Judgment Day

Judge me, I can take it. Reviews are Returned!

Why do people have talent?

To make them unique? No.

It's to make me feel worthless,

Alone and desperate for something intangible,

Something that I can never obtain,

A singular piece of the universe,

Something that no one else can claim,

And for a moment I thought I had claimed it.

But then I remembered that these words had been uttered before

By countless petty humans,

Jealous of everything they didn't have,

Envious and desperate for something to call their own,

And I felt rectified in these words.

But not enough to sign my name.

Just enough to put them out there for your scrutiny.

So judge me!

As I judged myself,

For I am not special,

And I know this now.

I accept this now.

Do you?

Or better yet,

Can you?