Chapter 1

was only a young when the war of Tsuki and taiyo started, the war began shortly after the solar eclipse that changed every thing for everyone.

It was the night of the solar and looner eclipse, the day when they did both eclipses it was always a time for calibration ever one was getting ready for the feast and the late night party, Mizuki was so exited for this event only happened once every thousand years and only the youngest would live on to tell the next generation.

Mizuki was only seven and was now running to her friends house to help her get ready for thee traditional getsurei dance, Mizuki and her friend Tenpi had been practising every night for that last month for this night. Mizuki ran quickly to her house and knocked on the straw door, Tenpi's parents opened the door and smiled happy.

"Tenpi is in her room getting ready, you may help her if you would like." Said Tenpi's mother maiel. Mizuki walked into Tenpi's house causally for Mizuki could sense there was something wrong with Tenpi's mother usually Maiel had a glowing smile that matched her silky brown hair and to top it off her mocha shaded skin, but today Tenpi's mom's hair was a mess and slightly discoloured, her smile no longer had it shine to it and her mocha coloured skin was now pale.

Mizuki walk up stairs slowly to Tenpi's room, when up there Tenpi was sitting on her bed rummaging trough her stuff looking for the necklace Mizuki had made her when she went to the beach last summer "Hi Tenpi!" Mizuki said with excitement clear in her happy voice. Tenpi stood up quickly and ran across the room giving Mizuki a friendly hug.

"Well I can see your all ready." Mizuki said still smiling as she moved across the room slowly. "Almost I just need the necklace you made me, did you remember to wear yours?" Tenpi asked looking at her excitement and joys was clear in her pail brown eyes. "Of course I did." Mizuki said pulling out the necklace from under her fuutei. Tenpi just smiled happy then went back to digging in her keep safe box. "I found it!" Tenpi said happily as she pulled the little purple necklace out.

Mizuki smiled then look at the door way as Maiel entered the room happily. "are you girls all read?" she asked with a hint of tiredness in her voice. "yes mommy." Tenpi's said getting up off her bed and walking toward the doorway. "Are you coming Mizuki?' Mizuki nodded and walked toward the door also.


Now the party had started Mizuki and Tenpi were up on stage performing the traditional dance that had taken them so long to learn. Everyone was having a blast dancing listening to the music eating nothing could ruin there day, or so they thought. A blazing fire broke out near the bottom of the beautiful stage, quickly Mizuki ran toward Tenpi pulling her in the direction of the exit.

Quickly the fire did multiply but Mizuki was brave and she lead Tenpi toward the nearest exit pushing and pulling peaces of hot would and straw out of there way, finally they were at the exit, Mizuki glanced around looking if it was safe, without a second thought Mizuki pushed Tenpi toward the stairs just in time to. Mizuki had noticed that the flaming peace of wood above there heads was about to fall.

Tenpi fell to the ground this a hard crash, her leg and arm out of place and possibly broken but yet she was safe, Tenpi lifted her head and looked around quickly."MIZUKI!" she yelled while rolling onto her back and sitting up. Everyone stared at the stage that was now completely in flames. Mizuki's mom ran over quickly and helped Tenpi up, crying slightly they looked at the giant fire.

Tenpi called her friends name once more her voice cracked and tears rolled down her face, again Tenpi looked at the fire but this time something was off about it an odd figure was walking out of the flames, but who was this strange figure.