Anonymous Sender


Long ago in a tranquil place, there was a sickly boy who wished to live a life outside of his caged home. For years he wished and hoped until one day an odd green plant sprouted out in front of his house. Curious, the boy walked carefully to the miniature tree and stared at it for a moment, trying to wrap his mind around the sudden existence of the plant. The mysterious plant was wilting and looking an ugly brown and nearly just as sickly as himself, bending over on its less than sturdy trunk towards him, as if begging for assistance. The young boy from then on cared for the tree as it began to smile with warmth. Every day the boy joyously came to his new friend's side, watching the sun set as the lights of life grew strong between them. Sadly one day the disease had taken him far away,carrying him on winds of faith. The tree, waiting for his familiar friend, grew weak again and began to turn dark as it cowered low to the ground. Thinking that the boy had betrayed it by leaving, it grew consumed with anger. Over the years,its roots grew larger than trains, spreading far throughout the lands and its branches grew stronger than cranes, whipping at the sky trying to destroy it with its rage. Now the land that was once so peaceful, is covered in darkness as the deeply seeded emotion of disbelief engulfed the minds of the carefree people. The world has grown cold and its once lush lands are now hardened and gray under the ruling of the angry tree, now known to all as the Tree of Mystery.