Drawing a blank

So many sad fluttering hearts beating with hope in the distance, their painful eyes putting on a creasing smile.

So many people alone, lost and looking for themselves.

You feel them, you feel their heartbroken unrelenting pain.

You are almost guilty smiling in front of them when you know they cant, they can't even force themselves to breathe.

We push the outcasts away, thinking they want to be pushed or want to be the way they are.

We lose our selves in the twisted way society sees them and what they want.

But let me ask you something, how do we know that when we die we aren't just waking up from a dream that we made up?

A dream we never wanted, but had.

A dream so similar to reality that we can't see that it is actually a nightmare.

So why do we push them away when, one day, they will awake too?