I just want to warn that this is not a major project. I am only 13 yrs old, therefore this info is strictly from internet research and such. I am a straight A student also so no I have never done any of the things mentioned in this story. Most of the info comes from the book Willow itself.

"Breakfasts, ready," My Mother called. I was just finishing the process. The process is the three steps for when I cut. Cut, clean, check. I don't understand why people are always making a big deal about cutting. You get a cut, it could be from anywhere, accidental even.

I grabbed my backpack and walked down the stairs, I grabbed a piece of the toast from the counter and called, "Bye Mom," I was about to walk out but she yanked on my arm, which was still relitively sore from getting cleaned.

"Sarah, missy, what are you doing wearing a long sleeve shirt in 99 degree weather?"

"Mom our teachers keep it cold, you know that," I whined.

"Fine, but you are going to wear a short sleeve shirt to your brothers birthday party at the picnic today, okay?" She warned.

I nodded and got out of the house. If you asked her she would say I walked to school everyday, no way. I walk to the corner of the street, far out of her sight, then listen to my I-pod, which according to my mother I don't take to school, while waiting for my boyfriend, that my Mother does not know I have, to come pick me up.

We haven't been on the best speaking terms since she kicked my father out last month. I turn seventeen next month, so so close to having a life of my own. While waiting for Ben to come and pick me up I push up my sleeves. This mornings cut isn't bad, but none of them are. I am not idiot, I make straight A's for crying out loud. They look like cat scratchs. The one from yesterday is almost healed. they only take about one day to turn into pinkish marks, yet they take at least a month to go away.

"You going to get in or not," Ben asked, snapping me out of my thoughts. I was careful to make sure he didn't see the cuts as U pulled my sleeve down.

"Hey," I breathed kissing him on the cheek. I sniffed, wow, I loved that smell. He got new American Eagle cologne. Ben was clean cut. He wore ironed shirts, which he had ironed. He wore american eagle jeans, not skinny jeans. And most of all he didn't do anything bad, no drinking or smoking. He planned to go to law school and most of the time he is what kept me from falling apart.

He smiled, but I wasn't pay attention. I wish I could be like him. I can't be ever. His life had been easy. Two close to perfect parents, both with good jobs, and they both have at least a masters degree. Mine nope not like that not even close. I tried my first beer when I was 12. I smoked a cigrette at the age of 8. Of course now I regret. I have done worse than that too, but we won't get into that.

I don't know where this is going, but it is going to be different than my other stuff. I got the idea from Willow, a really good book, by Julia Hoban. I would recommend the book to anyone. Definetly people who cut, or used to, people who lost a realitive in a car wreck. Or people that are sad about a family member dying. It is amazing check it out. This is just like Destiny, completly making it up as I go along, if anyone had ideas then review them