Sometimes, we would watch each other, walking down the hall
At times, I feel like I'd float above, others like I'd fall
You are the king, the royalty of this very school
I am the jester, the nerd, the dork, or the royal fool

It's no surprise, to me at least, that when I see you, I could cry
Some days when I think of you, I really want to try
Not speaking to you, not thinking of you, not liking you
When the very opposite rings true.

You basketball boy, with your beautiful brown eyes
And your friendly smile that tells no lies.
Why you must torture me, I'll never know,
Even until the day you leave me and go,

I'll fondly think of you often and wonder
Always stopping a moment to ponder
If you, the boy with ridiculously cute looks,
Who always hated even the best of books
And had the douchiest of friends,
Would know of a love, meant to be from beginning till no end.