Chapter 2

I waited by the lake. It was a beautiful sight. The sun set turned the sky an orangey red and the clouds seemed to be outlined in gold. The lake itself was quite small with a rail all around it but it was a main attraction.

Not many people knew of this place, it was me that had shown Rose. I closed my eyes for a moment and let the sunrays warm me up. Even with the night coming in it was still warm. I looked at the lake again. The yellow sun was a little lower and the current of the water calmed down a little more.

Then I saw him. Rose had given me a picture of him. I walked up to the man. He was okay looking and well dressed in a suit. I remember Rose saying something about looking for a relationship. That she was just going to search around and that maybe she would get a nice surprise.

"You waiting for Rose?" I asked him.

"Yes. Why? Is that cow not coming?" He gave me an arrogant smile. It was times like these that I was glad that Rose and Ali had taught me a few moves.

I swiftly punched him in the face, kneed him in the stomach and used my open hand to push him onto his back. He sprawled on the grass holding his bleeding nose.

"Stay away from her or you and I will have another one of these friendly chats." I smirked at him.

"Who do think you are!" He yelled at me as I walked away.

"Your worst enemy if you cross me again." I said over my shoulder.

I headed to my car. Rose and I sold our home and moved away so that we could open up our own business with Zoe and Ali. We all lived on the same street. It was a safe street and it was for that reason that we had a lot of customers.

I started my blue mercedes and drove home where Rose should be waiting. Probibly worried. I could almost see her pacing the living room with the TV down low with the news channel on. She did that often.

I entered my home.

"Honey, I'm home!" I smiled as I entered my well lit house.

"Kitchen, il mio fratellino!" Rose called back.

I walked into the kitchen to find Rose cooking pasta. I love her pasta. She never really cooked eight years ago but that was before I found out that she was actually Vivian Moon. A man called Danny Spire had murdered her twin - the real Rose - and Vivian ran off and created a new identity under the name of Rose Blossom.

Rose put the pasta onto two plates and left the rest in the pot. We carried our plates into the living room and watched a random film that was on the TV. It was okay but I had seen better.

Rose's mobile rang but she put it on mute. I looked at her. She showed me her mobile. It was the guy.

"What did you do to him?" She asked.

"We had a friendly chatt with him." I smiled as I put my arm over her shoulder.

"Then why is there blood on your nuckles?" She asked. She took my hand and rubbed my nuckles and I grimiced.

"You put a lot of strength into the punch if your nuckles hurt. Why were you mad?" She looked at me, concerned.

"No one treats mia sorella maggiore like rubbih but me." I put on a goofy grin and she giggled.

"I should get home." She stood but then her mobile vibrated on the coffee table. She picked it up and frowned.

"Harry?" She answered. Who was Harry.

"You want me to what?" She exclaimed. I stood. If this was another pig...

"Of course. May I bring a few of my friends with me? Great thanks! Should I come over and get settled for next week? Great! Thank you so much... yes I will check my e-mails. Bye!" She smiled as she hung up.

"Matt, we have a new case." She grinned.

"And?" I prompted.

"It is for all of us, it is about these murders that is happening in Harry's musium. Harry is one of my cousins from Italy but guess what the best part is?" She asked.

"What?" I smiled. Her good mood was catching on.

"It is in Italy! In my home town!" She hugged me. Italy! I was going to Italy!