Chapter 11

Harry gave us the key to the storage room with a frown. The storage room had been locked for decades and it took us an hour to find the key. Harry kept asking why we would want to see it. Rose only mentioned Shaya and Harry shut up.

Rose and I searched the storage room. I was amazed the Rose had come. I thought that she would shake her head and I would be here by myself. She never ceased to surprise me.

Dust, old materials, dust, parts of masks, dust, old photos and more dust was to be found in the storage room.

"Matt!" Rose called me over.

"Yes?" She had been quiet recently. She was worrying me. I considered calling this all off and have Ali take her back to Spain and Zoe and I carry on with the case.

"Trap door." She smiled. "The lock was recently broken."

"Let's go." I grinned. I climbed down the ladder first.

"Right easy." It was pitch black and Rose was not exactly young. "Put your foot on the ground. I got you." I kept my hands lightly on her waist incase she fell.

"This way." She said.

"How do you know?"

"I am a Moon Assassin; I can see in the dark." Good to know.

I held her hand as we walked forward. I half expected her to let me fall down a huge hole or make me trip but all my feet found was smooth gravel.

"There is a door up ahead." She said. If I was not holding her hand I would never have known she was there. I lifted my hand to my face – I think – and could not see it. I could not tell if my eyes were open or shut it was so dark. There was no light, nothing. I heard a creaking and then a blinding light filled my vision.

We were in a wine cellar.

"This is just the start of a horror movie. We should turn back." I said. Rose gave me an oh come on look.

The wine cellar was lit by candle light and dusty. Someone had been down here recently. I hope Rose has her gun on her.

We crept up the creaky stairs and through the door to a hallway. Rose gave me her gun as we carried on.

"Stop police!" A voice said. Not good. We were god knows where, I have a gun that was actually pointing at Rose, Rose had a we're in trouble now look. I looked like I had her at gunpoint. In front of the police. Oh god, I was going to shoot myself.

"Put the gun down and let the lady go." A voice instructed. I followed.

"Now ma'am please come over here you are safe now." He said. I almost laughed. Even with the gun Rose was more dangerous than me.

"He did not have me at gun point." She said looking confused.

"No! They were going to shoot me." An old woman accused us.

"What?!" Rose took a step towards her and the police sprang into action. They pushed me against the wall and handcuffed me. Rose, however, was a different story. She punched, clawed, bit, kicked and even did some martial art moves. It took ten police officers piled on top of her before they even attempted to handcuff her. They knocked her unconscious.

I was thrown into a cell. Oh god oh god oh god! What was I going to do! I was not cut out for jail. I was not trying to hurt the woman I was just following Rose. It was her fault. I refused to look at her as I paced my cell.

Matt paced in the cell beside me. He was overreacting. I smiled to myself as I sat down. This brought back memories. I remembered being thrown in here most weekends as I loved a good fight or two. They never had any proof though. I was just a 'wrong place wrong time' kind of girl.

Oh my god oh my god oh my god. My career is ruined. I will never get a decent job. It will be cheating spouses from now on I can just see it. A middle age woman walks in through the front door with tears streaming down her face…

I remember this one fight. Rose was arguing with her 'boyfriend' at the time. He had somehow got the idea that they were going out. When she was out with her real boyfriend he lost it…

She would try to hold back the tears and ask for my help. I pass her a box of tissues and she pulls out many. She tries to tell me everything but keeps breaking down into sobs. She keeps mentioning a man's name, something about a woman, something about a date…

He punched Rose's boyfriend. I was there with my boyfriend and we both watched in horror. My boyfriend went to join in when Rose got slapped; instead he ended up holding my coat and my handbag…

In the end she would hand me an envelope with some money and details which I would not open until she left the office even then I would barely see it as I put it in the pile with all of the other low pay cheating spouse's jobs.

I put up a huge fight. Soon it was me and Rose standing side by side and the jerk was on the floor. Rose ended up boyfriend less and Danny kissed me for the first time.

I walked into the police station in the huff. I had cycled a mile and a half to get here and the woman behind the desk would not let me through.

"Zoe?" I turned at the sound of my name.

"Hey petals!" I waved as I walked up to a police man.

"I don't know what they did but I am here to bail them out." I pointed at them. "You owe me money!"

"They have been freed of all charges."

"How come?" I asked. Matt and I looked at a smirking Rose.

"The man in charge demanded that Miss Moon and her companion be let go." He looked confused.

"So I rented a bike, cycled up here in the pouring rain up a freaking hill for nothing!" I exclaimed.

"No. You cycled up here because you love me." Rose teased as she was let out.

"You two are so in for it!" I threatened. I was going to kill them, no cut them up into little pieces!

As we walked out I smirked. I took out my harmonica and blew into it. A loud noise escaped it and I quickly put it back into my pocket before anybody saw. Matt hit the floor as he ducked. The police all jumped and some acidently pulled the trigger on their guns. Rose was the only one who just paused and looked bored.

"Zoe." She raised an eyebrow. "That wouldn't be the harmonica I bought you for your birthday last year now was it?"

"No..." I grinned. Matt was still on the floor with his head covered. Oh god...