Battle of Zachariah Hills

The nineteen year old Zachary Generals were in the encampment the anti-leaf and anti-Zachary forces had attacked the local area for weeks now the King Zachary the First had sent his soldiers to meet the enemy. Nineteen year old Zachary von Slack who had just celebrated his nineteenth birthday and was now sent with the other Zachary's to defend the area. The Zachary Empire may have found the Age of Industry however warfare was the same five through ten year old Zachary's forming the first line of defense many were levies and Zachary's who villages were burnt to the ground. Zachary von Ericson declared that the cannons should be fired first as it would thin their numbers Zachary von Ericson was a master at artillery and it seemed only fair that the King stationed him as the Cannon General of the 67th hellfire cannon brigade. While Zachariah von Stack was a master of hit-and-run warfare he stationed his mule rider regiments who were fast and agile and the riders who carried flintlock pistol's and the champion's carried repeater pistols which fired eight rounds until it had to be reloaded by hand. Zachary von Slack was given the task he personally requested which was the task of leading the 78th five-year old rifle dogs regiment many nineteen year old Zachary's praised von Slack out of thanks and relieve since many nineteen year old Zachary's despised leading fire year old Zachary's. Zachariah von Stack personally gave Zachary von Slack five barrels of his finest tea in thanks since he took the biggest task " I don't know if you know this but this battle will be won by your five year old regiments" Von Slack knew what Zachariah von Stack was talking about time and time again battle after battle wars and battle's were won by the brave action's of the five year old Zachary's. Zachary von Slack saw his regiment they were disorganized and many of them were covered in dirt all of them looked pathetic looking they all stopped what they were doing and stared at him. "Everyone of you start shooting the targets NOW" Zachary von Slacked barked and everyone of those five-hundred five year old Zachary's listened they began to place the gunpowder in their rifle's many took to long to load and those that loaded fast were poor-shots. Zachary#3004 place his rifle in place and fired the bullet hit the straw dummies side "STOP" Barked Zachary von Slack "You five year old name and number now" "Zachary#3004 sir" He tried to speak loudly but the nineteen year old Zachary was causing him to cower in fear he had been treated badly like all five year old Zachary's however this Zachary seemed like he would shoot you out of spite. Zachary#3004 closed his eyes as he saw the older Zachary reach for something in his pockets "This is it" he thought to himself. He then felt a pin and looked at his left shoulder which had a red ribbon "Congratulation five year old Zachary champion" Zachary#3004 was trying his best not to cry to become a champion meant he was going to be mentioned when scholars wrote about this battle as the older Zachary's second in command. The battle was taking place the anti-leaf and anti-Zachary's were poor shots however the Zachary Empire were no better Zachary von Stack and his 48th Mule Riders Shock regiment continued to harass the anti-Zachary's his soldiers shooting them down by the dozen's then getting out of their sight range they were veterans all of them seventeen through nineteen everyone of their shots hitting home. Zachary von Stack laughed as his bullet hit a Anti-Zachary champion in the head the other Anti-Zachary's around him began to panic "Tea for all you rotten dogs who survive this battle" roared Zachary von Stack his regiment shouted their cheer at their leaders offer. Zachary von Ericson laughed though the army was mainly five year old Zachary under von Slack regiment they were doing their part huddled along a thick wood barrier protecting them when their rounds were up Von Ericson watched as they did volley after volley then ducked under the barrier to reload. Von Ericson sat on his exquisite chair and order the seven year old Zachary's to fire the cannon's at a desired spot he gave the exact coordinates. The cannon fired killing a troll it belly blasted wide open Zachary von Ericson laughed and lifted his porcelain cup and sipped the warm tea the eight year old Zachary laughed for the younger Zachary's laughed at him his flashy red coat and wig he even wore make-up. Yet they admire his direction for every cannon hit either major enemies such as trolls or elite units. Suddenly Zachary von Ericson threw his put his cup of tea down and fired his pistol hitting a almost invisible target "Assassins listen up men protect the cannons for king Zachariah" despite his attire Zachary von Ericson was commanding and everyone listened to him. The blood leaf assassin screeched like banshee's one pierced through a eight year old Zachary's uniform one rushed at Zachary von Ericson he kneed the blood leaf in the gut than ran his cutlass In the blood leaf's neck then shot her in the head he cursed as more came. Zachary von Slack saw the chaos up the hill he thank von Ericson for giving his troops the lower hills and he took the upper hills however he saw the chaos above and ordered Zachary#3004 to lead a small team to defend them. Zachary von Stack fired his pistol at a dieing troll he laughed the battle was going well however as he looked up he saw the cannon unit was under attack he sighed in relief as he saw a score of at least fifty five year old charging up the hill the assassin seemed to notice to late and before they could attack the combined forces of Von Ericson, the eight year old cannon crew, and the rescuing five year old Zachary's made quick work of the assassin. "Retreat my brethren into the forest" said the Anti-Zachary leader however they were oblivious to the skirmisher unit that lied in wait the 23rd Yeomen unit under the command of Zachary the Crovian (b word) the militia leader waited the entire battle to act as a second line of defense ambushing the back of the lines if the defenders were losing or the job they were doing right now routing the fleeing enemy. Zachary the Crovian was nineteen however he wasn't a noble Zachary and he didn't mind that the nobles wore fruity uniforms wigs and make-up he didn't mind having four teeth missing and the other teeth rotten to the core, he also lost his left eye and wore a bandage over the missing eye as both intimidation and respect since the militia unit respected a leader with the scars of battle. The anti-leafs and anti-Zachary realized to late as they were routed by the 23rd yeomen unit Zachary the Crovian dug his rusty cutlass into the gut of a insanity leaf a shot a anti-Zachary in the head. The battle was won with only four-hundred wounded and thirty dead. They won and lost little do to the fact that they had the higher ground and the enemy had to charge while both the 23rd yeomen unit and the Mule riders stay on the low-ground mastering the art of hit and run as well as staying invisible to the attackers. The king honored everyone the day was there's.