BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP! I bolted right up out of bed. I quickly clutched my side and felt the smooth skin above my hip. My breathing becomes normal as the pain recedes. Looking over at my clock, which was still Beeping, it was 7:15. CRAP! I'm late! I quickly jump up ignoring the pain around my stomach from my sudden movement and pull on a big T shirt and my skinny jeans. I'm searching through the closet while brushing my rough tangled hair. My fingertips felt soft, smooth leather in the heaping pile of shoes and I pulled out my favorite pair of boots. I took a quickly glance in my full-length mirror on my door before heading out the door. My long black hair was still a mess so I pulled it up into a bun and put a flower clip in it and my green eyes were still red from crying last night. I quickly opened my door and ran down the stairs and out the front door only stopping to grab my jacket, backpack, and keys to my beat-up truck.

I quickly hurried down the almost empty hallways of Wirt County High School. Quickly, rushing to the science and math wing to get to class before the bell rings, I just make it to my seat and sit down when Ms. S calls attention to the ninth grade physical science honors class. It was as if time was flying by, all I was able to do was sit and stare; I couldn't hear what anyone was saying. I didn't even notice when my phone vibrated in my pocket. As soon as the bell rang I gathered my bag and was in halfway down the hallway before it started to get crowded. I could feel Jamie's pissed off look even before I rounded the corner to her locker. As soon as she saw me she slammed the locker and started walking without me. What was her problem? My phone vibrated again as I entered the World History class room. Quickly pulling it out of my pocket, my message icon is red with the number twenty in the upper right-hand corner. I didn't have to check the messages to know they were all from Jamie. She's probably pissed I didn't walk with her to class this morning but she will get over it. Quickly reading through all the messages it seems like Jamie thinks I'm ignoring her and the messages just more annoyed as you go down. I hit the new message button and start typing, Srry, woke up late & barely made it 2 class. I'm sorry plz don't b mad me. And then the bell rang. Mr. Goff walked in just as I was putting away my phone. Today the twenty-eight year old teacher was wearing an all-black outfit, he had a black dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, like always, a long slim black tie, black dress pants, and to complete his outfit his black dress shoes and ID badge. His face needed shaved cause his stubble was getting to be longer than the hair on his head, which was cut the other day. There was always a race to turn on the projector and the lights off in my class and sometimes it results in injures of students. Pointing to the quote of the day Mr. Goff starts reading.

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." And that's when my phone started vibrating non-stop.