A Demon's Spell

'If this all ended right now, would you remember me? Remember the way I smiled at you? Would you remember the way we kissed? Or would it just blur into your mind as a memory of long ago? I never want to lose your love, but the way you look at me now, it makes me want to cry. Has the world ended around me and faded into the abyss? Do you no longer love me the way you did before? Is it out of spite or hate that this is happening? Please don't hate me, I love you. Don't look at me with those dreadful eyes. What will you have me do to make you love me again? I don't have much, but I will do anything, give you anything. You tell me you want the only thing that connects me to you, but if you take it away… I won't be able to love you anymore. Is that what you want then? Did you ever really love me? Maybe I should have taken the hints, to never love a demon. However, how could I not, you are the light in my darkness. But now, you want to leave me? How could I have fallen for a heartless monster like you? You never cared for me at all, not even a little. But why are there tears falling from your eyes? You pull me to you and we stand there, still as ever with only are tears soaking each other. Why do you cry? I thought you didn't care. Please don't leave me. Please don't. I promise to stay by your side forever.' Then he pulled back, and said those dreadful words.

"I love you… But how can you love me when you know I am to be married? I will miss your sweet kisses, the way you smile. It will kill me each day I go without you. This other woman will be nothing to me. Because you are the air I breathe, without you I am just a shell of a man. Nevertheless, you cannot stay I could never put you through the pain of seeing me with another. It would be the worst pain for me to suffer to see you witness this, the sadness on your face, the longing for it to be different. I love you more than you know; more then I even can comprehend… that is why I will make you forget me. You will move on with your life, marry, and have children, you will be happy. I will only bring you pain and suffering. Please forgive me. I love you darling; more than the moon loved the sun. Please be happy, for me. I love you…" The man closed his eyes and felt the girl thrashing against him. She screamed, "NO! I CANT FORGET YOU! YOU'RE THE ONLY THING IN THIS WORLD THAT MATTERS TO ME! I LOVE YOU!" She stopped moving then she hugged him tightly as if she never wanted to let go. "Please don't. I can't forget the one who I love." His eyes opened and stared down into her sorrowful eyes that tears kept flowing from. "Please don't leave me." She whispered. "I love you." He felt his tears slide down his cheeks faster. "I'm so sorry." He whispered and leaned down and kissed her forehead. "I'm so sorry!" he thought as all her memories of him were erased from her mind. Everything went black as she clasped into his arms. "Please forgive me my love. I had to do it." He held her there in his arms as his tears leaked down his face.

10 years later:

"Mommy, can you read the story of the demon's lover again?" A little girl smiled up at a woman who had aged, but only slightly. The girl looked nothing like her mother, but identical to her father.

"Of course, I know it is your favorite story." The woman smiled at the little girl. She never understood why her daughter loved the sad tale of a girl's demon prince lover. It ended with the girl forgetting him, her everything. The woman always felt saddened by this story more than others, which she could never understand why. The book with this story came to her as a box on her doorstep; the box was carved with beautiful designs with jewels and gold within its carvings. She opened the box and inside was the most beautifully bound book she had ever seen. It was hand bound and gold inscribed on the cover. Inside was hand written stories of demons and unnatural beings she had never read about before. She was sure she should look for its owner, but something inside her tied her to that book. She fell in love with the wonderfully written stories… but the one the story at the back of the book about the demon's lover made her want to cry every time and could never turn to the last page to see if she ever got back together with her lover. The loneliness had started to creep upon her soon after she had found the book.

She had married her husband a few years after she had gotten the book. Even though she loved him, that feeling of never being whole didn't fade away. Then she had her daughter. It was the best thing to happen to her. However, every time she looked at her daughter, she saw her husband in her; it upset her for some reason. As if, she wanted another man to be the father of her child. When her daughter was little, she would cry in the night, but as soon as the woman got up to care for her. The crying stopped. When the child got to speaking age, she spoke of her angel that would watch her and take care of her. Not that the woman believed it. But, as the woman got older, she couldn't hide the loneliness anymore. Not anymore…

After the story was read, and the child had fallen asleep, the woman slunk back to her bedroom. It was empty…oh yes; the man she had loved left her when she had almost committed suicide. Now she was alone in her bedroom with only her thoughts. She held the beautiful book within her hands and something in her urged to find out if the girl ever found her happiness. The happiness she longed for herself. In an ounce of courage, she turned to the last page of the book. It said on the last page "And then he came back to her." She felt her eyes water and drip down her face as she remember the demon she had fallen in love with. Then she read the note that was underneath the last words of the story. "We will meet again darling, since you're reading this that means we can be together again. I love you." She wiped the tears from her eyes and smiled. "You came back." She whispered as she felt a presence behind her. "Have you come to take me back now, so it can go back to how it was?" She closed her eyes as if she didn't want to see his face just in case it was all just a lie. She felt a tear fall from her closed eyes as she felt the presence behind her wrap its arms around her. It whispered to her. "I am sorry for what I've done. It was a mistake. I can take us back if that is what you want, to ten years ago, to fill the loneliness. Please come with me. I don't think I can live another second without you."

"I don't remember it all, but that voice, that face is only a de ja vu within my mind, if you can make the story right, please do. Make it okay!" She felt more tears leave her eyes "I don't know what to do! Please fix it!" she started to sob and turned around to meet the eyes of her past, the eyes of her missing piece.

"Your wish is my greatest dream." He whispered. Then the world was gone, nothing more and nothing less.

She awoke to arm around her waist holding her to the body behind her. "Good morning darling." He whispered into her ear as she blinked timidly with the morning light upon her face. She smiled brightly and turned around to meet his loving eyes. "My love, I had the strangest dream that you had left me for years and I had forgotten you! I was so alone. Never leave me! It would be hell without you here. Promise me."

"I promise to never leave your side, to be there for you always." He smiled. He could never go through the hell of living without her again. Never again.