Chapter 126 Belle Of The Ball

Charka brought the Melori back around, docking with the settler ship, Cha'Nara and Donna went to see what they could do for the injured settlers, Ijale and I went to find Bra'Nala for a little question and answer session. We found Bra'Nala on the bridge of the settler ship "I take it Charka didn't tell you?" "We thought we'd get you to tell us Bra'Nala," said Ijale. She sighed, and said, I'm Vagan special forces, part of the Marines, Charka knows who I am her father recommended she add one us to her crew, we're running an experimental program," waving her arm towards the bulk of the ship she continued, "There's been a lot of this going on lately." Looking at us she said, "Actually it was you that started this whole thing, that raider planet you rescued those prisoners from, one was a granddaughter of Lerok Hebka, chairman of the consortium, she's still undergoing mind treatments as are the others but her grandfather finally decided enough was enough and with all the information we got from Glory Mooncalled as well as Marlenn Ka'Dall we now know where all their bases are located, oh yeah, the data from that fighter you people recovered revealed a lot of information as well, the pilot never erased his nav data, it was just a simple matter of backtracking his navigational program. Don't be surprised if you see a lot of Navy traffic out here, since the Llort are pretty well mopped up resources are being directed towards finishing these rats off.

"So are you planning on staying with us for awhile," I asked. "Depends, it's all up to my commander as well as Captain Irnay, speaking for myself, I'm glad I'm here, she looked at me and smiled, Sorry Ben, I heard too many stories about you, I'm sorry for my brusque behavior, but I wasn't sure about you, everybody was telling me something different, I now see they were wrong, both you and Donna have really made an impression on me." "What about that fancy rifle of yours?" She laughed, "Again thanks to you, it's an adaptation of a Llort rifle we found on that ship you brought back, they had a live fire range on board where they shot innocent people to see what the effects were." Both of us gasped and shook our heads, "I wouldn't worry about the Llort anymore their world simply doesn't exist anymore, and that's all I'm going to say about that, other than that rifle is something like a small Flayer, not a blaster and not a Needler it's only the fifth one off the production line, I think once they read my report, you're going to see a lot more of them."

As it turned out Bra'Nala had a license to fly, and along with Donna Cha'Nara and Ijale would take the transport on to its original destination, the settlers had no credits to go elsewhere and return, so we would escort them to Naxus 9. When we eventually landed on the planet, we were all quite surprised, they had a modest spaceport, and even a small town, we got all the settlers off in good order, local officials were there to help those who lost husbands or wives. Each one of us was thanked many times over and kissed in some cases for saving them. As we were preparing to depart, I found Donna staring wistfully off in the distance the sun was setting and the blue of the night was just starting to overtake the gold of the day. Donna stood a little ways off frown the cargo ramp, I could see tears streaming down her cheeks, I came up beside her quietly we just stood there for a moment until she said, "Have you ever been to Oklahoma Ben?" "'Fraid not Donna, it was still unsettled back when I was with Deak and Emily, they called it the "Nations" back then, mostly Indians living there, then when I came to the future I never left Colorado." "This is Oklahoma; all that's missing are the Whippoorwill's cooing in the still of the evening." Donna sniffed and remained quiet for a moment,

I'm going to keep this Naxus 9 place in mind, when I get tired of tear-assing around the galaxy, I'm coming back here Ben, gonna build me a place and just sit on the porch and soak in the sunsets." Donna stood for a few more moments then quietly walked back into the Melori.

Later, as Cha'Nara and I were relaxing in the mess area Donna happened by, "By the way Ben' I'm half Cherokee, my roots go way back, yessiree, Captain Irnay tells me there's a procedure for getting planets named, "New Oklahoma" sounds real nice doesn't it?" With that, she strolled off.