"So how long have you been self-inflicting?" The lady in the leather chair asked.

"Um cutting, you mean, about six weeks."

"Okay have you done anything else in your past that could be potentially harmful?"

"Lady, look do you know who you are talking too, I think I have done about everything except, no wait my Mom made me do that once."

"What did your Mom make you do that could be hurtful?" She asked.

"Not my now Mother. One of my past Mothers. Chick ya see I got a really jacked up past. It was okay until Mom kicked Dad out, now everything sucks again. I know cutting is dangerous, it could kill you. I know all of this crap so why the heck am I here. You want me to quit, I'll quit. My now mom didn't ask me to quit. She told me we needed to find out what was "wrong" with me. I thought this life might actually be okay. I got a house and my Mom isn't a drug dealer this time, but no instead she thinks something is wrong with me. Instead of confronting me and asking me why she takes me to a shrink because she has to go speed dating. And when she mets one of those guys she likes, she'll take one home. Then she won't be here to pick me up and I'll have to wait and wait and finally when I give up hope at about 9pm I'll call Ben, my boyfriend, to come take me home. I'll find Mom and this guy on the couch or hear them from her room. Or worse I'll find a note and she won't be back till the next day. Either way you flip its horrible."

"Well Lorien I am glad you opened up a bit."

"Call me Lori, or call me nothing."

"Alright Lori, where in your past do you want to start."

"I don't want to start. I want to go home."

"Look I know it is hard, but you need to talk to me about it."

"How about if I don't cut at all until next time I come and see you or the week after that or the weeks after that or ever again then i don't have to come back. I could be doing homwork, listening to music, having a be- no having a coke and making ou- making another bird house," I said changing some of my words.

"I am sorry but you need to come back so we can get to the root of your problem."

"No Thanks, hey look at the time. I'm out of here."

Of course I was right. It was nine when I called Ben to come and get me. Here was there in ten minutes even though it is a twenty minute drive.

"Thanks," I said pecking his nose.

"Your welcome. Next Tuesday we have a football game in Hattisville about four hours from here. If the game is over at seven I won't be able to come pick you up."

"It's cool. I'm not going back."

"I think you might should," he said," you really need to know the problem."

"Its just she wanted me to talk about my past. I can't talk about my past without a lawyer in the room."

"It can't be that bad."

"It is," I said shivering form the memories.

"How about every Saturday, Friday, or Sunday you come over and we talk about it. Would it make you more comfortable then telling a stranger."

"Yeah, sure, but I wouldn't be taking up too much of your time, would I?"

"Of course not," He smiled, "I want to help you."

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