A/N: I'm not good at writing poems, so take it easy one me!

Love is a Bird

Love is a bird, it needs to fly.
It needs to fly and soar through the sky
Open your heart, feel the love,
don't take it for granted or treat it like crud.

Love is natural, very much legit,
so natural Satan can't break it.

Love is a natural force,

A force that no one can ignore
Face it, god created it.

There's no escaping it.

Love is a bird, it need to be free
you and that special person are meant to be.
No communication, company muted,
love between a couple can be disputed.

Love is unconditional, embrace the power,
you wouldn't want love to go sour.
Taking love for granted isn't very nice;
later on in life you'll pay the price...

A/N: What do you think? No?