'Til Death Us Do Part, 'Til Paradise Do Us Reunite By Jacor

The young, ocher pelted wolf stopped in her tracks. She put her muzzle to the air. She was sure that she had picked up a familiar scent in the-there it was again! Without the shadow of a doubt, it was him!

"Alright Tawer, enough is enough." she said as she turned around. "Come out of there, I know you're here."

There was no response save the rustling of the leaves. She was sure she had picked up his scent. Way too sure to give up. "Tawer, it's the middle of the night in an unknown forest. It's best for both of us if you come out before-"

The bushes in front of her rustled harder. A few seconds later, a tan wolf with a messy coat came out looking rather embarrassed.

The female wolf squinted her golden eyes suspiciously, "What are YOU doing here Tawer? We're miles away from the pack lands. Why did you come here?" Tawer sat down on his haunches and made circles in the dirt with his paw. "Answer me!"

Tawer winced. "Chrold, not so loud. You'll end up attracting others and-"

"Get us killed?" Chrold huffed. "I'm sure I can handle myself, thank you very much. You however…" Chrold glared at Tawer, causing him to bow his head lower, "Why are YOU here? Don't you know how dangerous it is?" Tawer didn't respond. "You do know why there are no wolves here right? This is bear country. Have you ever seen a bear? They'll do worse to you than what the biggest elk can with its hooves."

"Then why are you here Chrold?" Tawer asked. Chrold, who was about to continue berating the younger wolf, closed her mouth and sat down. "Why did you leave Chrold?"

There was a brief silence in the air. "Tawer, why I left is none of your business."

"Then why do you want to know why I'm here?"

"Well, maybe because I know that you've been stalking me like prey for the past 2 days? I think I deserve an answer."

Tawer stopped making circles and smoothed out the dirt. "Chrold, I was worried about you. I had to follow you."


"I don't know."

"Yes you do and you're not telling me." Tawer remained silent.

Chrold gave an exasperated sigh. "Whatever, c'mon Tawer. I'll escort you back." She stood up and walked past Tawer. After a few steps, she stopped to look behind her. Tawer's silver eyes were looking right back.

"Chrold, why?"

"Why what?" she snapped.

"Why did you leave? Without telling anyone too?"

"It doesn't matter Tawer. I'm old enough to make my decisions and I've decided out of the goodness of my heart to escort you back to the pack lands so stop stalling and get moving!" she snarled. Tawer didn't budge.

"Alright, fine. We'll sleep for a while. Now stay here while I go look for berries." Tawer lay down. Chrold stared at him for a few seconds before heading off.

"The nerve." she muttered after she had walked some steps away. She put her nose to the ground. She remembered seeing a berry bush somewhere around here…

When she got back with a few branches in her mouth, she found Tawer sitting down, staring at the sky while muttering something under his breath. She walked in front of him, startling him slightly, and dropped the branches of berries in front of him. "Eat up." She commanded as she sat in front of him.

"What about you?" Tawer asked.

"I already ate while at the bush."

Tawer opened his mouth to protest. A glare from Chrold quickly changed his mind and he opened his mouth to eat instead.

Once finished, he licked his lips and whispered his thanks. Chrold didn't respond.


"Go to sleep, I'll keep watch and wake you up when it's your turn." She said as she turned her back to him, wiggling her tail distractingly in front of Tawer.

Tawer lay down. "Chrold?"

"What?" she barked without turning around.

Tawer hesitated. "Why did you leave?"

Chrold tilted her head back and groaned softly. There was a brief silence. "Have you seen the newborn litter?" she finally asked.

"Yes, I really liked the ocher pelte-" Tawer stopped himself, earning a backwards glance from Chrold. Tawer twitched his ear and wiggled his nose nervously.

"Did you see how many there were?" Chrold asked.

Tawer stopped to think. "There were like 8 or 9 or-"

"A lot of them." Chrold interrupted. "Have you ever thought about how we would feed them all?"

Tawer was silent for a few seconds. "You didn't have to leave though…" Tawer muttered.

"Perhaps," Chrold admitted, "but I wanted to…go off…"

"Go off where?" Tawer asked.

Chrold's tail stopped. "I…I just wanted to go and…start my own pack." she muttered.

Tawer's heart sank. "So you're…erm…going to meet someone?" he asked carefully.

Chrold was silent for a few seconds. "Perhaps." she said.

"Oh." Tawer said as he bit back a whine of distress. "Who?" he asked more so to keep the conversation going than out of curiosity.

"I don't know." Chrold replied. "Only time will tell."

Tawer pricked his ears excitedly and just as quickly lowered them. "So you're just going to wander around until you find someone?"

"You ask like it matters to you." Chrold said while glancing back at Tawer. Tawer averted his eyes. Chrold faced forward and began wiggling her tail again.

"You know Chrold, you did say it was going to be dangerous." Tawer said. Chrold didn't reply. "Would you like me to accompany you?" he asked.

Chrold stopped wiggling her tail. A long silence followed. "Tawer, if you have something to say, just say it now."

Tawer flattened his ears. He had gone too far! He had no idea what to say now. Should he, or should he not? He was just a lowly omega and she was so much better than him! There was no chance that she would…no…he shouldn't say it. Maybe that wasn't what she meant. Maybe he was taking her words out of context. Tawer took a deep breath and closed his eyes. "Iloveyou." Tawer muttered.

The silence that followed was long and painful. Tawer felt Chrold shift from her position. Probably to leave him, he thought. Just as he was about to open his eyes he felt a cool tongue rub between his eyes. He shut his eyes tighter. After a while, he opened one, and then both, and saw Chrold facing him with a smirk. "Now that wasn't so bad, was it?"

Tawer averted his eyes as all his blood rushed to his face. Chrold's tongue felt like ice against it.

Your fur tastes like dirt." Chrold said with a grimace.

"Sorry…" Tawer muttered and sat up to hastily clean himself.

"You missed a spot." Chrold said as she licked the top of his head.

"How-how long have you known?" Tawer asked.

Chrold sat down and paused to think. "Do you remember that time we all went to the lake and you kept bringing me everything that you could find?" she asked.

Tawer's face lit on fire again. "That long?" he asked.

Chorld giggled, which surprised Tawer, "I found it quite cute." She said with a smirk.

Tawer averted his eyes and focused on cleaning his foreleg. He cursed himself for not hiding his feelings better.

"Tawer," he looked up. "You should sleep, that way we can start moving sooner." Chrold said.

"Erm, sure." he said. He crouched and licked Chrold's muzzle, causing her to wiggle her muzzle in surprise. He laid down just as she turned her back to him. Tawer was about to close his eyes when he heard a soft growl. "What was that?!" he whispered.

"Erm…nothing, just go to sleep!" Chrold snapped as she hunched over slightly.

Tawer wiggled his muzzle. "You never ate, did you?" he asked.

"Shuddup…" she muttered. Tawer knew better than to pursue the matter.

"Where are we going to go Chrold? Back to the pack?" he asked.

"No, definitely not anymore Tawer." she whispered. "We're going somewhere else now."


Chrold was silent for a while. "I'm not sure…" she finally admitted.

Tawer yawned and closed his eyes. "You'll figure it out Chrold." he muttered sleepily. Within minutes, Tawer was fast asleep.

Chrold glanced back at Tawer and smiled warmly. "Ah Tawer, took you long enough to finally claim the heart that you had stolen moons ago you silly pup." She giggled and looked up. The trees overhead blocked the view of the moon. It seems that her wish had been answered at the last possible minute. She sighed contently, " 'Together we shall be, / Companions and lovers, / 'til death us do part, / For but a brief moment, / 'til Paradise do us reunite / Once more in the Eternal Realm of Spirits and Souls / For the rest of Time.' "

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