Chapter 1

The forest was beaming with sound as the sun rose calmly from the horizon, illuminating the trunks of the tall ash trees with light. It was late spring in May and lushes leaves were all over the branches of the trees. An owl hooted through out the woods.

A silver car drove off from the main road into a parkway of a cabin and two girls were in the back of it, one looking out the window eagerly.

"We're here." Seven years old Jarmila said quite fast and twisted around to see her sleeping older sister Celeste, leaning up against the car door.

She frowned annoyed and shook her as the car came to a stop "Wake up Celeste!" she said quite snappily but her sister just toppled over onto the chair and she panted fed up crossing her arms. Their mother Belinda turned around from the front seat with a happy loving face and she said in glee.

"We're home!"

"Brilliant." Jarmila said with bright eyes and watched her mother get out of the car and go to the cabin that lay in front of them, pulling out a ring of keys and unlocking the door. The little girl looked at her sister with a bored breath out and shook her again saying "Wake up Celeste, we're home!"

Celeste sleepily opened her large lashed eyes and looked about at the car tiredly, she could see the bright sun shining into the window and she slowly got up, looking about.

"Why we are," she said, amaze in her serene voice, "this is wonderful."

"Of course it is." Jarmila replied with obvious eyes and looked about again herself to see the tall hundred year old trees surrounding them, "Now we can go explore and everything!"

"Calm yourself silly," Celeste said relaxed as she stretched her arms and Jarmila pouted sadly, "we just got home and we have to bring in all the luggage."

"Oh no!" she shouted frustrated and stamped her feet "That'll take forever."

"No it won't." Celeste said in a reassuring voice "After all mum will make it seem like an easy task."

Jarmila looked at her still not sure but Celeste got out of the car with a graceful elegance about it; Jarmila just stomped out.

Celeste was quite tall, six foot one to be exact and she towered over most girls her age of fifteen. She had long dark brown curly hair and large magnificently lashed blue eyes. Her skin was pale and her body slender. Many people had told her she looked like she could be a model.

Her sister Jarmila looked identical to her in most ways with the same brown coloured curly hair and pale skin except she had green eyes instead of blue, with a button nose and was quite small in comparison being however average height for her age.

As soon as Jarmila stepped out of the car she felt the presence of something eerie in the woods and she stared ahead of her at the trees with curiosity. Her eyes were hard as she looked at them with deep concentration; the woods were very silent and she slowly stepped away into the cabin, watching the trees cautiously while she did.

When she was in the house she saw her mother and sister bustling about as they went in and out, bringing in bags and she watched quickly with a sharp face.

"You two seem very busy." She muttered while they went passed her and Belinda grabbed her hand, suddenly yanking her along outside to get the luggage out of the car too. She frowned annoyed at this.

All the bags seemed giant to her but she got her own and lugged it with great effort along the ground, lifting it up and then dropping it as it was so heavy and then lifting it up again.

She eventually got it into the house's hall and pushed it along on the smooth planked wooded floor to the sitting room. Her sister Celeste had passed her several times with much heavier bags and by the time she had gotten the one bag in with the others her sister had bought in three.

Jarmila frowned annoyed as she sat on the heavy bag and watched her mother bring in the last one from the boot. She smiled a little as the three all met in the sitting room and took each one of their own bags into their bedrooms.

Her bedroom was small and shadowy for the curtain hadn't been open yet and she pulled it back letting in the sun and the forest was before it. She looked at it with sharp eyes as she put her clothes away quickly into her empty draws and after it was done she lay back onto her bed with a breath out.

She could hear Celeste putting her clothes away with ease in the other room and she got off her bed walking to her sister's room and peering in curious.

Celeste's room was magnificent. It wasn't too much larger than her own but her sister's bed was yellow with beautiful quilts and a veil hanging over it making it look like a princess's bed. She had porcelain dolls in delicate dresses on the shelves and an intricate lamp shade over her light bulb that hung from the roof.

Jarmila looked at it all so jealously and came in seeing Celeste kneeling on the carpeted floor. She folded her thin swaying clothes up neatly and put them away in her chestnut draws.

"So are you nearly done?" she asked quickly with keen eyes and Celeste replied slowly,


"Isn't it great being home?" she continued fast and sat with a jump on Celeste's bed and her sister turned around with a smile.

"Yes it is."

"But when I was outside." Jarmila said quietly as she leaned forward and Celeste's ears pricked up so she could hear "I swore I felt the presence of something… like the trees were watching us."

"Ha, ha, ha, ha," Celeste laughed helplessly "you were just being paranoid."

"I was not." Jarmila said grumpily that her own sister didn't believe her "The trees were very still and when we were driving in the car they were all windy like they were talking."

"Jarmila, Jarmila, Jarmila," she said in a tsh tsh type of voice "You were only imagining it, you are after all very young."

"Oh I was not." She said angry that she wouldn't listen "I sensed something dark."

"Well, maybe…" Celeste said but added with a small "never mind,"

"What?" she said confused and Celeste smiled to herself finally looking her way.

"Maybe it was the fairies."

"Fairies? Now that's just ridiculous." Jarmila said quite plainly folding her arms.

"You're probably right," Celeste said with a sigh "After all, they died out centuries ago."

"Exactly, and anyway if they did exist, why wouldn't I have felt their presence years ago?" she said obviously and Celeste just breathed out with a smile.

"Of course, precisely." And she put away her last piece of clothing before they could hear shouting from the sitting room.

"Come on and do the rest of the bags." Belinda's voice sounded tired but happy "I can't be expected to put everything away by myself."

The two got up and left the room quickly going and getting the other bags and putting the things that were inside them back into their proper place.

The cabin was completely made of wood, with thick logs as the walls and wood as most of the flooring. The fireplace was stone however and so was the chimney that would send out puffs of smoke in the winter time. Celeste watched her little sister explore the outskirts of the wood through the window while she stood in the kitchen and her mother cooked stir fry behind her like a mad woman.

"She's a very curious girl isn't she?" she said to her mother who was tossing the vegetables and meat around casually and Belinda looked through the window too with a smile.

"Yes she is, but she's always been that way."

"Was I like that when I was little?" Celeste asked interested and Belinda just chuckled.

"No, you were much more relaxed and care free."

"Mother," she said with a gentle good willed laugh and waved to Jarmila who had turned around in the distance. The little girl waved back happily but turned back towards the trees in thought.

Many could say it was a complete loving family but it wasn't. She was missing a male figure, her father. She rarely got to see him, ever since he and her mother got divorced three years ago.

He started up a new family, with two children in three years and had seemed to have completely forgotten about her and her sister.

She looked to the ground heatedly as she kicked the dirt that was beneath her feet angrily.

"How come you haven't been to visit me?" She said a little mad and looked at the trees as though she could feel some wind being blown her way and she listened to it quietly. It went through her ears with a chill.

And in it she swore she heard a small tingling voice whisper, we can make you happy, if only for a second.

She looked about quickly but the wind died down as fast as it had come and she stood there in the shadows of the tree with fear.

"I swore I heard a voice," she whispered to herself in small fright but quickly hit her head saying "No, no. It was only my blasted imagination" and glanced about warily, she saw the leaves of the trees sway inwards into the woods like they were pointing her to go that way. She smirked not believing her mind and walked back the way she came to the cabin but behind her in a small hole in a tree a dark eye looked out at her cautiously watching her go. It stayed put for a second before it lowered back into the trunk of the tree quietly and Jarmila got a shiver swearing to herself that the trees were watching her again.

The day went by quickly and before she knew it she was in her bed with her mother tucking her in tightly. She squirmed about under the hot quilts as Belinda looked at her with loving eyes and whispered,

"I hope you have beautiful dreams."

"Maybe, I don't know mum." She said quite plainly and Belinda pulled her nose softly, kissing her on the cheek and left the room. She turned off the light and shut the door behind her.

Jarmila lay there in her bed for a few seconds in silence before getting out of her quilts and going quietly to the window, pulling back the curtains and looking at the woods silently with large scared eyes.

She heard an owl hoot peacefully in the distance and most of the wood was illuminated with the silver moon light. She thought to herself that she would definitely have to explore it and see if there was anything truly different about it. It might've been her imagination but she believed it was more than that, there was something now magically and hidden in the forest and she would find out what it was. She gazed out for a little longer with shiny eyes and could see the branches move softly in the breeze. She wondered if she was outside if she could hear that gentle sound of, we can make you happy, again and truly understand what the trees or wind was trying to tell her. She wasn't sad, she only wished that her father would come and visit them, or remembered that he did have two daughters that missed him and loved him.

"Well who cares." She said quite grumpily thinking about that man she had not seen properly since she was the age of four. If he did really love her… he'd come home.