My planet

My planet is inhabitable, just for me

My seas are tame and frothy, just like me

My land is extravagant and wild, just like me

The seas bore tiny sea creatures, just like earth

The Land inhabited by wild creatures, just like earth

You can breathe easy, just like earth

Yet the only thing that made it so different from Earth is its primary inhabitants

There was not a single human, but one...


I live in the groves of prairie

The great creatures never harmed me

I am like their relative

The sharks play with me

The crocodiles play tug of war

Even the lions just play tag as I ran and chase them

The earth you once knew marred and scarred

Full of deceit and sin

Where the Volcanoes never stop

Full of lies that should have been gone years during Adam and Eve's time

Not in my world, there is no war

No volcanoes or earthquakes

Or even huge meteorites crashing!

Perfectly safe

This is my Utopia

O land so green and fragile

Let me fall into you

Let me be with you for I am so alone

I sleep with your creatures but there is only one problem,

I am alone