That painting on the wall, it looked so bland and colourless. Like a cloudy grey sky with no life, hiding it all behind its fluff. This entire world behind a cloud and not being able to see its wonders.

And the dark blue eyes staring at the painting on the wall, looking at it so deeply, so much concentration to try to find the meaning of it all, becoming it in the mind and he reached out slowly, touching it barely with the tips of his brown fingers, feeling it against his skin and he breathed out quietly, looking around in small amounts of time before taking a step back from the picture, his breath quaky as he turned away and began to walk out of the hall of paintings, all of clouds, the white sky.

Ira stood at the end of hall breathing slowly with his eyes concentrating on all the empty cold space, tiles on the ground, before he left the art gallery and came into the dreary city of concrete. He looked hard with his dark eyes at the tall buildings of cement, the black windows and listened to the quiet noise of traffic, footsteps, wind.

Ira put his hands in his coat pockets and began to walk silently away from the house of paintings, passing by a girl, walking the opposite way as her white long shiny hair blew in the wind and her gentle smile drew attention from anyone else but him. Cadence was her name, and she continued to walk in a graceful calm way down the footpath.

She looked up at the sky in wonder, and muttered to herself as she stared at the powdery white and grey, "Such a pity of this weather being so dull…" but knew to herself, that was winter, and this winter in particularly was quite warm. The breeze passed through her white skin and her pale dress swept in all directions as she continued to walk.

Now, she thought in her delicate brain, I must only be a little while here, she smiled knowing that that wouldn't be true, that she'd be a long time at Myster's Secrets, the shop which opened her mind and allowed her to see so many things that this world wouldn't talk about.

She walked in a gentle rhythm to the small purple shop with the it's name painted in pale baby pink and sighed relieved reaching it and opening the wooden door, a chime tinkling as she came in.

A middle aged women with curly hair stood behind the counter with woolly garments on and she smiled kindly as she saw Cadence come in.

"Hello dear," she said to her and Cadence nodded back, walking on into the glittery shop and looked at the deep coloured angels and fairy statues that sat on the shelves so nicely.

"Hello," she replied slowly with a clear sparkling voice and looked up at the wind charms and dream catchers that hung above her.

"How may I help you dear?"

"Just looking for some crystals…" she said back in a calm voice and went over to the different crystals that sat at the back section of the shop. She picked some up and felt their coolness against her skin as she did,

"You know," the woman said curious "I see you in here all the time but don't know your name…?"

"Oh, It's Cadence…" she said in a lost voice as she carried seven small gemstones of different crystals back to the counter and the woman typed in some numbers into the cash machine saying afterwards,

"That will be eight euro, fifty."

Cadence reached into her woollen blue purse and pulled out the money with a gleam on her face,

"Thank you dear," the woman replied and put the crystals into a small plastic bag for her, handing it back and Cadence took it happily, "you must have a whole collection of them now I suppose?" she asked after and the girl shook her head.

"There are so many different types; I could never have them all…"

"But you'll get pretty close?"

She giggled gently "yes I guess," and put the bag into her purse. She waved goodbye as she left the shop and breathed quietly out on the street, the smell of moisture coming into her nose as a drop of rain fell.