Dreaming of Dreams

Away I went

From the place I knew

And all the people I loved

To start a new life

And to make something of myself.

There is nothing here,

That will give me fame,

No fortune here

Because no one wants to stay.

It's finally time for me to go

And start a new life

I am eighteen now

And it's finally time to go away.

I want to start my own life

To make my own name.

I want to make my mark on the world

So everyone would know who I am.

I don't want to be another face in a crowd,

I want to be someone you would know.

For once in my life,

I am going to do something for me.

I want to live my life,

Just you wait and see.

I am finally going to have my chance

The one that my parents never gave

I am going to make something of myself

And it's finally going to be for me.

I am going to follow my dream

The one that no one said I could do.

I want to be the person I always dreamt I could be

And for once that person is going to be me.

This is my chance

To finally be a star

To go off to Hollywood

And make my wildest dreams come true.

A few years later,

My dreams have come true.

I am the hottest star in Hollywood

And I have done what I set out to do.

People know my name

And they care when they see me.

I feel so loved

Even if they don't even know me.

The little farm girl in Iowa

Finally got her wish

She is the biggest star in Hollywood

And her wildest dreams have come true.

Still, there is something aching inside of me

That is making me depressed.

I miss where I came from

And the family that I left.

I miss the big open skies,

The corn fields every half-mile,

The small towns,

And the extremely friendly people.

I cry for a minute,

And then I have to shake it off

There are far more important things to do

And more important people to be

Than the little farm girl I used to be.

I woke up suddenly

After everything that went through my head.

I don't want fame in fortune

If I can't have what I love.

My family and my home mean more to me

Than some stupid movie deals.

Who cares if everyone in the world knew who I was

Because I am famous in my own small town.

Not everyone needs to know my name,

Just the select few who know me well

Because family is more important,

Than anything a person dreams of.