Across the sky an airplane soars,
Gut twisting,
Eyes stinging,
Mesmerized by the sudden emotion this aircraft delivered,
I stood outside disregarding the words shouted from the warmth inside,
As my sight fixed on something else of a greater importance,
Than the pneumonia I was threatened of catching.

I stood there awhile,
Long after the plane passed over our sad little town.
Who was on that plane?
I wondered idly, if only an excuse not to re enter my house.
Is there some melancholy fool hovering on his front lawn,
Reminiscing what was lost?

The poor man's heart was probably ripped out of him,
Exposed and raw,
Left to the cruel world to do with it as they may.
He wasn't able to turn away,
To stop himself before he fell into what would be a most ruthless fall.
Into the dark and deep pits of teen angst.

A bitter laugh bubbled to my lips.
Was all this was, teen angst?
The crazed hormones of a young boy?
It was more, beyond what they say. Beyond what they could think.
It was devouring, traumatizing, relentless and sadistic.
While at the same time, it was angelic, beautiful and more than words can explain.
And we hadn't even had sex yet.

A shiver ran up my spine and common sense soon kicked in.
Walking up the driveway, I rolled my eyes at my friends antics.
Lecturing me as if I was eight again, leaving the house without a coat.
I nodded at the right places, smiled when needed but I couldn't stop the flickers,
Of curly blond hair and flashing blue eyes.