Egeloe woke up alone. Something which surprised the man but he wasn't about to question it. He knew from experience that someone would be close by. Either his suitors or someone his suitors trusted enough to keep him safe. Sitting up, he winced as he felt pain run though him. Looking down he saw why. His chest and torso was bandaged up, dark bruising peeking over the edges. He sighed, no doubt he was a complete mess.

Looking over his injuries, he rolled his eyes as he realized he was naked. Not unusual even if he hadn't been injured by the attack. He had the other caw had grown used to the K'nairi protecting them from the other solders and healing them in there care. But this seemed to come with the drawback that the K'nairi did rip off any clothing from them. Seemed to serve two purposes. One, it stopped the caw running away too fast. They had to find something decent to where before escaping or they would definitively get more attention the desired from the D'mar troops. Two, it gave the K'nairi a sense of power over them. Humans were so much more vulnerable then K'nairi like this. Also it let the K'nairi see there preys reactions so much better. Fun was easier to have when they didn't have to fight though layers of armour to get to skin.

Shivering, Egeloe pulled the blanket which was on him closer. It was winter, so he was granted a proper blanket. While the K'nairi didn't like it, even they accepted they could not leave anyone unclothed with no protection during the cold. He put his head on his knees and groaned lightly, finally allowing the memories of what happened yesterday to sink in.

"Stupid" He muttered darkly, though he was partly relieved as well. They had kept there promise after all. They hadn't taken him in front of anyone and had got him away from the troops.

"You or the K'nairi couple?" Asked a voice dryly.

Egeloe looked up and glared at the owner of the voice. A D'mar scout know as Juima. A very good scout, he was the bain of Egeloe outlook. Though he was more often then not in there brig. "Should you be here?" Egeloe asked dryly, taking in Juima's pose and position. Not to mention his outfit. Provocative would describe it... Egeloe lifted an eyebrow, was that a chain?

"I... Well... I can't exactly leave but I think they may have forgotten me slightly" Juima shrugged waving his hand calmly, though there was a blush in his cheeks. Juima usually wore a tight leather suit. Well armoured and designed so he could move without making noise. But it did show off his figure and leave nothing to the imagination. Most people were self aware about these outfits. Juima took it in his stride. The man was one big flirt. Constantly whispering suggestions into his guards ears and rubbing up against people, including Egeloe.

"You teased them too much didn't you" Egeloe grinned broadly, struggling to hold back laughs as Juima blushed deeper and huffed, crossing his arms. Chains rattling. Egeloe couldn't help but look over Juima in a new light as he looked over what he had no doubt been forced to wear.

He was clothes in light almost see though materials, a white tunic decorated in golden patterns. Though the tunic barely covered him and showed hints of his limp member. No doubt if he was aroused you would be able to see it. He was straddling a block, curved no doubt to keep him comfortable sitting there for a long period of time, his legs chained loosely either side of it, so he could move them, but not so he would stop straddling or get off the block. The chains were golden and attached to golden cuffs which ran from Juima's ankles to mid calf. There was another band of gold on his thighs. Encarved with patterns.

The top of the tunic covered his chest and covered his shoulders with a golden clip. His arms were on view, golden pieces of jewellery decorating his arms. Like his legs, his arms were chained, cuffs going from his wrists to mid forearm. There was a band around his neck with a chain as well. A collar, mused Egeloe. Juima's hair was done up, a ring of golden leaves weaved into it. Juima had light brown hair and green eyes. Dolled up like that he looked stunning and very beautiful. A smiled crept up on Egeloes face, he knew why Juima wasn't moving his lower half.

"Didn't mean too" he pouted. "Your fault!" Egeloe frowned at this before laughing. He had been the one responsible for looking after Juima during his last stint a few weeks ago. Fun night. But his scent would have been all over the scout... during mating season as well.

"How big?" He asked. Juima glared at him. "How big is the dick in your ass?"

"Not saying" Juima muttered. "Smaller then the two which will be going into you anyway". Juima was trussed up like a 'Jakira'. A punishmet given to cheaters and housebreakers. Namely dressed up like dolls and forced to ride a fause dick for the pleasure of the public. Or at least the party harmed. Or at least the party harmed. In both cases, it was done as long as the offendor could mentally take being used in such a way.

"Shouldn't be such a flirt then Jumia. How come they are getting away with keeping you tied up like this?" Egeloe asked, moving so he was leaning against the headboard, using the pillows as a back rest. Normally he would have tried to get away. Normally he would have tried to get the man free. But he knew his suitors wouldn't be leaving him alone for too long and helping someone escape from being a Jakira, often meant you were dolled up as replacement.

"I may have pissed of command. also the K'nairi's are the strongest part of the force. They get away with pretty much what they want" Shrugged Juima, "Can't you get me out of this thing?" He begged pleadingly at Egeloe. "Your fault i'm in it anyway!"

"Sorry but no. I'm not risking them doing that to me when we are in Navat where its a public event" Egeloe replied calmly, if not a little smugly. "And it's not my fault. You're the one who came on to me! Also you knew they had a claim on me, since you told me. I never would have suspected they would go this far to punish you though"

"Public...event?" Considering Jumia was a massive flirt and loved to shake his ass about, he was not an exhibitionist. The idea of what was happening to him being in a public place was horrific. It was to Egeloe as well, but there was nothing he could do about the K'nairi's habits. Other then not get himself into a situation where that would be deemed a good punishment.

"Yep. You forget the K'nairi are a lot more open about sex. Children learn early about what it is, but because they have no sex drive until they mature take little notice. So public punishments tend to be slightly voyeuristic nature" Egeloe mused about how far he had come since first working for the K'nairi. He used to blush easily and now he could talk about such things without shame. There was not room for shame in the K'nairi's world. At least not towards sex.

"You're fucking with me right?" Jumia said, looking very uncomfortable.

"No sorry, he isn't" Shyic'o voice drifted into the room. The two humans looked over to see the K'nairi stalking into the room, looking like he was about to kill someone. "What you is a punishment reserved for cheats, home breakers and sluts. You should be thanking us we only kept it in here. We were thinking about moving you to the K'nairi common room" All colour left Jumia. "We decided against it don't worry" Shyic'o said calmly. "figured it was a little cruel for someone unused to the K'nairi"

"Thank you for the consideration" Jumia mumbled whilst putting his head in his hands.

Shyic'o growled not pleased with the words but was more interested in crawling onto the bed beside Egeloe. Egeloe let himself be tugged into a hug, Shyic'o curling around him. "Ours" He murmured darkly, burying his head in Egeloe's shoulder. "Thanks for not running" He whispered, relief in his tone.

"Yours" Egeloe agreed nuzzling back, wrapping his arms around Shyico's shoulders. "What's the matter?" He murmured, ignoring the ball of shame Jumia was currently. Something had to be wrong for the normally cheerful Shyico to be in such a mood.

"Just people being gossips" Peroth'y growled as he entered the room, slamming the door shut. "Nothing major". Everyone whinced, sensing rage rolling off the man. Jumia shrunk, trying to be unnoticeable even as the K'nairi turned towards him with a dark glare. "You learn your lesson?"

"No sleeping around with people i know people have claims to" Jumia said calmly, trying to use to right words. He had got this answer wrong the last time and had ended up spending another week in there company.

Peroth'y grunted an affirmative and moved over to the man. He pulled the chains off him, though left the cuffs on, as also the collar. Jumia whimpered and gripped on to the K'nairi as he was gently lifted off the false dick. Once off, Peroth'y patted his ass and moved him over to the bed. Climbing on himself, he dragged Jumia up and over to Egeloe and Shyico, leaving the D'mar scout beside Shyico, while he moved over to Egeloe. Egeloe let go of Shyic'o and let himself be swept into a deep passionate kiss.

"Thank you for not running" He murmured onto Egeloe's lips.

"Figure it was best not to" Egeloe murmured, "But when we get back to Navat, count on a few games of hide and seek" That got both Egeloe and Shyico growling in something which was not annoyance. Egeloe had done a lot was incensing those words. Accepting there claim without fear, force or deceit in his words. Promise of fun as well.

"Promises promises" Murmured Peroth'y darkly, "If we were allowed I would fuck you here and now. However the Winglord's orders are strict. No fucking until the brand is on you"

"That so" Egeloe commented, a playful look in his eyes. He loved to tease K'nairi. It was rare you could do it without fear of being pounded into the ground.

"Don't you dare human" Shyic'o growled, "No fucking doesn't mean no playing. Plus we have a nice warm toy we can all play with" A hand was petting Juima's brown hair. Juima tensed up. "Behave!" warned Shyic'o pulling the man up so he was beside Egeloe. "We warned you!"

"I thought you were done!" Juima argued weakly.

"You're off the block, but you are far from free of us" Peroth'y growled, "You can go back on if you are going to protest" He sat up and grabbed Juima's wrist with the full intention of dragging him back to the block.

"No! Not again" Juima begged, fear fulling his eyes. He wasn't sure how much longer he could survive being a fuck toy on display. Three weeks of being stuck on that thing was driving him insane. Not being able to sleep probably, been forced to ride it as entertainment. Being forced to suck there dicks if he wanted food and water. Occasionally they changed the size of the dildo or just fucked him themselves,

"Then be quiet and stop complaining" Peroth'y let go of him, watching as Egeloe pulled the human into a hug. Juima let himself be pulled into the hug, sandwiched between Egeloe and Shyic'o. Curling into Egeloe, trusting the human not to force him into more sex straight away.

"Peroth'y please tell me you have not re-enacted the entire punishment over the past three weeks" Egeloe asked seriously as the what the K'nairi had said and the words Juima had used sunk in. That and the fact Juima was clinging to him for comfort didn't sit right. If what he was guessing was right, they had seriously been abusing the scout. Sure he had laughed but he had been assuming it had only been for a short while. But three weeks? That would even risked breaking him. For a non-Knairi it was too much to take. Even more so for someone not used to there culture.

The silence after these words and the fact that neither K'nairi could look him in the eye was all that was needed to confirm it. "I see" Egeloe said tight lipped. Juima whimpered and held him closer. Egeloe took the necklace off which was around his neck.