Troy brought me inside in his 6th story house, and to my surprise it is the best party of the year! The party went way up to the max, the girls there were so, I mean completely out of this universe, and almost all the people who are invited were none that I've never seen or heard of before. The drinks were from every part of the east (considered the best in the country). I got so drunk that I thought I saw a bunch of satyrs doing the jig on the crashed T.V, and it's either that or it was a bunch of hairy midgets.

Oh, it was the biggest party I've ever seen, that I woke up with a blur. Once I cleared my eyes it was like a garbage truck misplaced their load. And I swear I saw a raccoon and pig sleeping next to me! And can you believe it one of the girls I first saw in the party was laying down on the floor, and I don't wanna know how that white gunk ended up in her mouth!

I went to the bathroom and saw a bunch of Goths and Emos in there all piled up, and one of them must have … you know … done it real bad on the bath tub. I cleaned myself up and carefully ran for the door. And what do you know, there were a bunch of hairy midgets in the party. I wasn't crazy, YAY! I found my cousin wearing only his underwear a beer bottle on his left and a cigar on his mouth, with a bunch of girls under his arms, quite typical since he's considered an Adonis to all girls alike. I told him that I was going, but he just nodded and went to snuggling with the girls surrounding him.

Just when I was about to leave, something comes up.


I ran to the window next to me and peered down on the alley bellow. I gotta be drunk because I think I just saw my Uncle Tom.

"You have failed me Tom Blake" the hag next to him coldly spoke.

"Please, spare me!" my uncle begged.

"It's too late for that. Stop whining and take the shot like a man!"She retorted.

I couldn't believe it, it really was my dead uncle. Oh this day just couldn't get any better!

"Hey Uncle Tom!" I childishly yelled.

Here it comes the worst part of my life.

The witch that was about to shoot my uncle, but the moment she saw me; guess what happened next.


"AAAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!" I screamed as I fell off the 6th story building.

And then everything has gone slow-mo for the rest of the time. I saw my life flash before my eyes, my uncle horrified to what is about to happen and the witch even more scared as I was. Just when I thought the pain was gone I fell straight down to the dumpster, which made such a ruckus that would have wakened the city!

Debris were scattered everywhere, and such to my surprise I lived. How can that be! I looked over all the mess I made and my uncle and the old hag done. I wasn't even hurt, after that fall I would have died for sure, at least my spine would have snapped. But no, when I landed it hurt like heck, but after a few seconds it disappeared.

I looked everywhere for my uncle and yet he wasn't found. Before my feelings of guilt started to kick in I started to think, did that blast of light actually turn me into a superhero? Or better yet invincible, considering that anything can happen if there are such things as witches?

I kept on pondering until my eyes laid upon a shard of a broken mirror.


I made sure that this creäture I was staring at was just a trick or an aftershock from the witch's spell that was cast on to me, but as I looked ever closer to my reflection I sensed that something was behind me and I just hate it when I'm right.

"RRRRAAAAAAGGGGHH!" screamed the witch as she tried to snag my neck.

Lucky for me I dodged her sharp nails from penetrating my skin. Yet I wasn't so lucky when she quickly conjured a ball of immense light.

"Say your prayers boy!" she yelled.

Goodbye life.

She threw the energy ball forward to me, but my uncle miraculously tackled her redirecting the ball to the left wall. But only to find him mouthing the words "I'm sorry", before he and the witch disappeared.

I stood there awestruck, mouth gaping.

Should I wait for my uncle to come back? With that witch behind him and pulling him down. Oh Hell NO!

Stupid life. Stupid uncle. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!


I heard a gunshot behind me and through instinct I ran opposite from where the shot, only to find myself in front of a sleepy crowd.

I heard screams and shouts of anger, and doubt fill the air that seems to temporarily deafen my ears to not hear the sirens of police coming my way.

"DON'T MOVE A MUSCLE, MUTANT!" the chief of the squad yelled through his bullhorn.

Mutant? Is that what I am? The freak of New York?

I tried to move forward them to explain, but to only hear another shot. I sensed their fear. And it penetrated through them like the Nile River.

"I-I S-SAID DON'T MOVE DIRTBAG!"trembled the chief.

They won't listen even though they know I could talk, this is pointless!

But after I snapped out of it, the police were cornering me accompanied by the mob that was starting to form in seconds. Great, I survived a 6th story fall, an attempted strike from a witch, and an unknown gunshot. Now I'm gonna be Swiss cheese. Yet luck struck again, I found a sewer hatch just below me and I stomped my foot to break the seal and jumped in.

They kept on firing at me but even though they shot directly at me the bullets just repelled against my skin at least that's one of the quirks as to being a beast. Yeah that seems to be my name now, the beast of New York. Lovely.