to a crotch and automatically grabbed the nearest sharp object and threw it at the person. As the object left his hand, someone yanked it, forcefully twisting it behind his back. He was pushed roughly against a wall with a loud grunt of pain.

Jerking, he tried to get free of the grip, but whoever had pinned him had a firm grip on him. He couldn't move from the wall without pain shooting though his shoulder, threatening to break the bone. Another person's hand landed on his thigh, stroving upwards until it was resting on his ass, two fingers pushing lightly where his ass was. He was about to panic when a familiar voice murmured in his ear.

"Calm down, it's us"

"Peroth'y!" Egeloe exclaimed, his voice cautious. Peroth'y was K'nairi and indeed one of the few people around who could pin him single-handedly. The fingers on his ass pressed harder making him jerk slightly.

"What about me?" pouted another voice, the person who was groping his ass. Peroth'y's partner, Shyic'o. Peroth'y was the dominant and Shyic'o was one of his submissives. Admittedly the other one was back in Navat so it was only the two of them at the moment.

"Shyic'o, get your hand off me!" Egeloe growled angrily, he was not going to let himself be molested in front of enemy troops. He was not a show!

"No" Shyic'o grinned, "We're going to have some fun"

"Fuck off!"

"I thought you liked us" Shyic'o pouted, "We'll make it worth it" He murmured purring slightly, nuzzling Egeloe's shoulder. Egeloe could almost feel Peroth'y rolling his eyes. The two K'nairi had a claim on him. All the K'nairi troops here avoided hurting him, but they hadn't known him when he had lived in Navat. Peroth'y and Shyic'o had. Admittedly they had only been neighbours and they had no courting rights to him. But the more Egeloe fought against them, the more they seemed to want to fuck him. Damn K'nairi.

"Liking you has nothing to do with this! I am not a fucking show"

Shyic'o suddenly became aware the lower troops were watching them with leering expressions. Waiting for them to fuck Egeloe. Watching for a show. He stopped groping the man and nuzzled him again, knowing his and Peroth'y's wings would be blocking the view.

"Behave and you won't be" growled Peroth'y into Egeloe's other ear. "Promise to behave like a good little boy if I let you go?" Egeloe growled a negative, struggling again. Peroth'y sighed, "Come on Egeloe, have we ever given you reason not to trust us? Its not like we can let you get away any more now the order has been sent out" Egeloe's struggled stilled, and he sighed in defeat.

"Fine, I'll behave" He murmured, unwillingly placing his trust into Peroth'y and Shyic'o hands. Well Peroth'y's hands, Shyic'o couldn't be trusted much when it came to doing stuff without humiliating someone. Peroth'y let go of his hands and forced him to turn around. Looming over Egeloe so his view of the other soldiers was blocked. Egeloe was allowed a moment to rub the ache out of his shoulders before his hands were once again pinned, this time above his head. He glared at Peroth'y but was visibly paler.

The two K'nairi were looking at him hungrily, leaving him with no doubt as to what they would be doing to him. The only question was to when. Peroth'y was the bigger of the two. Short black hair, yellow eyes, powerful muscles shown of by the lack of armour covering him. Peroth'y was not a man you would want to tangle with. Egeloe had his own muscles, but they paled in compassion to Peroth'ys. Peroth'y born a scars on his powerful arms. From the war. A few Egeloe himself had caused. It was soon after the first one that he began to realise they had placed a claim on him. Just how long it had been on him was questionable.

"Egeloe" Shyic'o cooed, nuzzled up to him again, pressing against him. "Please don't fight us" He whispered so only Egeloe could hear, "We'll get you out of here and back to Navat don't worry" Shyic'o was smaller then both Egeloe and Peroth'y. He was lean and skinnier. Similar to Peroth'y, he had black hair and yellow eyes, but his hair was long and tied up in a ponytail.

A hand caught his chin. Peroth'y moving so his forehead was touching Egeloes. "Mine" He hissed before catching Egeloe's lips in a fierce kiss. Egeloe found himself submitting into the kiss despite his desire to fight back, something Peroth'y could sense. Peroth'y pushed his knee forward, forcing Egeloe to spread his legs.

As the kiss deepened, Peroth'y's tongue sliding though Egeloe's lips into his mouth, he could feel as hands began to slid under his pants. He jerked as Shyic'o's hands wrapped around his cock. Peroth'y nipping him with his teeth, growling lowly into the kiss. The hands began to rub him, drawing him to hardness.

Egeloe could fainting hear the cheering of the troops for them to continue, but either Peroth'y nor Shyic'o picked up pace, moving to their own pace. His hands were released, the arms moving so they were round his waist, Peroth'y shifting slightly more to the side, letting his partner pleasure the man caged in there arms. Egeloe let his arms fall, one wrapping around Peroth'y's shoulders while the other clutched at the K'nairi's top. Peroth'y held him up, grinning as their lips parted. "Do you submit to me?"

A moan left Egeloe's mouth as Shyic'o hands skillfully played with him. He knew he wasn't going to last long, it had been way to long since he had last felt such pleasure. Not since he had been to a town and one of the local girls had shown him a good time. "Shyic'o...Peroth'y..." He moaned, his head resting on Peroth'y's shoulder.

"Submit darling, then we can steal you away" Shyic'o whispered into his ear, sucking lightly on his ear lode, a second hand slipping round his back, One of Peroth'y's joining Shyic'os in Egeloe's pants. This one moving to his balls and squeshing them lightly.

"Submit?" Egeloe murmured breathlessly, slightly unsure as to what they meant.

"Release" Peroth'y murmured, kissing the top of Egeloe's head. "Submit and let us have you. All of you"

"Not a show!" Egeloe growled, still vaugly aware of the audience.

"You know the custom darling. Release and then we steal you away" Shyic'o chuckled.

"I hate you sometimes" Egeloe growled, burying his head in Peroth'y's neck, his grip on the K'nairi tightening. Peroth'y laughed, gripping Egeloe tighter. Egeloe could feel his release coming and he moaned lowly. The K'nairi had a light voyeuristic kink as a culture. Proving you had the right to force someone to feel pleasure was a show of dominance. A claim was able to be challenge. Acceptance was not. Once a person had submitted, there was no way out.

Egeloe came hard. A deep moan in his throat. Peroth'y grinned. Shyic'o pulled his hand from Egeloe's pants before leaning up and kissing Peroth'y. Egeloe felt himself be lifted bridal style, his head in the crook of Peroth'y's neck. His body felt heavy and he found himself falling asleep in the K'nairi's arms. The last words he head being, "Ours"

Just what had he got himself in to now.