Chapter 55 Back in the Saddle Again

Captain Irnay gave me the opportunity to fly the Melori from Vaga IV to the Cassylia, Prax engaged in friendly heckling most of the way but the Captain seemed to enjoy the opportunity to take a break and watch someone else fly. After docking, Charka said, "Ben, we've reserved a section of the "Freelancer" we've got a little party planned for you, some friends of your's will be there, it's our way of saying "Thank You" but be aware, these things often times tend to get out of hand so feel free to leave if you feel uncomfortable." I smiled at her, "Captain, after all I've been through, I'm not going to let a party others are giving in my honor chase me off." She smiled and said, "That's the spirit."

I still had my party clothes I had purchased on Fallarin, Prax and Ijale took on an entirely different appearance without their uniforms, but it was the Captain and the Chief along with Cha'Nara that looked absolutely stunning, anyone not familiar with them would never realize they were looking at a ship's Captain, a Chief Engineer and a Medical officer, they turned heads wherever they went. Charka and Jerann were accompanied by their "dates" Charka's "friend" appeared to be a Navy officer, and Jerann's date was a very well dressed Fallarin man I would be introduced to later. I spotted some of the Cassylia fighter squadron that came to the rescue for Jaralt and I. A rousing cheer was heard when I offered "Drinks for these fine gentlemen" Once in our part of the bar, we could really party Nerri and friends were there as well as two individuals that were partly responsible for the little badge I was wearing. I was sitting with my back to the main area the next thing I knew someone was grasping my face and planting a very passionate kiss on it, turning around I looked upon Varla Vormak and Jaralt Wiltash. "We got a call that a friend of ours was in distress and needed help," said Jaralt. "It looks like the only help you need is closing this place down," said Varla, "Well, we can certainly do that," she laughed. I reached over and touched my fingers to her chest, which was a little embarrassing since she was wearing a rather low cut dress, exposing most of her breasts. She giggled and returned my greeting.

Before the party got going, I waved my arm and asked for quiet, "I want to take this opportunity to thank everybody for coming, but I want to especially thank some friends here whose advice and instruction helped me earn this badge. Captain Charka Irnay, Chief Jerann Branak, Jaralt Wiltash, and Varla Vormak." I stood humbled in front of them and said, " You four people will always be in my debt for everything you did for me, I want to truly thank each of you for your faith and hope in me." I began to clap, Captain Irnay then slowly approached me and took my face in her hands and kissed me on my forehead then the Chief came forward, and did the same thing, my face was totally red, Cha'Nara then came up to me as well and planted a very passionate kiss on my lips to the cheers of everyone. I then held up my hands and shouted, "Let's get this party started!" It was along time before the Cassylia forgot that party. Over the course of the evening; I was able to talk privately with Jaralt and Varla personally thanking them for the skills they taught me that got me through that exam. We drank we danced, I remember dancing with Cha'Nara Charka the Chief and Varla.

I remember talking to Charka's Navy friend, telling him about my destroyer experience, he had never heard of any Navy ship being offered for training purposes like that, "I'm going to have to look into this," he said. Jerann's friend was involved in designing spacecraft, and was astounded when I told him what earth had in the way of spacecraft. When Captain Irnay promised me a "party" she wasn't kidding, I believe we literally partied all night, I met many who were in charge of various operations of the Cassylia as well as a couple of government entities. Towards the end, everything became a blur, somehow we must have gotten back to the ship, when I finally woke up I was in Cha'Nara's bed both of us stark naked, she was cuddled up next to me purring. I pulled her close and kissed her, "Cha'Nara, thank you, I can truly say it's all been worth it, I'm so glad I came." She answered with that warm infectious smile of hers, and kissed me, "When we were in Deakstown, I knew this day would come, Ben," I looked at her, "That's impossible, how could you know?" She giggled and touched my nose with her index finger, "Oh…I just knew," we laughed and and giggled like a couple of children then made love again.