Janie's Halloween Treat (PG-13)

I got beat up on Halloween night when I was thirteen years old. That Halloween was going to be my last year trick or treating so my pals and I trekked farther than we had ever gone before, hauling in more treats than imaginable on that memorable night.

My pillow case was full to the brim with stash and it was my best haul ever. What a way to retire from my trick or treating career! But then, six houses away from home, I got jumped by three kids who beat the crap out of me and stole my pillowcase full of candy. My two friends – Dog and Razz – managed to escape unharmed with their candy (they were faster runners than me and I was the one who got pounced on first, knocked to the ground, knee-dropped, punched and otherwise violated).

The attack happened so fast that I barely knew what hit me. Dazed and bloodied, I stumbled to my feet and dragged myself home, trying not to cry even though I felt tricked, victimized, picked on and a total loser.

Word spread through the neighborhood like wildfire, of course. It was big news and high drama with most kids relieved it hadn't happened to them. My two sisters were sympathetic to my plight even as they went through their bags inventorying their haul, promising to share a few pieces of me.

I was chewing on my upper lip trying not to sob with hurt and defeat. My mother made me some hot chocolate and cookies to try to make me feel better and I was feeling about as low as a kid could get. And then the front door bell rang. My mother was busy in the kitchen and my two sisters were busy sorting out their candies into various piles so I dragged myself off the couch and went to the front door.

Nobody was there and I was about to limp back to the living room when my eye caught sight of a brown grocery bag sitting on the porch step. Curious, I stepped out onto the porch and picked up the bag which was full of candy.

"Happy Halloween!" A chorus of voices sang from the dark.

The neighborhood kids had pooled some of their take together and donated it to make sure I got some candy that year. It was beyond a doubt the best moment of my childhood and I still smile whenever I think about that magical night when the kindness, innocence, and giving spirit of my friends and peers made a difference in restoring my faith in the human spirit.

So, what were the chances that I could get mugged twice on a Halloween's night? I really wasn't thinking about it four years later when I was walking home from work on October 31st, having finished my four hour shift making sandwiches at the downtown Subway Shop.

The manager told us we could dress up for Halloween if we wanted to but I kept it simple, wearing my Goofy Hat I had gotten at Disneyworld when I was eleven. It had the floppy ears on the side, the two white teeth hanging off the front of the bill of the hat, and a fuzzy little nose there too.

Ironically enough, I was only about three houses from the exact spot I had been mugged the first time when four teenaged thugs sprang from the darkness and gang tackled me to the ground. They weren't looking for candy, of course – they were just looking for trouble, adventure, and mischief on this Halloween's night and they found me an easy prey.

I tried to fight them off but I was outnumbered four to one and once again I felt myself getting kicked and punched and all I could do was roll into a fetal position and wait for it to be over.

"Hey!" I heard somebody scream. "Leave him alone!"

The troublemakers ran off laughing and I tried to pick myself up off the ground but I was dizzy and stunned.

"You okay?"

I tried to focus my blurry eye-sight on the image of a person coming down the front steps of the house in front of me.

"Krug?" I heard a female voice ask.

I squinted at the surreal image in front of me: it was a clown! Multi-colored wig with a hat on top, clown-painted white face, with red eyes, a squeeze nose, and a happy face mouth, complete with the clown costume and the big feet shoes.

"Who are you?" I asked with confusion.

"It's me!" She announced. "Janie! Janie Coleman!"

Janie Coleman from the neighborhood was a cute and friendly girl who was always nice to me although we never dated or anything.

"Who were those guys?" She asked.

"I have no idea," I admitted, wiping some blood and dirt from my face.

"Why don't you come in?" She suggested. "I can help you clean up."

"I'm almost home," I said, gesturing with my chin up the street where my house was.

"Please?" She said. "I want to help."

"Okay," I agreed, letting her take me by the arm and assisting me along her front walk, up the porch steps and into the attractive house.

"Anybody else home?" I asked.

"My parents are away this week," Janie informed me as she led me to the kitchen.

"They trust you home alone!?" I asked with surprise.

"Of course," she laughed. "Why wouldn't they?"

Janie was my age (seventeen) but she went to St. Anne's Catholic instead of Hillsboro High so I didn't see all that much of her, except maybe in the summer when she was around the neighborhood or on the occasions when she'd come into the Subway for a grinder or I'd stop by Red's Tastee Freeze where she worked in the summer. Occasionally, we'd bump into each other at a football game or movie too. We always got along and I liked chatting with her.

Janie helped me into one of the kitchen chairs and she got a damp dishtowel from the sink to wipe off the blood and dirt from my face. I had a throbbing headache and my ribs hurt. I didn't say much as I let her clean me up although I felt kind of stupid being nursed by a clown!

"Why don't you take off your shirt?" She suggested. "Let's make sure there's no bruising."

She helped me pull off my long sleeve jersey and she examined my ribs and stomach which were already starting to bruise. It was hard to tell what she was thinking behind her clown face.

"How do you feel?" She asked.

"Sore," I admitted.

"I seem to recall this happening to you before," Janie remarked, staring into my eyes.

"You remember," I replied.

"It was sort of my idea to gather the candy together for you," she admitted sheepishly.

I looked at her with amazement. "Really?" I asked with surprise. "Wow. Thanks. That was the nicest thing that ever happened to me."

"Getting your candy stolen?"

"No, having all you guys give up some of your treats to help me out," I said. "It really meant a lot to me."

"I'm glad," she smiled. Then she shook her head. "I can't believe it happened to you again!"

"Tell me about it," I groaned. "I must be a marked man!"

"Maybe Halloween isn't your best day," she agreed.

"Let's face it, Janie," I sighed. "I'm a loser. Always have been. A goof and a loser." I looked down at the Goofy hat in my hand and I groaned with defeat.

"Don't talk like that," she said with annoyance. "It's not true."

It was kind of hard to take her seriously when she stood there as the clown looking at me. But let's face it. I wasn't all that popular or successful. My dating life was nothing spectacular. I was an average student. I didn't have any real claims to fame. I was just a nameless faceless kid in the large scheme of things.

"Did you have a lot of trick or treaters?" I asked as Janie resumed wiping the blood, dirt and grass stains from my hands.

"The usual," she replied. "I love seeing all the cute kids in their great costumes."

"I remember the year you were Ariel from The Little Mermaid," I grinned.

"You do?" She seemed surprised.

"You had the cutest tail I'd ever seen," I said.

She blushed under her clown make up and then she punched me on the arm. "Fresh!"

"Sorry," I smirked. "It really was a great costume though."

"How 'bout the year you were Spiderman with all that string?" Janie laughed.

"You remember that!?" I asked, impressed.

"Sure, you tried to tie me up!"

I laughed at the memory but then I started coughing from the sore ribs.

"You okay?" She worried.

"Yeah," I squeaked.

She got me a glass of water and I drank it with appreciation.

"So, now you're a clown?" I observed, eyeing her over the rim of the glass.

"You don't like it?"

"I think you're a cute clown," I smiled.

"Allyson Rogers had a party Saturday night," she explained. "I had to go as something! So, I decided to dress up again tonight to give the candy out."

"Maybe you should have dressed up as nurse instead," I said.

"I think you might be getting a black eye," she observed. "And maybe a fat lip."

"Great," I groaned. "Now I'll be even uglier than ever."

"You were never ugly, Krug," she assured me.

"I won't even need a Halloween mask," I sighed, feeling sorry for myself.

"Hush," she demanded. "You're always so negative about yourself."

"I just got beat up, Janie," I grumbled. "How am I supposed to feel about myself?"

She had finished nursing me and cleaning me but she was still leaning in close to me, close enough that I could smell the clown make up. Her clown wig rubbed against my bare shoulder and it sent shivers down my spine.

"Did you really notice my tail?" She asked softly, peering at me with interest.

"All the time," I grinned.

"Good thing I have this clown make up on," she said. "You can't see my blush!"

"You have a great tail, Janie," I assured her.

She swallowed hard and I heard her breathing had increased.

"Maybe you should lie down for a little while," she suggested. "Let your head clear a little bit."

"It is kind of aching," I said. "Do you have any aspirin?"

"Advil?" She asked.

"Sure, fine." I was in no position to argue or protest.

I let Janie help me to my feet and escort me down the hall to her bedroom. I had been in her house before on several occasions, but never in her bedroom which was illuminated by a couple of strings of Halloween pumpkin lights. Several stuffed animals were piled on a hope chest in the corner of the room. A computer sat on her desk. There was also a make up table, two dressers, and a bookcase clogged with books. The bed was neatly made, covered by a Twilight bedspread.

Janie helped me onto the bed and I settled with my head buried in several soft pillows. I couldn't help but let my eyes gaze over her, taking in her beauty and appeal that I knew so well buried beneath the clown make up. She took some of the ends of her clown wig and nervously began twirling it in her fingers.

"Are you comfortable?" She asked softly as she stood next to the bed.

"This is nice," I said contently.

She nodded in agreement and then she sat on the edge of the bed next to me. We exchanged long stairs and then she kicked off her clown shoes before she slowly climbed onto the bed, surprising me by straddling me and leaning over me. She moved slowly until her mouth was above mine.

"Have you ever kissed a clown?" She asked.

"No, I can't say that I have," I smiled.

So she kissed me.

"Does your lip hurt?" She asked with concern when the smooch was finished.

"Your lips are the antidote," I said.

With her legs on either side of me, Janie stared down at me.

"I never thought you were goofy or a loser," she said with sincerity.

"Thanks," I replied. "I guess I shouldn't be so down on myself."

"Not when there's a clown around!" She said in a squeaking high clown's voice!

I couldn't help but laugh but then I got serious when Janie slowly began unsnapping the clown outfit with the puffy balls down the middle of the costume. She tugged the clown outfit off and then pulled the tee shirt she was wearing underneath off over her head too, effortlessly tossing it away. I stared at her as she unhooked her white bra but before she let it fall off her breasts, she leaned into me and placed soft kisses on my sore mouth.

After a few minutes of kissing a clown with Janie leaving make up on my face,

she sat back up but her bra remained on my chest and I saw her lovely exposed breasts above me. She moved her body down my legs and unsnapped my jeans, pulling them down until my penis sprang out from underneath my briefs. I sucked in my breath when she took it in her hand, rubbing it smoothly while staring into my eyes before she moved back up legs and leaned in to kiss me while keeping a hold of my erection.

After we kissed a while, she moved back down and pulled my pants and underwear all the way off my legs, tossing them onto the floor. She let go of me and hopped off the bed, pulling down the PJ shorts and panties she had been wearing under the clown outfit. Totally naked now, she climbed back onto the bed and lay down next to me, her face still in the clown makeup and the clown wig still on her head.

"Happy Halloween," she whispered.

"Trick or treat?" I asked nervously.

She giggled. "What do you think?"

"I think I've never seen a naked clown before," I answered.

I slowly brought my hand down between her legs while her hand re-found my erection and we kissed each other, moaning softly into each other's mouths as her makeup continued to smear onto my face. I rolled myself on top of her while my hand continued to explore down there. I felt my erection rubbing against her thigh.

She helped me guide myself into her opening while we began kissing again and just like that I was inside her.

"Oh," she said with happiness. "Krug. Finally. It's you."

I stared into her eyes with fascination. "You've wanted me?"

"Yes, my Spiderman, I've wanted you," she smiled.

We moved in collaboration, thrust for thrust. My hands found her marvelous breasts and we kissed some more.

"I'm so happy," She whispered between moans.

"I'm glad," I smiled.

"Holy cow, Krug," she whispered excitedly. "I'm going to…."

"Me too!" I announced shortly before I felt myself explode into her and we both screamed out with satisfied joy and fulfillment.

I collapsed onto her and I felt her arms wrap around my back as I buried my head into her neck. When we finally caught our breaths, Janie gently pushed me off of her. I lay on my side and she did the same, facing me as I explored her body with my hand.

"I haven't even seen your tail yet," I whispered and she burst out in delighted laughter.

She sprang from the bed and wiggled her backside at me before she went to her make up table, giving me a full view of her lovely tail as she kept her back to me sorting through the table.

"That really is the best tail ever," I said.

Janie looked over her shoulder at me and I supposed there should have been something perverse about a naked clown looking at me but I thought it was the sexist thing I'd ever seen.

Janie returned with her clown makeup and she knelt on the bed beside me with her now smeared clown face. She began applying the clown make up to my penis! I felt myself going hard again and she giggled as she turned my member white and then put a little clown face on the tip, using the slit as the clown's mouth.

"You little clown, you!" she whispered when she was finished, leaning over and giving me another kiss on the mouth, before she moved back down and kissed the little clown.

"Geez, Janie," was all I could say.

She laughed and cuddled next to me while using her hand to play with the little clown.

"You know, I never thought I'd be able to top that Halloween night when I was thirteen," I admitted. "Seeing that bag of candy on my front porch was the most moving thing that had ever happened to me."

"But now?" She wondered.

"Well, how can you top this?" I asked with a smile, squeezing her clown nose that squeaked in reply.

We both burst out laughing and I held her close.

"Happy Halloween, Krug," She said.

"I'll never forget this treat," I assured her.

She sat up and pulled the clown wig off her head, letting her long brown hair fall down to her shoulders. I reached up and pulled the clown nose off and then we kissed again before she jumped off the bed and motioned for me to follow. We went into the bathroom and I watched as she washed the clown makeup off her face and all of a sudden there was Janie Coleman looking at me sheepishly, perhaps with just a bit of embarrassment.

"I've never done anything like this before," she admitted.

"So why did you tonight?" I wondered.

"I just wanted to," she said with a shrug, looking into my eyes.

"I'm glad," I smiled.

She glanced down between my legs, took the washcloth she was holding and gently cleaned the clown makeup off my erection.

"You were never goofy in my eyes, Krug," she said as she leaned up and kissed me.

There were several mirrors in the bathroom and all I could see was nakedness reflected wherever I looked but we kept on kissing as we stood there naked, not clowning around anymore.