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Summary: Claire can't remember anything past her twelfth birthday. She was a Unique, a human born with a talent that no one else has, and unwanted by others. She is taken in by Clan, the Colonies' only protectors. But when the Wall starts to crumble and They come, will she be able to stand beside here brethren and fight?


She used to have this assumption that when you were that Unique, you couldn't die. The new her would've slapped that old version, hard.

They buried him three days afterwards; that was the tradition. One day to prepare the body, one for the viewing, and one for the family to mourn. Not that he had any family. There was only her.

"No one wants us. We're different from them, not what they're used to, so they push us away."

He wasn't anyone of importance, didn't even survive a week in the Clan, so he was buried with the rest of the nobodies at the bottom of the hill, on the side that didn't face the Wall. She made sure of that, because he would've hated having to spend eternity so close to something that he despised. Besides her, the only people that showed up were the two gravediggers.

"We really are on our own."

"They're freaks!"

"-get rid of them, before the Clan comes."

The words came back. She hadn't thought of them for a long time, but now they echoed through her head, as if they had never left.

All you fault.

She had repeated them, as she watched over him, in the final hours, as his eyes lost their light, as It took him away from her, and now as the last clump of dirt on his grave.

Someone roughly shoved her forward and she nearly stumbled as she approached the head stone. He was a nobody, so a Priest wasn't required to come. She, who didn't even have a rank in the Clan, had to do the sendoff.

All your fault.

She didn't cry, as she spoke words that she wouldn't remember later on. In fact, that's what started this mess in the first place. Why of all people, did it have to be her?

"That's why they left. They were tired of having a daughter who was a disgrace."

The others were gone, there was no reason to linger when they got their money and a warm meal from their families was waiting for them at home. But she stayed, sitting on the brittle grass, face upturned to the gray sky.

He used to say that it was just them against the rest, as corny as it sounded. They were kids who thought they were invincible, who could only rely on each other. Those words used to give her comfort in the darker days, but now they mocked her.

It was just her now, her against a million. There was no one to comfort her or to protect her, because the one person who actually cared was now buried six feet under. And it was truly her fault this time.

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