Melissa isn't crazy, but she certainly isn't some super genius like she pretends to be either. Plus, it's not like it would kill her to be a little bit nicer to the only person who's actually willing to put up with her. She thinks that she's decided not to talk to people, but it's not like anyone wants to talk to her either. Unfortunately for her, she hasn't figured out yet that when I ask questions, it's because I want to see how much she knows. She doesn't realize that I already know everything.


I turned to face Selena who stood behind me with the new girl, Nina.

"Hello Selena. And Nina. Oh look. Your names rhyme. How nice." I said.

"Is that the first thing everyone is going to mention?" Nina asked.

"Oh. She's snippy too. You guys will get along great." I smiled. Nina rolled her eyes.

"Anyway, Daniel this is Nina, which you know, Nina this is Daniel which you probably didn't know." Selena said.

"Why would he know who I am?" Nina asked.

"Because he's a creep who seems to know everything." Selena explained.

"That's me." I winked. " You can't hide anything from me, so don't even try."

"He's not nearly as creepy as he pretends to be." Selena said.

"Or you've just gotten used to me over the last year." I said.

"Right." Nina paused. "So why is it that you know everything?"

"Alex tells me." I whispered. I saw her eyes narrow and knew that was a mistake.

"Was that supposed to be some kind of joke?" Nina demanded.

"Daniel knows about Alex too. He's another one of Dr. Greyson's patients." Selena said.

What a liar. It was supposed to be a joke and she knows it. And I certainly was not a patient of Dr. Greyson's.

"Well, as fun as this has been, I should go find Lauren. Haven't seen her in a while and I should make sure she stays out of trouble." I flashed them one last smile, and went to find Melissa. She needed to know about this.


"No one ever bothers me. They all think I'm too weird, but you don't think I'm too weird do you Alex?" No. I was not having an actual conversation with Alex. I was pretending so I could have my meds earlier. The earlier I got them, the earlier I could get rid of them. Alex really did tell me that. He tells me everything. Alex says that I'm his favorite because I'm the only one who hasn't decided that he doesn't exist.

"It must be hard, when everyone stops believing in you after you even talked to them." I whispered. I made sure to giggle so that all the nurses could hear.

"How often do they fall for that little trick of yours?"

I tried not to be to annoyed by the fact that Melissa of all people knew what I was doing.

"Relax. It's not like I'm going to tell anyone." Melissa laughed.

"Until you want something." I said.

"Excuse me?"

"Well, that's how it always works. You pretend like you're doing me a favor by not saying anything, and then one day, you decide you need something. And suddenly, old ghosts come back up right? You do this or I'll tell everyone your dirty little secret, right?" I smiled sweetly.

"Well, I guess we'll see won't we." Melissa snapped, narrowing her eyes. I had caught her and she knew it.

"I think you're late for a session." I replied. "Don't want to be crazy forever now do we?"

"Why do I even talk to you?" Melissa muttered.

"For the same reason I still talk to Alex." I said. I always try to be as helpful as possible.

"Which would be?" Melissa asked.

I leaned forward, close as I could get without her smacking me, and whispered, "maybe, you're just lonely."


Don't ask me why I lied for Daniel. It was mostly because I knew he'd owe me later, and Daniel is one of those weird people who actually remembers when they owe someone. I could always get a favor from him. When a kid knows everything, information is pretty easy to get.

"Well, that guy is weirder than the others." Nina said beside me.

"You haven't met that many people yet." I replied with a smile.

"I've met Lindsey, Daniel, Jenna, some girl from the library who's name I don't even know, and you. I haven't met many, but I have met several." Nina said. She at least seemed to be in a lot better of a mood than she was earlier.

"Let me rephrase that; you haven't met Lauren yet. She is the princess of weirdos in this place." I said with another smile.

"Princess? So, who's the queen?" Nina paused. "Is it you?"

She looked away as soon as she said this, as if she were afraid she had offended her new friend, so I laughed if only to reassure her.

"Oh, no." I said. "That title goes to Dr. Greyson herself my dear."

"A crazy lady runs an asylum?" Nina raised an eyebrow.

"Dr. Geyson doesn't run this place. She just works here, along with several other psychiatrists, but she takes a 'special' interest in her patients, which is why you really don't see the others much." I explained.

"I hope you've said some nice things about me as well Selena. I'm sure Nina doesn't want to just hear about what I do for this hospital."

My blood always seemed to run frozen whenever this woman shows up. If you heard her voice, you'd shiver too.

"Of course. I have nothing but good things to say about you, after everything you've done for me in the last year." I tried as hard as I possibly could not to let that sarcasm slip through, but I don't think I did. Dr. Greyson's smile faded ever so slightly before she spoke again.

"I'm glad. Nina, you couldn't have picked a better friend to make."

That was just like her. Pretending that we got to make a choice when it was all her. Nina didn't pick me for a friend. I was assigned.

There was an awkward span of silence as Dr. Greyson just stood and smiled at us.

"Well," she said after a few moments, "I hope you girls have a good afternoon. Selena, since you've been so helpful for Nina you can skip your session today." Dr. Geyson nodded to us and walked away.

"It's funny." Nina said after a minute.

"What is?" I asked.

"She seems so trustworthy. Like a normal, nice lady trying to help people." Nina looked at me.

"Take it from someone who has been locked up here for a year." I said. "There is nothing normal or nice about that woman." I kept walking, and after a moment or two, I could hear Nina's footsteps behind me.


"Her name is Nina by the way."

I always seemed to hear Daniel before I saw him.

"And I should care, why?" I turned to face him.

"Well, you know. You're... you." I raised an eyebrow at him as he paused. "And she also knows about Alex."

Stupid Daniel. He always knew what to say to get my attention.

"Fascinating." I replied after a moment.

"I'll bet you're regretting being so rude to her this morning." Daniel said.

"How would you possibly know if I was rude to her today?" I snapped.

"I know everything Melissa. One day you'll figure that out."

I glared at him and started walking away. It was all I could do to keep from slapping him. I hated it when he said things like that. But like I said before, Daniel was weirder than most.

"And how is it that you just so happen to know everything?" I asked, mostly to humor him, but also because I was curious as to what his response would be.

"That is classified information that I can't give out to the likes of you." Daniel said with a grin. I should have guessed he would say something like that.

"Oh really? And is there is a reason that it's so classified." I asked, rolling my eyes yet again. I swear, it's a shock that they never got stuck like that.

"That is also classified information that I can't give out to the likes of you." Daniel replied.

"Is it possible for you to be slightly helpful for once?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

"No. Of course not. That's ridiculous." Daniel said, and the he skipped, yes skipped, away.