I slowly crept towards the strange blood red door, which creaked open as if it sensed my arrival. Instead of trusting my instincts and fleeing as fast as I possibly could, I padded in through the door and around the corner. My feet itched, ready to take me away, to speed out that doorway as fast as I could race.

All I saw in the dusty underused room was an old wooden bed frame and a beat up looking mattress atop a floor where the roots of a tree had started to grow through the rotting wood panels that wrapped around the bottom of the crumbling brick.

I walked into the next room, which led me right to the foot of a stairwell. Cautiously I made my way up the steps to find a solid brick wall. At first, through human eyes it looked like an ordinary wall of bricks, but then I saw it had a small marking on one of the uppermost bricks, while using my eyes. Even when I thought that, it made no sense whatsoever.

I stood on my tiptoes pushing my hands against the outer edge of the strange brick. Nothing happened although I pushed with all my strength...

Now I tried matching my palm against the mark. To my surprise it slid into the carved crevice and fit perfectly like it was made for me alone. As my finger tips slipped into the correct places the bricks started to crumble and they crashed to my feet with a ton of assorted smashing noises.

Opening my eyes, I saw that the brick wall had transformed into a narrow archway. I nervously stepped through into the black, cold darkness, and down the deep musty hallway, I crept through softly. My feet felt like blocks of ice on the stone cold ground, though I was wearing shoes.

A small spot of light suddenly shone in my sapphire eyes. I squinted to block the piercing light, my pupils shrank to the size of a pin tip.

My mind raced searching for the answers. What was mysterious light? Am I one step closer to solving this riddle? I thought.

I continued walking through this odd corridor and found my skin feeling suddenly colder. I froze in my tracks, not knowing what was the matter. I held my breath hoping to hear a noise in the background, and I did, a faint crackle echoed through the tunnel.

A splitting sensation happened beneath my shaking legs.

Ice separated my shivering feet. I gripped the slippery surface with my hands, trying to pull the frozen blocks of water back together again and wobbling dangerously since I was bending over.

The ice started spreading apart faster, straining the tendons and muscles in my chest.

My fingers slid slowly towards me. I gasped as I fell through, I gasped again as I fell through to the icy black water.

I swung my right hand so I now clung tightly to the chunk of ice. I hoisted myself up, and started sprinting back off across the frozen lake.

When I was off the ice and back to the still cold stone floor. I noticed yet again a brick wall with the hand mark upon uppermost brick, this time knowing what to do.

I, for the second time, stood up as high as I could, and slipped my hand into the mark which made the wall crumble into an archway.

I walked along this pathway until I felt the same cold sensation. This time I kept walking hoping the ice would stay in one piece.

Towards the center of the lake the ice split violently, tossing me into the air. I landed with a large splash, as I flailed into the black water.

I desperately swam for the surface, but the honey thick water seemed to drag me down to it's dark depths.

My arms worked furiously, although I was only wasting energy.

Once I realized I was tired enough to pass out I stopped and started drifting down, my lungs screaming in protest.

Just when I thought my heart or lungs or any other important internal organ would explode from lack of oxygen, I took in a breath of the hone like water, which was surprisingly just like air.

I hungrily gulped down the air-water and looked down. To my relief I could see the bottom.

I floated along until I was about two arm lengths away from the sandy ground, then I suddenly stopped.

"Hmmmm... I wond... ", I sucked in my breath mid sentence as I plummeted to hit the bottom with an explosion of bubbles.

As I drifted in and out of unconsciousness, I thought, Do I smell bacon? Now that was odd bacon... had nothing to do with any of this.