The rain had not stopped for three days now. Joker was stood in it, watching his lover intently. Miss Georgie was stood on the deck at the helm, the captain's place, using her telescope to judge how far they were now from the caves. She had her frock coat buttoned up tight, her over coat flapping loosely in the wind and water dripped from the brim of her hat onto her magenta curls. Even soaked to the bone, Joker found her incredibly attractive. But his mind was wondering again. He watched his lover, noticing how not even the rain could put her off. It seemed as though she was more eager than he to return Spence. Well, he mused, the two had grown very close and there was this chemistry between them as though they had known each other for a long time; like they were sisters. His lover collapsed the telescope with a click before depositing it into the depths of her over coat pocket. She turned to him, telling him in barely a whisper that she wanted to talk to him. The pair left the rain for the captain's cabin.

Joker was quite relieved when he entered the dry warm cabin, as he was quite sure that being stood in the rain was going to result in him catching the flu. Miss Georgie slung her soaked over coat on the peg, unpinned her damp curls and removed her sword from her belt. She left the sword on the table and crossed the cabin to the liqueur cabinet. Joker watched her take the rum bottle, spit out the cork and take a swig; such a classy lady. His lover offered the bottle too him, which he took. Miss Georgie slumped down on the padded bench that ran the length of the cabin beneath the windows.

"Joker, there was something I should have told you."

"You're not pregnant are you?" he joked, sitting down opposite the pirate captain, his boots on the desk.

"No. it's about your girl. She um, she's my sister. I'm certain."

Joker spat the rum out of his mouth. Her sister? HER SISTER?! Oh God, if she ever found out…well, it didn't bear thinking about what his lover would do if she found out he had drunkenly kissed her sister.

"Are…are you certain?"

"yes. I recognised her the moment you brought her to me that night two years ago. Here." Miss Georgie removed the pearl locket from around her neck. She gave it to joker.

Joker saw two young girls smile back at him with cherub like faces. He recognised both of them. The first was his lover, she must have been seven in this picture, her magenta curls tied back with ribbon, her crimson eyes sparkling with mischief. He couldn't bring himself to look at the second child. There was no doubt that this was Spence. The wide blue eyes of the toddler in the picture were hers. He noticed something interesting. Both the girls wore identical pendants; cast iron skulls with what looked like a really long tongue. Joker clicked the locket shut and handed it back. He had seen that same pendant on both Spence and Miss Georgie on separate occasions. There was no doubt. They were sisters; it was too much to be a coincidence.

"Does Spence know? Does she know you're her sister?"

"I don't know. She thinks that both Phoenix and I are dead. Sometimes she looks at me like she might really know me, but then she turns away." Miss Georgie took another swig from the bottle. "When you first introduced us, I knew straight away who she was. I think she knew too, but when I asked about family, she told me that her aunt, our aunt, had told her that brother and sister were dead."

"What happened?" Joker asked, his voice barely a whisper. He felt sick to the stomach.

" After our father died, it was just the three of us, me, Carolyn and Phoenix for a while. We were passed around from relation to relation because nobody wanted us, especially not Phoenix who wasn't even blood. Eventually our aunt took us in until our guardian could come for us. When my uncle did come, my Aunt refused to let him take Carolyn; didn't want her to grow up on the seas and become filthy degenerate pirates like our parents. There was no hope for me , she said." The pirate captain offered a sad smile to her lover. "Well, you know my uncle Joker, He caused such a scene but in the end I went with him and Carolyn was forced to stay behind. Phoenix was 18 then, so he took it upon himself to look after my father's ship until I was old enough to captain it."

Joker avoided her sad crimson eyes. It was bad enough that he had kissed her sister, but it was a lot worse now that he had heard how they came to be separated. But having heard what his lover had just told him, some of her behaviour now made sense. The fact that she was serving in the navy pretending to be a boy made perfect sense to him now; it was the only way her uncle could keep her close and take care of her. No wonder she behaved like a foul mouthed sailor most of the time, it was what she had learnt and been around for most of her life. Joker ran his fingers through his wet hair. He sighed and crossed the cabin to where his soaked over coat hung, taking the roll of parchment from the pocket, which was thankfully mostly dry. He returned to his lover, waving it in her face. Miss Georgie looked at it before frowning at him. Joker gave a smile.

"see this? He wants it back." Joker sounded rather pleased with himself. Miss Georgie was a bit more sceptical. "well, he's in for a surprise."

"Did you win that in the card game?" She asked, taking another mouthful of rum. When Joker failed to answer to her, she knew he hadn't. "No of course not! How foolish of me to believe that you could actually win a card game!"

"Well, if I hadn't of lost that card game to you, we would never have met." Joker reminded her.

"This is no time for your sentimental romantic notions! Because you could not keep your hands to yourself, my sister has been kidnapped by a dangerous man! You had better have a good reason for stealing from him, Joker, because I could quite cheerfully hand you over to him right now!"

"Oh, I have a very good reason. You won't be so angry when you receive the rewards this parchment has to offer. We will get Spence, don't worry. She'll be fine, I promise."

Miss Georgie scowled at him before crossing the cabin and opening the door with such force that Joker thought she might bring it off its hinges. She called out for Sam, who came running a few minutes later. The pirate captain instructed the boy to organise a search party and then to tell his father to gather his supplies together; the girl could be hurt. Sam nodded before speeding off again, shouting to his father in his own native tongue. She shut the door again with a sigh, fingers massaging her forehead. Joker came over to her, enveloping her in his arms. He kissed her magenta ringlets.

"Ready?" She asked him, her voice only a whisper.

He kissed her cheek. "Aye captain. Are you?"