I take the blame

For everything

Yes, shame on me

For thinking I was free

But for sake of love

This is enough!

Set me free,

Just let me be!

Don't you know I'm sorry?

Sorry that all I've done

Is caused you more and more


Doesn't my apology mean anything to you?

Don't you understand?

I don't want your stinkin' hand!

I just need you to be a man!

So set me free!

Just let me be!

Don't you know how bad I already feel?

There's not a second of the day

That I don't wish this nightmare weren't real!

I'm sorry that I was so wrong,

But I was just so young…

Back in those days a fairytale didn't sound so bad

And I definitely didn't know that a tragedy

Could be this sad…

So I'm sorry.

And you don't have to worry

About me anymore

I'm fine

But just give me peace at mind.

Darling let me be!


Just set me free!