Anonymous Sender


The city is now fully awake, the lights dropping red and yellow dye upon the gray concrete. Cars are speeding away with a deadly pace as wondering souls are brushed by the quick violent sounds. A new complex fence has been built around the large brick rubbish I had created in the city's wall. The daylight is always a comforting sign in this hectic city of odd wonders; the dark men that lurk in the shadows are kept away by the strong sunlight beams protecting the city's many residents.

I travel down a frowning severely abused pavement road, walking past a newly built towering building. I halt at an aged salmon colored apartment squished between the new building and a condemned, boarded up one. I walked up the cracked brick steps coming to the old faded red door. I warily watch the damaged left column, hoping that it will not fall upon me, as I begin to frantically knock upon the door. The door is old, its white paint peeling, and the only thing keeping it held to its frame was the layered bright pink duct tape used over the years as a quick fix. The door opens with a strained sigh, and a smiling face turns to meet my eyes.

"Will? Are you alright?" Her smile quickly leaves her homely face upon my quick entering of the orphanage. Her coffee colored eyes follow me as I nearly bolt up the stairs. She was the sole owner of the establishment and always had a welcoming smile to all of the children that took refuge in the old building.

"We really need to fix that column. It's starting to worry me..." I replied, unease heavy on my voice as I disappear from her view. Within seconds I arrive at the top and turn into a little orange tinted room. In the room there is a little bed covered with a navy blue blanket,a small, handmade wooden desk, atop which a light sits, waiting to be accompanied, and across from it there is a large mahogany book shelf with loose leafed, tough old books, and it was covered lightly with kisses of dust. I pull a small chair with a teal cushion out and sit on top of it. The paper I had found yesterday, in the mist of dashing away from the hostile gang life, is sitting half way off the desk about to plummet down the side. The mysterious events of yesterday have left me in a puzzling shock. I know many tales of the large oak tree that was the monarch of the forest, but I have never heard a tale of it having a portal to somewhere. I straighten out the paper and start to take out some multi-colored paper weights, placing them on each corner to hold the paper out to its full length. What I see is quite astonishing to say the least.

In the dead center of the page there is an oddly faced skull with a haunting smile, its mouth extended wide open and it was tilted to the left side. Surrounding it on the right side of the skull there is a group of blooming flowers. Also, an oddly shaped "T" is located in the upper right corner,and it was tilted with the look of three connected tree branches, with two running off the side of the page. Underneath both sides of the top of the "T" there are two pieces of entwined grass pointing in opposite directions. Also, under the left half of the "T", there is a sad questioning eye tilted to the left. Below that section there are rose petals falling down the right side. In the lower right corner there is a "W" with swords on both sides crossing the middle of it. On the tip of the "W" there are two wing-like things flowing off. On the opposite corner there was an "I" with the tittle shaped into a sphere with a hole in the middle. It almost looked like it was projecting a mist of some sort out of the whole. Above it there is another line of rose petals. In the upper left corner there is an odd amount of what looked like scattered paper in the shape of an "L". There was a gun shooting the middle of the "L" and flames were rising around it.

Gazing at the page,I noticed that there was inked text on the back. I remove the paper weights and flip the paper over. This is the message I was reading.

"Dear William,

A lot has happened in the time you were gone, but that is a different matter entirely. I have come to ask for your assistance, good friend. But now that I think about it we aren't even friends in this time are we? Oh well, I think I'll just speed up the process. What I have sent to you is an odd *map that we found on one of are... Um, adventures. I have to make sure that you have gotten this letter, by some chance of luck, and not one of those goons. Ha, you do not even know what I'm talking about do you? I think you have a big enough brain to figure it out. You have always been smarter than me, even now… Oh, sorry trailing off in thought, I'm getting absent-minded with age I suppose. Well, the prize after finding the hidden message and following its direction is you get to meet me! Well now that I think about it you will meet the me of the past.. Hmm, I hope that goes well, I'm sure it will go fine. .. Oh, so good luck and if all of this happens, by some chance of luck, send a message of some sort through the Tree of Mystery, which is how this letter got here, but be careful you do not and I repeat you do not want to fall in. That is a huge mess in its self. Anyway, happy searching and I hope that you found what you were looking for. Though you don't know what I mean, do you? …I really miss you my good friend…

Sincerely, your friend,

Specter (Walt) "

"What…" I mutter aloud as I flip the strange letter over to the other map side again. Staring at the page I wondered what this all could mean.

*This map can be found on my profile, it is the fourth link under Artwork For "Anonymous Sender."