Syd the Kid and the Green Pond

When Syd the Kid woke up that morning with her foot hurting she thought, "This is bad." When she saw that the sock she had worn to bed the night before was stuck to her foot by some kind of yucky stuff she thought, "This is really bad." When she put her foot on the floor and it hurt so much that her eyes filled with tears she thought, "This is really, really."

Syd the Kid hopped to the bathroom and thought about how she was going to get the sock off her foot. She knew that anything she tried was going to hurt. It was going to hurt a lot. But she knew she had to do this all by herself. She could not call Mom. She could not call Dad. She was going to have to do this alone.

She sat and thought for a long time and then she remembered the time that her Gramma had taken a bandage off of her cousin Donnie. It had been stuck too. Gramma had soaked it in warm water and it had come loose. She thought she might try that. So she on the water and stuck her foot under the faucet. Sure enough it worked! The sock came unstuck from her foot.

Syd the Kid almost got sick when she saw her foot. The cut was all nasty looking. It was red and some kind of yucky stuff was oozing out of it. It was all red and felt really hot. The pain was getting worse every second. She thought she could feel her heart beat in her foot.

Nothing like this had ever happened to her before. Oh, she had cut herself but Mom always washed it off and put some cream on it to kill the bad bugs. She would bandage the cut and kiss Syd and every thi9ng would be alright. In a couple of days it would be all well.

This time, though, Mom did not know about the cut. She had just washed off the blood and not told anyone about it. She had made sure to wear socks to bed just in case it started to bleed again. She did not Mom or Dad to see blood and ask questions.

Syd the Kid was in real trouble this time! She could not take care of the cut by herself and there was no one she could ask for help. What was she going to do? Boy, she had really messed up this time! Who could she tell? Who would help?

She even felt like she could not ask god for help because this was all her fault. She knew she wasn't supposed to go to the green pond alone. But she had gone anyway and now she was in a real mess.

It had seemed like such a simple thing at the time. All she had to do was go down the hill and around the corner and she would be at the green pond. She rode her bike by the green pond lots of times when she was going to visit her friends. They lived on another street on the other side of the green pond. Of course, she always had permission to go visit her friends. She knew she wasn't supposed to go to the green pond alone.

Dad took her to the green pond sometimes. He was even teaching her to skip rocks. Dad could almost make a rock dance across the top of the water. Syd the Kid had not been able to make one skip yet but she knew it would happen if she kept trying.

The day Syd the Kid went to the green pond all she wanted to do was look at the water. There might be some ducks swimming on the pond or a turtle might be sunning himself on a log. Sometimes there were flowers blooming around the pond. Sometimes Mom would let her pick a few to take home.

She was only going to look. Nothing could happen if she just looked. Besides no one would know she had stopped. When she got to the green pond there was nothing to see. No ducks, no turtles, not even any flowers.

Just as she was about to leave she saw the rocks. Two rocks just right for skipping! All she had to do was pick them up and throw them just right and watch them skip. She drew back her arm and threw the first rock and watched as it flew through the air. It was going to- it hit the water with a plop and sank to the bottom.

Suddenly she knew what she had don wrong. She was too high up, she needed to get down closer to the water. So she went down almost to the edge. This time she would throw the rock as hard as she could and surely it would skip.

She drew back her arm just like Dad had shown her and threw as hard as she could. Just as she released the rock she felt her bracelet slide off her arm and go flying toward the water! Her very favorite bracelet. The one she had worked so hard to make.

Syd was so upset she was about to cry when she saw it right at the edge of the water. She had been told never to go down to the edge but there was her favorite bracelet. She could not just leave it there.

Syd stepped very carefully down to the water and bent over to pick up her bracelet. As she started to stand up her foot sank down into the mud. She looked down and saw that she was stuck in the mud about half way to her knee. "What am I going to do now," she asked herself.

Here she was at the green pond all alone. She was stuck in the mud and nobody knew where she was. There was no one around to help her get out. All she could do was try as hard as she could to pull her foot out of the sticky, stinky mud.

She pulled so hard that her leg began to ache but she could not quit, she had to get out. Finally her foot came out of the mud. But now her shoe was till in the mud! What could she do? She certainly was not going to dig in that awful mud to find her shoe.

Syd the Kid sure looked funny standing there on one foot with the other up in the air. The she remembered that Mom had told her to get rid of those old shoes. They were worn out, so she made up her mind. She would just go home, throw away the old shoe and wash off the mud. No one would ever know. And if anyone asked she would say she had thrown the shoes away. It would be half true.

She put her foot on the ground and then it happened. There was a sharp pain in her foot. She looked and saw a piece of glass sticking about a mile deep in her foot, well maybe not a mile but it sure was deep and it hurt something awful.

Syd half hopped and half crawled up to the street. She sat down on the curb and looked at her foot. What was she going to do now? Well, the only thing to do was to pull the glass out of her foot. It was going to hurt a lot but it had to be done. So she did it.

She would not tell any one. She would wash off the mud and the blood and everything would be all right. No one would know that she had gone to the green pond without permission. She would not get into trouble. Everything would be just fine.

Syd the Kid thought of all this while she sat in the bathroom trying to think of what to do next. Suddenly she heard Mom at the door. "Sydnei, are you alright? You have been in there a long time."

The door opened and there stood Mom. She could see Syd sitting on the side of the tub holding a wet sock. She could see the nasty cut on Syd's foot. She could see the pain and fear in Syd's eyes.

"Sydnei, what did you do to your foot? It looks awful."

Syd the Kid began to cry. She cried because of the pain in her foot. She cried because of fear. She was sure Mom was going to be really, really angry. Instead Mom looked almost afraid.

"Sydnei, sit right there. I will be back in just a minute."

Syd could hear Mom on the phone. She was talking to Dad. She could not hear all they were saying but she heard things like, "very bad cut, a red streak to her ankle, bad infection. You call Dr. Gary and I will meet you at his office."

When Mom returned to the bathroom she picked Syd up and carried her to her room. She dressed her like she used to do when Syd was a little girl. Then she carried her to the car.

Syd liked Dr. Gary. He was funny and he called her Syd the Kid. The only other person who called her that was Papa Ed. Dr. Gary always made sure that Syd got extra pink Starburst, her favorite. The only thing she didn't like was getting a shot.

This time when they got to the office they did not even stop in the waiting room. The nurse showed them to one of the little rooms where they always saw the doctor. Dr. Gary was already in the room when they got there.

The next couple of hours were a blur for Syd the Kid. She Got about a hundred shots, well, maybe not a hundred but it was a lot. Finally one of the shots helped her fall asleep so she did not feel the doctor clean out the wound and bandage it.

When she woke up Mom was sitting beside her bed. She tried to pretend that she was still asleep because she knew she was in trouble. While the doctor had been working on her they got her to tell how she had cut herself and why she had not told anyone.

Mom must have seen that she was awake because she asked, "Syd, would you like some juice. Dr Gary said you could have some when you woke up. You must be really thirsty, it has been a long time since you had a drink."

Syd was thirsty. She had a good drink of juice and then Dr. Gary came into the little room. "You are a very sick little girl, Syd. Hiding your cut from your mom was a silly thing to do. Now you have to stay in bed fro a couple of days and can't go outside for at least a week. You have to take all of your medicine even if you start to feel better."

This time when they left his office Dr. Gary did not offer Syd any candies at all. She was very quiet on the way home. Finally she asked Mom, "Mom, are you angry with me for going to the green pond without permission?"

"Yes, Sydnei, I am angry with you. I am also very disappointed in you. You should have known that you could tell me about hurting yourself. If you had told me I could have cleaned your cut the right way and maybe you would not have gotten so sick."

"I was afraid that you would not love me because I was bad a sneaked away to the green pond."

"Sydnei, your Dad and I will always love you. There is nothing you could ever do that will make us not love you. We might be angry at some of the things you do. We might have to punish you for disobedience but we will never stop loving you.

"God loves us when we are bad and when we are good. We love you just like God loves us. You should never be afraid to tell us anything you do. We might be angry and we might be disappointed but we will never stop loving you. I hope this will teach you that it is better to tell us what you have done rather than try to hide it from us. We will always try to help you."

"Am I still going to be punished for sneaking away to the green pond?"

"Yes Sydnei, I love you but when you are all better we will have to talk about your punishment for slipping away. Why don't you take a nap? When you wake up Dad will be home and we will have dinner."

After Mom left the room Syd the Kid thought about all that happened. Strangely she felt loved. She was not even worried about what her punishment would be. It was all a part of being loved and part of growing up. As she fell asleep she felt the comfort of being wrapped in the warmth of this great love.