Chapter 10

Rain trickled from the solem sky. The sun was hidden behind dark, misty clouds. A storm was coming. The grass around the cemetary was dead, flowers were black and purple and rotten. The wind blew past us. Soft yet harsh. It was like even the elements were upset by Shaya's death.

The grave was new and innocent. Unless you where in the know.

Shaya Alessandra Moon. 1918 - 2012. Dear Mother, wife and grandmother.

A rose was engraved into the top right corner. If you looked at the bottom left corner and pulled away the grass you would see a tiny crescent. The same that every woman had on her bracelet.

The Moon's were dressed sharply in black. Each took a turn to throw a handful of dirt on top of the mahogany coffin. Slowly they started to fade away until only Ali and Rose were left.

When growing up they spent most of their time at Shaya's. Sleeping over, doing 'homework', helping her and more. Rose and Ali clung to each other as Ali cried. Rose was all cried out. Zoe stayed at the hotel doing research as she had never met Shaya.

Tanya - who had been getting into a car - came over and pulled both of the girls into a huge hug. The perkyness that Tanya had shown when I met her was gone. She too was close to Shaya as she spent a lot of time with the three sisters.

And then there were two.

I drove us back to the hotel. Ali's soft sobs tore at my heart. Rose's silence was worse. Her eyes showed me that she was not all there. Her emotionless face reveiled only traces of heartbreak.

Silently I reached over and held her hand. She jerked into awarness and looked at our hands. Then she turned over her hand and gripped mine before staring out of the window at nothing again.

The thunderstorm woke me up. I hated thunderstorms. The sharp, stricking, white light of the lightening. The sound of hundreds of bins falling over that served as the thunder following the lightening.

I could hear dogs howling from outside. Babies cried from inside the hotel.

I put on my shoes and a jacket and began to wander around the hotel. Going no place inparticular.

I turned a corner and fell to the ground in shock.



"Get up."



Matt yanked me out of bed. I wasn't asleep but I didn't want to move either. As he pulled me out of the room I had two choices: follow or be dragged. The staff stared.

A man in dark clothing pulling the arm of a woman wearing nothing but a nightgown. A thin nightgown. Matt was so dead.

He turned a corner and stared at something. Fuming I turned to see what he got me out of bed for. My eyes widened and my mouth formed a large O.

A dead body.

With a note.

Carefully I picked up the note.


Tread carefully on troubled waters...

"What?" I was tired and could not think straight. My thoughts were all a blur.

"What's 'V.K.M.'?" Matt asked.

"Me. Vivian K Moon."

"K?" I wished he would shut up.

"My middle name." Matt crossed his arms.

"Which is?"

"Kalayna." I muttered.

"Sorry. I didn't hear that. Say that again." He did not just go there.

"Kalayna." I said loudly.

"Kalayna? Vivian Kalayna Moon." He muttered to himself.

"Mouth shut."





When the police came I handed Rose my jacket. Her nightgown was thin, she had goosebumps on her arms and her nightgown was thin. Men kept staring at her. I glared at them. They didn't even notice. Mind you, Rose could handle herself. Or if I told them her age. Most of them were younger than me.

"Rose?" I asked. She ignored me.

"Kalayna?" I teased. She grabbed the front of my shirt and pulled me down to her level.

"Call me that again and I will get your laptop and shove it up your..." I cut her off.

"Kalayna is a beautiful name. Please don't shove my laptop up where the sun don't shine." I pleaded. Kalayna was a beautiful name but I was more interested in where my laptop was going.

She let me go and I straightened. Rose was slightly below average hight. She always wore heels so her hight often shocked me.

"We should visit the storage in the museum." I said.


"Shaya said to go there." Before she collapsed.

"We'll go tommorow." She sighed. We stood side by side as people rushed around. Stopping people from knowing. Taking pictures. Moving the body. Cheaking out the scene. It was controled chaos.

"We'll all go. I want to go home. As much as I miss my family it is killing me by staying here with all these deaths. Not just the recent ones. Some have been dead for years without my knowing." Rose siad quietly. I put my arm over her shoulder. So now, in a way, it was personal. No more fun, no more days off, jut work , sleep, work. Not quite in that order. I did a quick check list in my head.

4 friends - check. 3 detectives - check. 2 sisters - check. 2 lawyers - check. 1 docter - check and 1 coward - yes, i'm here. I'm always the coward. I just wanted to go home.