By Elaine Ruth B. Santos

As the foreboding moon descended down to the horizon, the earth began its rotation and gradually brought light upon the small town of Minnesota. But by then everybody was already up and about in their own business.

Yet far away into the endless space did it show the earth's endless orbit around the sun and the other planets. Far into the outer rings of our solar system, a fast-moving object is progressing through our asteroid belt.

The carbon based life-form moved its slimy tentacles across the key pads with ease.

Translation: "Test life in Solar System Omega 130005. Take one."

Its crest plated chest opened up to show a pair of arms that is no bigger than a human arm, reached forth into a compartment to open a projector-like mechanism. With nimble fingers it flicked on the switch to show a projected figure such as itself suspended on the air.

The creƤture seemed like a Quadruped being that had a octopi for a head, a scorpion tail and turtle shell back, and all wrapped tightly in bulky armor, but all the more advanced and larger than the individual watching the projected image.

Translation: "Dr. Mandrake, what brings you to interrupt one of my meetings?! Have you found what we were searching for, yet?"

"Already in camera Lord Vor." answered Dr. Mandrake.

"I see. Do you have everything in order?" asked the King.

"Everything is in ship-shape, my lord." The doctor said as he bowed.

"Good. Prepare for your descent." He ordered. "And please do give me details at the end of your voyage."

"All in good time, brother. All in good time." Dr. Mandrake answered.

The hovering image faded into static as the transmission ended.

The Dr. set the ship in auto-pilot and descended to the very back of the tiny ship.

He passed tubes and clear vaults of life forms and finally stooped in front of his chemistry table. The contents were exactly how he left them yesterday. He gave an uninterested stare at his liquid based creations, and began twiddling on his writing device on the parchment that portrayed equations. And these were equations that helped make his most prized concoction elixir. This single clear water-like liquid was a brain enhancer, an elvolving chemical, and basically makes the simplest of life forms become a sapient being an apex predator.

He had the thought of testing the concoction to one of the animals he held in the vaults, but easily declined it because of the unsureness of the results. Well if the experiment was successful the new sapient beings he created might come of use to his brother's empire.

He had already prepared an entire tank full of it and was now in the procedure of removing an animal from the vaults to test his experiment. The animal (species 1200000021: Snorkel) was a rather heavy species, but was bearable to carry. The inertia of the animal would have killed a human, but not this sentient being; he could carry 200,000,000 megatons in one hand. Yet it all the more tired him out, he grabbed a canister of liquid and drunk it till the last drop. The big gal-loot sat back and rested his knees.

"Dang, that's one heavy Snorkel!" he hollered to himself.

The drink landed on the edge of the controls as he tried to direct the Snorkel to the mist chamber. As he was about to secure the elixir the pig-headed Snorkel had gotten rowdy and banged against the glass. The force soon traveled throughout the ship and vibrated the drink to fall into the controls. Obviously the controls weren't water proof and fizzed up a malfunction.

"WARNING! WARNING! MALFUNCTION!" the sirens blared throughout the ship's chambers.

The scientist stood stunned to hear the sirens blow off like that, stuffed the elixir into the folds of his suit and ran to the control room. The ship stuck on "evasive maneuvers" mode and it made the trip to the controls hard to reach. But as he stumbled inside, he planted his feet in place as he tried to redirect the malfunction, but no such luck the systems fried to crisp. He hit the keys so hard that he broke the keys in half. He jolted back and tried to think.

He was moving in a constant speed of 30,000 miles per hour, and was hurtling into the sun. Yeah, easy to think it through. Then a thought came to him, he threw himself over the projector and hoped that it could still work. He cheered when it hummed into life, but as he was going to yell out his coordination the projector stuck in auto.

"Please leave your message after the beep." It spoke.


"Lord Vor, help me! I'm hurtling through space in a dangerous speed right at the star. I'm in sector Alpha130005, X: 40000, Y: 329980-"

Then static. He tried to call back but before he could he checked the speed and it was moving at the rate of nearly the speed of light. The manual still worked but the brakes now busted beyond current repair. So there was no choice but to crash. The scientist hated it but it was better to crash and die, than feel the burn of the solar star consume me.

At the speed he was going he honestly didn't know where he was going to but through just a simple veer to the right the ship made a sharp turn and smacked touchdown at the moon. It left such a huge crater and nearly made the moon lose its orbit around the earth. But it moved just as though there wasn't any interference.