here is my essay R&R

Sitting on a swing the air blew threw her beautiful long brown hair, Arianna Benson felt like a bird that soared just above her in the blue sky. She couldn't believe what new stories they had to read for class. They weren't like the rest of the stories in her text book; those other stories were just not to her taste. These two stories opened up new adventures that not everyone can travel.

Arianna was astonished especially with the books of Tracey Pederson, the Alaskan series. There the poor woman of her twenties Linda Grey is determined to leave her only home, after her old abusive husband is tragically killed in an carriage accident with her father. Been forced into marriage as a sixteen year old, Linda Gray is left with step children that are a lot older then her… The story goes on how she moved from Kansas to Sitka, Alaska .left with her family fortune and the fortune of her late husband, her step children seek her to get the money of their father that they say she robbed them of… The part that triggered Arianna emotions was when charming young Kjell caught Linda when she fainted on the docks upon her arrival.

Arianna's second favorite story was about Romeo and Juliet she loved how they were so in love with each other that no one could stand in their way! Not even their parents! She didn't get why they had to be so stubborn, Arianna once asked her parents about it, they said that it just sometimes happens that way. The patents are too stubborn to see that they were wrong, and they get so caught up in self pity that they cease to notice anyone else's needs. Her parents were right with that because the tragic ending that happened with Romeo and Juliet only served them to remember that they were not the only human being and that they should forgive each other!

Looking at the stories Arianna saw that they were totally different. The only thing that served as a similarity between the two stories was that they both included everlasting love between some people. They also included those that wonted to make some people suffer because of their own selfishness. The differences were that lindys life still ended close to a happy ending even if they had trial in there lives. On other hand the story with Romeo and Juliet ever-so- how romantic it was it end it a horrible tragedy and peace between enemies.

Finishing with her thought Arianna Benson remembers a contrast and comparison paper due on Monday. Jumping off the swing she ran half walked to the cabin as her long beautiful brown curls tossing from side to side, with the sun set just behind her, Arianna just thought she should put down her thoughts before she lost them and yet she wished she could watch the wonderful august sunset that was rolling ever slowly behind the Alaskan hills of Sitka.