You there
basketball boy
football boy
you jack-of-all-trades boy,

Can you not see
that your friends worship you?
That they act as though you're a god
and treat you like royalty?

Can you not see
how they flock to you?
how you are their center,
how you are their core?

I don't know what about you
makes them cooler,
makes them better by compare,
or greater than they were before.

I can't see why
you are better than the rest
when they work just as hard
and receive so little credit.

I will never understand
why they worship you
or how you are as magnificent
as God or a king of men.

What they may see in you
is a daunting mystery to me
for when I look at you
I see only a boy
too quickly becoming a man
and soaking in too much glory.