Chapter 1: One eyed wolf

It was cold. There wasn't a single day the warmth peaked its cheerful face on that house. I remember being so sick of my horrible boring life. I remember sitting in my dark undusted living room on the shitty couch we had, waiting for a change .Being so naive at the time, I didn't even know what that change was or even how big it had to be. In the 90's technology wasn't nearly as advanced as the present so this lack of technology made my days seem to last hours later then they should. Also, being very poor at the time restricted me from a lot of activities which would have helped with my boredom.

The house I was living in was like an old man on his last dying days. Anything and everything was wrong with it. It was completely weathered and broken down. The damn thing did not have an air conditioner system and no heating unless we relied on the furnace near the kitchen. It was a dark place. At night you would look out of the cold delicate window to see white skinny trees, and beyond that cold darkness. The darkness of that house always frightened me. It gave me a very empty feeling knowing that beyond that tiny shitty house, there was no other house for miles and miles. The house itself was a shitty shade of white. It had five bedrooms. Every bedroom was fairly large and each with one window in each room that looked into the darkness. A little chicken coop rested in a spot in the back of the house.

The house over looked the Town. The town was small with each house spreading miles apart from each other. Most of the people in this town were also very poor like me. A lot of Ranches and Farms fought to keep the town alive while everyone one else pissed away the little money they did have left on "good times".

It was getting late in the night and I remember I was taking care of the dishes while my brother was doing something in his room. His room sat at the end of the dark murky hallway. The hallway was dark and only had a little tiny light night in the middle of this hallway which was a piece of shit. It would flicker on and off at random times, mostly when you are trying to take a piss late at night half asleep.

A hard knock rang from the front door.

I looked out of my blinds to see an old shitty truck. I think a three legged, one testicle looking hillbilly might even debate wanting to drive the POS. I looked through the peep hole to see who rang and all I saw was grey. It was like a mummy's asshole hair.

"Hello?" I said politely as I opened the door.

"You must be James!"

Short. She was very, very short. Her long grey hair ran all the ways to her tiny little belt buckle that had a wolf head on the front. One of the wolf's eyes was completely blacked out. Looked like a wolf that was about ready to go bang a bunch of wolf hookers on the seven seas.

"Yes." I mumbled looking at her astonished and confused. "Who are you?"

"I am your Aunt Melissa dear; I know you mother very well" she said with a giggle. She then showed me a picture of her and my mother on the beach in some remote area.

"May I come in dear? I am supposed to be meeting your mother in town tomorrow and she said that it would be ok if I could stop by you and your brother's place for the night?"

Of course my mother would say something like that. I wish she would have considered telling me before she invited a stranger into my house.

"Sure come on in!" I said Bitterly.

She stumbled in with two very large worn down fuzzy suitcases. The really cheap ones you could buy at the thrift store for like two dollars. They reeked of a very bitter smell and looked full of dust. MY brother came out of his room and through the hallway to see her standing there. I remember him giving me this look of WTF is going on here.

"I tied Ralph to one of your fences if that's ok with you" she said.

Ralph? Who the fuck is Ralph? I looked out the window to see this large wolf tied to my tiny ass gate. The wolf didn't seem to be a wolf that belonged as a pet. This thing looks like it would rip my heart out. Although it would hard to see him under my house light, I could tell this thing didn't look very nice.

"Um, ok" I said while looking at my brother in confusion. "Well the extra bedroom is the second door on the right down the hallway. I think I am going to head off to bed if you need anything just let me or my brother know."

My brother and I walked down the hallway to our room. I remember feeling her eyes just staring at the back of our heads as we walked.

"Dude who the fuck is she?" He whispered to me.

"A Relative or something. She will leave in the morning. Goodnight. "I tried to seem confident in my decision to try and make him feel more comfortable with the decision of me letting her in. I didn't want him to be as nervous about it as I was. After all it's a friend of our Mother.

I woke up very late that night. I got up out of bed and through on a shirt. As I walked out of my door through the hallway to the restroom I noticed Melissa's light was still on. I heard her talking to someone but had no idea who the fuck it was. At the time there were no cell phones, so it couldn't have been anyone that wasn't in the room.

Knock, knock. "Is Everything alright in there Melissa?" I said with a little shake in my voice.

No reply. What the fuck? I remember thinking fuck it and just went to take a piss and went back to bed. That wasn't the worst idea of the night but it definitely wasn't the best.

"No!" Melissa scream rang through my house. I looked up at the clock; it was still late into the night, only about an hour after I go up to use the restroom. I stumbled up out of bed as quickly as I could to go see what the fuck she was screaming about.

I swung open my door. As I looked down the hallway I tried to make out what was going on. The next thing I saw almost made me shit myself. It was Melissa starring at the floor. All you could see is her long grey hair covering her face. Next to her was the wolf, growling and showing his teeth at me. I couldn't quite see everything so I reached for the hall light.

"What the fuck is going on!" My brother said scared shit-less.

As I got a closer look, Melissa had seemed to piss herself. The puddle was getting larger and larger as we stood and watched her.