Crimson void's blood trust


I run 'faster, faster' my brain tells me, my small shoulder bag bangs off my legs, my short, black layered hair blows in the wind as I run. I look back the dark hollows of the trees towers over me. I look forward; the small moon lit opening seems to get smaller and smaller. A cold liquid run down my cheeks, I whimper a little, then the opening is only a few steps away the. Moon light hits me. I see a gate, it says 'gravy yard' it seems to loom over me as I dash to them. I push the gate open. It lets out a groan as it opens; I now run through the crowd of headstones.

I look back I feel my foot begin to become wrapped in a root. Then I feel the unyielding ground hit me. My eyes open and close, the sensation of a liquid substance flowing from my left temple overwhelms me. Some trickles into my eye, it burns, I try to move my hand, but it will not obey my brains command. I become tranquil, my eye lids grow heavy. I hear the thud of someone walking, I see two black boots in front of my weary eyes. My vision blurs, and goes black, but my ears stay alert. I hear twigs snap as the person kneels and then I feel an agonizing pain. I feel a warm liquid ooze from my neck and then, I hear it splash onto the firm ground, and then nothing…

I had to write a story for my English coursework in 2010, so I thought I would put it up. Tell me what you think.