Stranger from the lands I have never reached, bright fabric covers all that you keep.

The fire burns as agony rises, I hope you know where to find it.

Stranger that has come to meet me, I am no solider of the night; I cannot help you with this fight.

You saved me from a deadly match; I now know all the facts.

Stranger familiar with my past, I no longer wear a broken cast, you have lost me in your strange grasp.

The water you gave me cured my sins, my lies runaway as I learn to give.

I tell you secrets, I have no fear, a stranger you are in the clear.

You are nameless, you share no blame, you wear a mask that has no shame.

One day I to will be a stranger, a foreigner to the life I had to struggle through,

And when that day comes I will finally learn how to become a warrior just like you.