A door opens and a guy with black scruffy hair with an orange and black bandana tied around his head, "I'm home!"

"Papa, welcome home!" A young girl with light brown hair trots over to the young man.

"I'm home Kotone," the boy puts his book bag on a hook on the wall then took his shoes off before stepping up onto the wood floor.

He picked up the girl and walked into the living room to find an older man with long dirty blonde hair lying face first on the ground and a puddle of tears underneath his face, "It's not fair, I'm her real father…."

The boy put Kotone down then sits down on a cushion at the table, "Come on Ken cheer up."

The old man sits up and looks his daughter in the eyes, "You love Daddy don't you Kotone?"

The little girl blinks a couple times, "Of course I do! Kotone loves Papa!" She hugs the boy with black hair.

Ken falls back onto the floor and begins to cry again, "Rei… I give up on being a father. You can be Kotone's father now. I'm going to die now."

"Fine by me," Rei takes a bottle of water off the table and starts to drink it.

"You're so cruel Rei!" Ken sits up again giving Rei a half assed glare, tears still running down his face.

"You said it not me," Rei says as he stares off into space.

Ken gives up on getting pity from Rei and lies down on and uses Rei's leg as a pillow.

Rei continues to drink from the water bottle but uses his free hand to run his fingers through Ken long hair.

After a while of silence Rei knocks on Ken's forehead, "Hey get off, I need to go take a bath."

Ken sits up, "Alright…"

Rei stands up and heads to the closet to grab a towel. Kotone tugs on his shirt, I wanna take a bath too."

Rei smiles at the girl then takes out a second towel, "Let's go." The two walk for the bathroom and Rei shuts the door behind them leaving Ken all alone in the living room.

After hearing Rei turn the water on Ken picks a remote and clicks a button, "Guess I'll listen to some music and read a book." Some jazz starts to play and Ken grabs a comic book off a nearby shelf so he wouldn't have to get up.

Rei drains the water from the tub and starts to dry Kotone's hair, "Lets dry that beautiful hair correctly."

After getting dressed Rei carries Kotone to her room and puts her to bed. He shuts the door behind him and goes back to the living room to find Ken asleep on the floor. Rei crouches next to Ken, "Hey Ken, you're going to catch a cold if you sleep here."

Ken doesn't make any signs of waking up so Rei leans in and stares at Ken's sleeping face, "I'll do it you know."

When Ken still doesn't react Rei stands up and kicks Ken across the room. The old man jolts to his feet, "What the hell Rei, wha'd you do that for," He yells as he stomps over.

"I wouldn't have done it if you had woken up when I told you to!"

"So you had to kick me? Why didn't you just shake me awake?"

"Forget it; I woke you up so I'm going to bed!" Rei turns to leave.

"I'm not finished Rei!" Ken grabs Rei's hand and yanks it causing Rei to turn back around but Rei wasn't able to stop and run into Ken who wasn't holding his ground so the two fall.


Rei starts to get up and realizes that Ken was underneath him, their faces only inches apart. He blushes and starts to get up but Ken pulls him back kissing him. Rei was too shocked to do anything.