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Chapter Two:

My Effin Life

"The Greatest thing you will ever do in life is be

yourself in everything you do"~Zinnia Ojanpera-Lynch


A few days earlier

I take a look around the small apartment making sure I got everything. This place has to look like someone was never living here for the past two weeks while the family was on vacation. Taking even special care to take out all my garbage to the dumpster behind the building, I do one last round of the small two bedrooms, one bath, with a small living room and kitchen looking for even the smallest of dirt on the floor or misplacement of fridge items. It's been like this since I was twelve, breaking into people's home while their away to keep myself off the street. I don't take anything but I don't leave anything either except the occasional sock or loose change that people think they left like that when they come back days or weeks later from vacations, business trips, or any other trips. I don't always get to sleep with a roof over my head, most of the time I'm sleeping in an alley or in the park.

"Who are you?" The man practically screamed at me, crap I was so wrapped up in my thoughts I didn't notice the family come in!

"Hi, I thought this is where my parent's said to wait for them, we are moving and they sent me ahead to unlock and turn the lights on and everything, I thought I had the right place until I looked in the rooms and saw your stuff. I'm very sorry; I'll be out of your way." I quickly look down embarrassed and head toward the front door to try to make my exit but the man already got a good look at my face.

"Hold it right there. You're that kid from that rich family across the country; I recognize your face from all the news stations flashing it saying there would be a reward for whoever had information about where you were. I'm calling the cops right now!" He talked as he flipped on the TV and grabbed the phone.

True enough my picture from years back was in the corner with a number to call. The man was punching in the number and it starting dialing but I didn't stay to hear who would pick up because I ran out the door. The man went as far as the door to try to stop me from going but when I started to head down the stairs he shouted for me to stop but didn't follow. I ran down five flights and down a hallway to the back exit. Pushing open the door I run. And I just keep running till I can't run anymore. I don't care which way I'm running, I just want to get as far away from that place as possible.

Finally, my legs can't bring one step further and I just collapse on the ground. Sitting there out of breathe, I look at my surroundings. I'm in the middle of what one would call the industrial park if you were in a city. Two big factories around me, both of them are probably abandoned by the way the door and window look like nobody has touched them in quite a few years. Perfect, if I could find a way in maybe I won't have to break into people's homes. It does not matter as long as I have a roof over my head I'll be fine. When I could finally breathe normally I picked myself up from the cool concrete. It is a good thing that I don't have to worry about registering myself for school tomorrow. I found a loose window that I was able to jimmy open enough to squeeze through. It was still light out but I didn't care because I have to wake up and get myself read for another year of high school.

The alarm on my IPhone went off at 5:30 but I couldn't stand lying on the hard floor any longer. Packing up my things, I hide my duffel bag behind the water heater in the corner of what looks to be the maintenance room. Picking up my back pack which had a few notebooks, a binder, and some pens and pencils I headed off for the nearest gas station for break feast. After about a half an hour, I ended up walking down what the sign said was Route 14 and ended up at the local Exon. Quickly finding the bathroom along the short hallway next to the small subway, I enter and then lock the door. After about ten minutes scrubbing my face, neck, and arms I went to cleaning my hair.

It was about 6:30 when I finished in the bathroom. I grabbed a twenty from my front pocket full of cash (that I took before I left that hellhole) and grabbed a mountain dew and a honey bun. The cashier took his sweet time getting my change so I looked out the doors. Across the street was a white building with a read roof that had a sign that said "Dick's Market", next to that was a small office building. Well, I guess a walk around town will kill both time and let me get to know my surroundings, so why not? It's not like my life is gonna get any better so I better enjoy what I have, in this little town of Elizabeth, West Virginia.