Everyone snapped their heads to see Mr. Jebediah Jones in the doorway, grinning broadly with large bags spilling out over his arms. A collective cry of, "DADDY!" rang out and he was suddenly swamped by over half of his children, rejoicing in his return.

Jeb laughed and made his way to his seat at the table; everyone else did, too. "That's right, I have returned from Switzerland! And this time, I did not bring home a child." There were cheers.

Dominique eyed his outfit and wrinkled her little French nose. "But, Father, why are you wearing that hideous cloak? It is uglier than Xeniel's hair!"

Said triplet frowned and self-consciously smoothed his hair back. "What are you talking about, Frenchie? My hair's better than that blonde mop of yours!" he retorted. His brothers snickered. "You tell 'em, X!" called Gyravelen, though he privately agreed that his hair was better than all of theirs. Except for Loxieuas's, of course.

Their father waved his hand dismissively. "No reason, Dom, it was just better for travel than, say, something with sequins." Gyralmala's eyes brightened.

"Sequins? Oooh, Daddy, did you bring any home?" she asked hopefully, using big adorable puppy eyes. He glanced at her and remembered why she had been adopted- those eyes had been too much to resist! His expression softened. "Sorry, sweetie, I didn't, but they had chocolate! And I can always buy you some soon, okay?" he said. She smiled sweetly and nodded, melting everyone's heart.

"So, Pops, did ya hear Zeus's lovely speech? He didn't include you in there." drawled Tristany. Zeus instantly stuck his tongue out at her, not caring that it was quite immature. She just smirked at him in reply, still yo-ing that stupid yoyo that she got for Birthmas.

Jeb shook his head. "I only heard the end, up to Didyme."

"Daddy?" asked a small voice next to Adelaide.

"Yes, Maggie?"

"Why d-doesn't big bwudder like Mr. Whiskers?" she asked in an unbelievably cute voice, little tears welling up in her eyes. Gyralmala pouted.

"So… moe!" whimpered Bruyo, who looked like he was having a cute-gasm. Jeb seemed to agree and knelt in front of her.

"What did mean big brother say about Mr. Whiskers?" he cooed. Maggie sniffed and looked up at him with big brown eyes and said, "He c-called him an 'old stuffed cat,'" Adelaide clutched her tightly and stroked her hair.

Zeus rolled his eyes and Murtaja smiled at him, as if to say, 'I feel for you, bro.' Not that he would actually ever say that.



One unassuming day in the Jones household, Cassie decided to make a pie. A pie, just for herself and Evalys to eat. So she went and made the crust and let it harden in the oven. Then, she cut up some apples and put them in the pie, being sure to add cinnamon, sugar, and some weird gooey stuff on it. After that she covered it up, put some slits in the top, and pressed the cover to the crust. Finally, the pie was put in the oven.

Humming to herself, Cassie went outside to finish pulling weeds in the tomato garden, telling Evalys when he finished mowing the lawn she had a surprise for him. His eyes widened in pleasure and he smiled, going back to pushing the mower.

'He's such a great brother,' thought Cassie as she plucked a ladybug off a tomato. 'I really wish everyone wasn't so bitter towards him. Even Dad…' her inner voice trailed off as the sound of the alarm went off on her wristwatch. "Oh, the pie is ready!" she said happily, standing up and brushing herself off. "EVALYS! COME HERE!"

He glanced up, wiping the sweat from under his rather long brown hair, and nodded, jogging across the field to go inside to her. "So what did you make?" he asked quietly. She grinned and poked him.

"Oh, you'll see."

"I'm sure whatever it is, it'll be great!" he said. Cassie smiled. And then she looked horrified.

Confused, Evalys glanced behind himself and paled considerably. "Oh, God." He breathed at the sight before him.

There was Lumeied, Dekascious, Tristany, and Nonoliu having a wrestling match. On the counter sat a suspicious and delicious-smelling pie. "IT'S OURS!" cried Loomy and Deke at the same time, moving in perfect synchronization against Tris and Nonno.

"NO WAY! I NEED THAT PIE TO SEDUCE A FROG!" shouted Tristany, delivering a left uppercut to Nonoliu's jaw. There was a nasty crack and for a second Cassie feared her neck was broken. But then the Italian girl tilted her head to the side and grinned. Shivers went down everyone's spine. This was not Nonno's normal, cheerful grin- this was deranged, like something Ophelia would look like.

"I will have that pie, si? Cassie hasn't made me a pie in ages and you do not deserve something so good when you wish to fight over it." she hissed. Loomy and Deke flinched and began to sulk. Then Deke smirked. And then he shouted, "BRUYO!" and something in Japanese that no one could pronounce.

There was a rumble of footsteps and there stood Bruyo in the doorway between the kitchen and the living room, wielding a katana. "What is it that requires my attention so much?" he said coolly. Deke smiled.

"Bru, I need you to get me and Loomy that pie- HEY! WHO TOOK THE PIE?!"

Evalys was running away from the mansion as fast as he could, trying to not drop the pie. He felt bad about not telling Cassie, but he needed to act fast. According to Cassie, he had hidden in the woods for hours, too afraid to eat the pie. And also, he was told later, everyone in the whole house (minus Jeb) had gone searching for the pie.

When they finally found him, he was shivering on the ground at the edge of the woods, clutching his arms close to his chest. Nonoliu, who probably disliked Evalys the most out of all of them, felt something twinge in her heart at the sight of the vulnerable boy. Everyone held their breath, waiting. Finally she approached him, took off her designer jacket, covered him in it, and picked him up, bridal-style. Without a word he was carried away.

No one said anything, staring after her. They were so in shock, no one noticed when Didyme and Menish took the pie and began happily nomming on it. However, when they did notice, the duo was pretty much finished. And Deke was NOT happy.

He began to swear at them to the point where DD had big tears in her large brown eyes and Men just looked at the ground. Adelaide scowled; a most peculiar expression on her normally kind, round face.

"Come now Deke, I'm certain Cassie can make us another pie."

"She wouldn't have to if that stupid Evalys hadn't taken it! I wish he'd run away with Eylalye and Epimedes!" he shouted, anger clouding his judgment. The older ones sucked in a gasp. Even in their messed-up family there were lines never meant to be crossed and Deke just broke that line.