Chapter 12

Rose was reading the results with a frown. They dead body was killed in a boathouse by the river which was not in Italy. We were there now. Rose kept reading over the notes.

We had really gone off track with getting arrested and everything.

"Let's go." Rose said.

"Where?" There were at least twenty buildings.

"All of them. Matt, you're with Ali. Zoe with me. Ten each." We set off.

I struggled to keep pace with Ali as she marched towards the first boathouse. Nothing seemed out of place but how would I know? I had never been in a boathouse before. I looked for any sign of struggle. Nothing.

Zoe and I walked silently towards the boathouse.

"Why didn't you bring Matt?" Zoe asked.

"Ali and I have a feeling that we are being watched so…"

"An assassin per person?"


"I feel so loved." I laughed.

Nothing was in the boathouse. It was one big empty room. We opened the door then closed it again.

Ali was making me anxious. She kept looking to the shadows. Her steps were quiet. Her face calm and focused.

"What's wrong?" I sighed. I was at the point of flinching at every noise, even my own breathing.

"Nothing." Ali said before disappearing into the shadows. How she could disappear into shadows in broad daylight. Now I was alone. Yet I could almost feel her watching me.

I entered the next boathouse. Dear god…

"Ali!" I yelled. I could hear her running up beside me.

"Oh god. I'll get Rose." She must have run off but I did not notice. The sight in front of me was awful. It was gruesome. It was wrong.

I turned away and focused on breathing as Rose, Ali and Zoe ran up to me.

"What happened?" Rose asked before she even reached me. I just pointed behind me, unable to speak. I was going to be sick. She stepped past me. Or tried to. I put my arm around her waist.

I heard her gasp before she leaned into me. She was as sick as I was.

"Ali, Zoe, Matt, please leave." Her voice left no room for argument.

Ali and Zoe left instantly. I stayed.

"Matt." She sighed. "You're not leaving are you?" I shook my head. We slowly entered the room.

In it were dead bodies. At least ten. I did not want to see if there were any more.

On the far wall was a message in blood.

Tread carefully on dangerous waters. What could that mean?


"Rose. someone knew we would come here." I whispered as I grasped her hand in mine.

Matt's hand was cold but my blood turned to ice in my veins. I could see some of the bodies breathing. Dear god some were still alive. I felt the need to run. Just run. My heart was pounding in my cheast. Someone was watching us and enjoying it.

There. On the rooftop looking through a window I could see a figure. A bang sounded.

I gasped as the bullet entered my leg. Matt caught me and helped me to the floor.

"Oh god..." Matt was looking around for danger. Everywhere but up. My leg hurt so much. It was like the bullet was on fire.

Rose was on the ground. I stood to my full height. Then I was airborn. I fell onto concrete with a crack. Rose beside me. I heard her whimper softly in pain. She must of hit her leg.

"Trap door." She sighed. Completely calm. How can she possibly be calm!

"What are we doing here?" I asked, not really expecting an answer.

"Uh oh." Rose said.

"Uh oh what?" I looked around. A drain. Water was pouring out of it. We were going to drown...

Rose jumped into action.

I watched in horror as she used her switchblade to cut the bullet out of her leg and blood poured onto the floor. The water kept coming in.

"Right, we have five minutes before this place is flooded. Then maybe a couple more if we don't breath. First, see those stones? Help me block the pipe."

We both huffed as we piled stone after stone into the pipe. Rose limped a little but seemed okay. Her leg was bleeding real bad. The water still made its way through the cracks.

"That will give us a few more minutes." Rose seemed to be thinking of a plan. I couldn't think. I was too busy panicking.

"Wait." Rose started mumbling to herself.

"What?" I asked.

"I reconise this place. There are rooms like this all around us. All we need to do is make a few holes in the walls then the water can't possibly drown us-" The water started to come in from all side. Rose swore.

"Why are these rooms here?" I asked her, trying to distract myself from death.

"Fish that are pulled into the drains would end up here, then whoever was working here would drain the rooms of water an voila, lots of fish ready for the taking." Clever. The water was around our waists. I knocked on a wall.

"These walls are too thick to break through." I told her. Great. I'm going to die, I'm going to die, I'm going to die, I'm going to die, I'm going to die, I'm going to die, I'm going to die!

Rose threw all of her weight into a punch aimed at the wall. When she pulled away most of the wall game with her but the wall itself hed no cracks. It was just thinner. Rose was massaging her wrist. No wonder. The water made it's way to my neck. It was at Rose's jawline.

"New plan. Try to find the trap door and break it open." She said. Problem was, where was the trap door? It all looked the same. We bagan to float as the water filled up the room.

We punched at the ceiling but it was all concreate. The salt water was really bad for my leg. Especially since I was an idiot and removed the bullet. It made it easier to walk but harder to bear. The water around me was taking on a pink tone.

Soon, too soon, the room was full and we stopped breathing. Matt was banging on the walls. My lungs burned. I let go of my breath only to inhale water. It burned my throat, my nose, my lungs. I choked. A lot. Then I faded away... into darkness...