His eyes closed with a tear rolling down his cheek as he said barely "You… killed her?"

"Killed?" Noda asked confused and Ira opened his eyes hatefully turning to him and repeated.


"No…she's just sleeping…?"

Ira pushed him aside quickly and ran to Cadence's floating body, falling to his knees and lifting her cold head up.

"Cadence?" he said scared and splashed her but no movement beside that was made. He turned his head in tears back to Noda and yelled at him, instantly off the ground and running "You killed her!"

"How?" he asked and Ira's fist flew into his face but he didn't move, not feeling pain and Ira looked at him horrified.

"What are you?"

"Your creation?" Noda replied smiling and Ira shook his head in tears.

"No! You're evil! You have no soul!"

"Don't- say- that!" he cried in gasps upset by that and Ira turned away running for the square but Noda caught his legs saying "Don't be angry with me!"

"LET GO!" he shouted, splashing about in the water as Noda sat on top of him, pushing his head under the water and Ira struggled with no air. "No!" he yelled with water filling his mouth and mouthed out "You won't-kill-ME!" and with all his force pushed Noda off him and ran as fast as he could, the water slowing him down as if it was trying to pull him back and he burst out of the painting, getting up quickly and lifting the picture off the wall. He used his knee and with all the rage he had ever felt, smashed it through it from behind, breaking it in half as he tore out the thin canvas with his hands.

He threw it down to the ground before his door opened quickly and Yale came in looking at everything shocked.

"Ira?!" he said lost "What did you do in here… your painting?!" he said suddenly noticing it torn all over the ground and Ira just stood there soaked before saying in a whisper.

"She's gone…"

"Did you go into the shower with your clothes on?!" his father shouted and Ira fell to the ground, crying in pain of the loss… Yale looked at him confused, coming over slowly and putting his hand over his son's shoulder "it's okay…?"

"No… it will- never- be- okay…" he whispered in tears and turned around hugging his dad's legs in sorrow…

A couple of days went by… and Ira found himself at his phone… his mum and dad at work and the day was Wednesday, the last week of the holidays.

Magic… whispered in his ear, it's magic, she had said and he picked up the phone, dialling slowly the numbers and hoping that magic would work… that with out knowing he'd dial the right number.

He listened to the ringing until on the second one it was picked up and a woman's voice said.

"Hello? Harvey's Computer Hardware how may I help you?"

"Hello…?" he said barely "I-is this… Cadence's mum?"

There was a pause… on the other line Mary stood at her cubicle and breathed slowly out.


"I'm sorry… it's all my- fault," he cried not able to hold it back and her eyes grew watery as she said in pain,

"Who… is this-"

But he hung up. He couldn't take this and breathed in and out… he looked slowly up to his room and climbed the stairs, going to his bed and laying in it. He would dream. He would dream.

He closed his eyes and everything turned dark. But he would wake himself up, he would… he shook in his bed desperately trying to wake up in his dream and could feel the room tremble. He would wake… he would wake up

He forced himself awake, sitting on his bed with his eyes wide opened. His room had changed temperature… it was hot and he got up from his bed, stumbling a little as he looked around and saw through his window, a dark grey sky.

"Am I asleep?" he said worried and left his room, his house… to see the street, it felt freezing. He walked on and saw people walking about in normal business; he approached them and said quietly.


They didn't look at him, just walking by and he shut his eyes… sleep, sleep…

It started to rain, first a few drops hitting him before it poured down and he opened his eyes… sighing with a quaky breath. But as he looked down the road he saw something glitter in mid air. He walked cautiously up to it, and felt it, it felt like paper and he pulled it a little… tearing the air and behind it was whiteness. He lowered his eyelids confused as he tore the air more and stepped into the whiteness, looking back at the town as he closed up the glittery cut quietly.

He was in space, emptiness and he looked around… he couldn't see anything, he didn't even know what he was walking on… but continued on into the whiteness.

He walked on… and on… it felt like hours passed and he couldn't find a way out.

"I'm… lost…" he said worriedly and turned around in every direction, tears coming down his eyes… but something… caught his gaze…

He could see a table with something on it in the distance and he ran in that direction quickly.

As he reached it he looked down at the table and on it there was a type writer and above floating in mid air was an opened book. He read the page that was opened quietly to himself,

Ira tried to wake up in his sleep to his dream but brought his whole physical body into the realm of none existence. He walked around his world as if invisible, lost in his despair until he found the gap that opened the universe… he tore it and came into-

It was as if he was living the words, the he was replaying everything and found himself back where he was.

"…came into what?" he whispered confused and turned the page but there was nothing on the other side "How is this possible?"

He turned the pages back further only to find more written about him but in the past.

Ira looked at the naked boy in confusion… had he really created this and turned to the Cadence who said "Name him". He looked back at the boy and said "Noda?"

It all happened before him; he was in his body and looking at Noda. He was brought back to the room. He turned further back looking for the page and finally found it. He read

He was awoken in the dream world by Cadence and asked "Who are you?"

She said back "I should ask who are you-

He was pulled back out of the book and into the emptiness. He skimmed through the page until he found a sentence that sounded odd.

It was at this meeting that would lead him to break the universe in the future.

"Break it…?" he whispered and tried again to get out of the whiteness again. He stretched his hands out to see if he could tear anything but they moved through the emptiness with nothing blocking them "I'm… stuck here…?" he said in a weak voice. He turned to the type writer in confusion and found a button on it that he didn't think existed on them. A back button.

He pressed it and the book pages flew back to the last one where the last word was erased. He held the button down and watched as the words erased, going on to the page before it erasing the words and he could feel himself going back in time and space… everything was moving backwards behind him, all of the events that had happened and he let go of the button quickly.

"Name him." she said slowly in excitement and he felt his body frozen, moving itself and he wanted to shout,

"No! We must destroy him!"

But he couldn't. He said the words "Noda?" and everything played out again. The way it did in the beginning.

All leading him back to this room as he opened the glittery gap without being able to stop, all the grief and he found himself back in the emptiness as time slipped by and he could control himself again. He cried.

"I can't change it! I'm… stuck here." and fell to the ground, if that was what it was. He covered his face. What about his parents…? What about his life? The only way he could see them was if he erased again… but it was predestined… he would just play out the same events and he turned his eyes hatefully onto the book. But… hate wouldn't do anything…

He got up and approached it, going to the last page and did something different.

He tore it out.

He tore another one out and another, not reading the pages in case he'd be sucked into them. He kept tearing and tearing, not knowing how much time had passed… there was no time, until he stopped and cried as there was one page left.

His future wouldn't be predestined now… there were no pages to write on.

He closed his eyes scared.

If he looked at that page he'd be stuck in that frozen moment for ever… that same feeling… and he didn't even know what moment that was.

He opened his eyes slowly, reading the words and was sucked into the time and place it was.

She unexpectedly pushed him suddenly over and kissed him on the cheek. He looked at her from the water surprised.

"What was that for…?"

"For last night… I'm sorry I never got to kiss you." she said innocently with a smile as she lay on top of him and he blushed shyly.

"It's okay."

They were silent for a moment, the frogs watching them from the bank in annoyance.

And then Ira touched Cadence's cheek nervously bringing her face to his as they kissed quietly in the pond. The two both smiled timidly as they looked into each other's eyes before kissing again softly.

And everything froze… time stayed still with no way out but he was stuck in bliss…

Not knowing that he couldn't move…. from that moment on…

…The End.