It sad that I'm scared of you,
You're supposed to be someone I trust.
I feel like you are going to crush me,
Turn me to powder, to dust.

I think you're going to finish me off,
Eat away my soul.
I wish it could be better
because I'm sick of the cruel cold.

Are you really my friend?
It doesn't seem to be so anymore.
I still love you but…

I am not scared of being alone
And I don't think I need you either.
I already am alone.

I don't know why I love you
because you're so different from me.
But you were the reason,
I only started to see –

Why I deserve something better.
Why I deserve a lot more.
Why some things are only worth walking away.

This is what puzzles me the most,
You taught me enough to see through this.
Maybe it's time I actually spoke the truth.

I love you, but it's not enough.
It never will be enough
because you,
You make me feel the way I don't deserve to,
I know this because it is the very fact you taught me.

I'm sorry. I'm just so sorry.
I shouldn't be apologizing but I will anyway
because that's what YOU deserve.