Times certainly weren't easy for Americans during the early 1940's. The nation, and the world, was still recovering from the depression that had hit a decade ago and things were starting to look worse in Europe. The proof existed in many of the civilians around Manhattan, as before the depression, women would have something new to wear every day and men had a new coat and hat to wear every day. Now, women were stuck with what were last season's fashions and men were stuck with their old and worn coats. The only proof that the depression was leaving the world was the wealthier civilians with newer and shinier clothes, such as Ethel Ryder.

After the shift at the Midnight Diner, the nine girls paraded down the street gossiping to an extent. Each girl had induced herself into a different conversation, that is, until Brenna Sham spotted a poster of Glenn Miller and his Orchestra. The poster advertised a concert that was scheduled for the following weekend, and on the poster were the song titles, 'Moonlight Serenade', 'In the Mood' and 'Georgia on my Mind', which caught Ethel's attention.

"Oh, why would you look at this," said Brenna, turning to Georgia Miller, who looked down at her feet. "You know, I heard a unique version of that song, 'Georgia on my Mind', by Mr. Miller on the radio a few weeks ago… He had written his own words for the song and it sounded as if he were singing to a lover… A lover named 'Georgia'." Georgia smiled nonchalantly, shook her head and rolled her eyes.

"Just because my name is Georgia, you assume that he sang that song for me?" she asked Brenna, who nodded.

"Indeed I do. I mean, how many Georgia's do you reckon Glenn Miller has met in his life?" asked Brenna.

"Oh, only hundreds," said Georgia in a sarcastic tone.

"How many Georgia's has Mr. Miller met in his life that he has taken for a drink?" Ethel chimed in. Georgia opened her mouth to speak, then closed it, knowing Ethel's point. "Exactly."

"Oh, will you girls leave her alone?" said Evelyn to them.

"Why, Evie, you know that song is about Georgia! Why, haven't you heard Mr. Miller's version?" Ethel asked her.

"The one with lyrics or the instrumental one?" asked Evelyn.

"Why, the one with lyrics of course!" Ethel exclaimed. She then broke out into song. "Georgia, my Georgia! Why can't you be mine? Your sweet kind face, and your soft light hair…"

"Ethel…" Evelyn said, about to ask her to stop, but then Brenna cut her off.

"Georgia! Dear Georgia… Your smile keeps away the dark! Your eyes shine so bright, and your smile lights my way," she sang in a very off tone. Evelyn sighed, and then Sandy, Brandy, Virginia Watson and Ellen Hapsburg joined in with them.

"Georgia! My dear Georgia! Please come home to me! I love you, my sweet! Until time shall end…" they all sang.

"Oh, you're all so immature!" exclaimed Evelyn, and the group of girls that were singing laughed.

"Oh, Georgia, tell us the story!" exclaimed Brandy.

"What story?" asked Georgia, smiling at the girls.

"Oh, you know what story! The one of you and Mr. Miller!" exclaimed Sandy in an anxious tone. Georgia leaned her back against a brick wall.

"Oh, all right…" she said. "It was December of 1939. Mr. Miller had just finished a concert down at the old Roaring Rumbler Theatre…"

"Mr. Miller was standing nearby cleaning out his trombone while I had been sweeping the floors. I had accidentally bumped into him, and caused him to jump in surprise."

"Ooh, where did you bump into him?"

"Hush, Brenna. Anyway…"

"Oh, I'm so sorry, sir!" Georgia exclaimed, her face turning redder than Ethel's hair.

"Why, that's quite all right, Miss. Not a scratch on the trombone, you see?" said Mr. Glenn Miller, showing her the shiny trombone.

"Oh," said Georgia, admiring it. It was so shiny and clean that she could see her reflection clearly, and she blushed at the sight of her very red face.

"Say, Miss… might I ask your name? It is quite a strange thing to be calling you 'Miss', now that we're acquainted," said Mr. Miller.

"Oh, um… Georgia. My name is Georgia Miller," she told him.

"It is quite a pleasure to meet you, Miss Georgia," said Mr. Miller, taking her hand and gently kissing it. "Might I buy you a drink here?"

"Oh, why, I can get it on the house. You see, I kind of… er… work here…" Georgia told him, the redness returning to her face.

"Why, that's all right. No need to blush, Miss Georgia. I say, we couldn't have produced such a show without the workers here at the Roaring Rumbler!"

"Oh, how kind of you… the bar is this way…" Georgia led him into the bar and took a seat, Mr. Miller taking the one next to her.

"Are you old enough to drink, Miss?"

"Why, yes! I'm twenty-one, sir!"

"Ah… you seemed so much younger! You make me feel much older than I really am!"

"Well… How old are ya, then?"

"Only thirty-five. Much older than such an angel like you." This caused Georgia to blush once again.

"You blush quite a bit, Georgia!"

"Brenna, please…"

"Why, that isn't old at all!" Georgia exclaimed. She then turned to the bar tender. "Might I have a bit of champagne for myself, and…"

"I'll take a glass of champagne as well," Mr. Miller told her as she turned to him.

"Make that two champagnes, good sir," Georgia told the man, and he left to get their drinks. He returned after what felt like moments later with their drinks.

"Here you are, Miss," said the man, and then he left to clean a few glasses. Mr. Miller raised his glass.

"A toast to the Roaring Rumbler's employees, and to the beautiful Miss Georgia Miller!" he said, and then drank. Georgia blushed once more and sipped her drink lightly.

"If you'll excuse me, I must leave," Georgia said quickly, and stood, causing Mr. Miller to stand even quicker.

"Wait, Miss! Have I come on too strongly? I'm terribly sorry! I just haven't met such a beautiful girl as you," he told her, and Georgia froze slightly.

"Mr. Miller, I appreciate that, very much. You're very kind… but I must be leaving," she said, not daring to look at him. Mr. Miller sighed.

"I see… It was wonderful meeting you, Miss Georgia, and I hope we meet again," he told her. Georgia nodded. "Might I kiss you good bye, then?" Georgia turned to him and offered her hand, which he took and kissed. "I shall hope to see you again."

"Same to you," said Georgia, keeping her eyes adverted. "Goodnight, then."

"And after that, I just left. I didn't say another word to him. I didn't even get to finish my champagne. I just kind of, left it there. I had to get out of there quickly, though… I just had to."

The girls stared at Georgia as if she were the Devil himself.

"You really said that to him? Georgia, are you mad?" Ethel exclaimed.

"That was Glenn Miller! The Glenn Miller! Of the Glenn Miller Orchestra!" exclaimed Sandy.

"You turned him down after he was so sweet to you? Georgia, who are you?" exclaimed Virginia.

"Quiet, all of you. Mr. Miller was far older than me and he did come on a bit strongly. We'd only just met…" Georgia replied in an irritated tone.

"So what if he was older than you? You would have been famous! Imagine how rich you would be," Ethel told her.

"The world isn't all about money, Ethel! Nor is it about fame! I don't love Mr. Miller and I couldn't! I'll never see him again anyway, so just forget it! Just forget it!" Georgia cried, and then ran off in tears. The other girls were silent and watched her disappear.

"Must you all be so rude?" exclaimed Bonnie, and she ran after Georgia in hopes of catching her. The girls then turned their attention to Evelyn, who looked at them with a questioning expression.

"What do you want from me?" she asked them.

"How's the relationship with Steve Walters?" asked Sandy.

"And the relationship with George Bennet?" asked Brandy.

"Oh, hush, all of you. They're only friends. And besides, I won't have much time to be either of their sweethearts after next month.

"Ah, that's right… you're going to England, aren't you? Miss soon-to-be pilot of the RAF," said Ethel.

"It's possible… I'm only going for training in Hawaii," Evelyn told them.

"And then you'll be a pilot in the RAF!" exclaimed Ethel.

"Maybe," said Evelyn. "I've only just enlisted. They haven't even sent me my uniform yet."

"Well, when it comes in, you'd better call us," said Ethel. "We have to see our little Evie all dressed up in her Air Force uniform!"

"I'm not a child anymore, Ethel," Evelyn told her.

"Oh, we're only teasing you, Evie!" exclaimed Ethel.

"Indeed," said Evelyn. "Well, you girls enjoy your day. I'd better be heading back home now."

"See you, Evie!" exclaimed Brenna.

"Bye!" exclaimed the rest of the girls as Evelyn left them. The last thing Evelyn expected when she arrived at the Broker House was Steven Walters standing right by the front door waiting for her.

"Hey, Evie!" he exclaimed, causing Evelyn to scream.

"Steven Walters! How dare you frighten me like that?" she shouted at him. Steve only laughed, causing her to turn even redder with annoyance.

"Eh, it's funny," said Steve, shrugging. Evelyn huffed, and made her way up the stairs, Steve following her. "So how's Red, Old Dominion, Liquor Girl, Beachy Peach, Ellie Bean, Chocolates, Walkie-Talkie, and Georgia! Sweet Georgia… Georgia on my Mind!" Steve was referring to Ethel, Virginia, Brandy, Sandy, Ellen, Bonnie, Brenna and Georgia in that order. He had sung his nickname for Georgia at the very end.

"They're all right, though the girls find it funny to tease poor Georgia about Mr. Miller's infatuation with her. I find it rather sweet, don't you? He wrote a song just for her!" Evelyn exclaimed as she unlocked her apartment upstairs and walked in. Steve followed her.

"Indeed it is. It's the sweetest thing I've ever heard! In fact, it's so sweet that it makes me want to puke!" Steve exclaimed. Evelyn threw a pillow from her couch at him.

"Oh, hush! You're just jealous because no one wrote a song for you!" she shouted.

"Oh, yes. Because I want Mr. Miller to write a song for me," Steve told her. He then broke out into song. "Steven! Sweet Steven… How I yearn for you! You make my knees go weak and I want to kiss you!" Evelyn laughed.

"You're ridiculous, Steven…" she muttered, walking into her kitchen.

"I might be. Will you right a song for me, dear Evie?" Steve asked, following her.

"No," Evelyn told him, opening a cabinet.

"Why not? I'll write one for you! Watch. Evie! Oh, Evie… How sweet you are! You make me want to puke and rip my hair out of my head!" Steve sang in a very off tone.

"Oh, will you hush? I feel that Georgia's been made fun of enough already," Evelyn told him.

"I wasn't making fun of Georgia, I was making fun of you," Steve replied. "So, I got my uniform in the mail today, and next week, I'm being shipped off to Hawaii for training."

"Oh? What branch?"

"The American Air Force, baby! Yeah, I'll be flying my plane waving to every hot chick I see…" Steve put on a pair of sunglasses and pulled off a very bad imitation of himself steering a wheel and waving to an invisible person. "Hey, pretty girl! How ya doin'? Call me!"

"Will you shut up already? How long are you going to be in Hawaii?" asked Evelyn, getting slightly nervous, but not showing it. She didn't need Steve to know that she had enlisted in the Air Force as well.

"Dunno. Until I finish training, probably… Then until they ship me off to wherever the hell they want me to go. Germany? Japan? God only knows. Unless they want me to join the RAF. I mean, you never know with the American Air Force," Steve told her.

"What would you be wanting to join the RAF for?" Evelyn asked him, getting even more nervous.

"To see some action, Evie! Imagine, me flying in the air over Nazi Germany for the British, shooting and killing every Nazi I see…" Steve told her.

"Those Nazis are people, too, Steven," Evelyn replied in a slightly stern tone.

"If they were people, why would they kill so many other people?" asked Steve, looking at her.

"You ask yourself that question once you've spent six months at war. You ask your father that question after he fought during the Great War. You can even ask Mr. Sherman up on the third floor after he, too, fought during the Great War. After killing so many people, would that make your father and Mr. Sherman inhuman?" Evelyn asked him. Steve went silent, trying to think of what to say next.

"You know what? Forget I said it," he told her. "Anyway, I'm off to meet my mother at the train station. See ya later, Evie!" Steve left the apartment, closing the door behind him. Evelyn sighed, wishing now that she hadn't enlisted in the Air Force.